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  1. ^ I really like the color, too bad I cannot see what it is, it looks both red and purple to me.
  2. @Nrthwnd, The trains are not going anywhere it's the boat ride with the whale that's going. Last week there was some news about the expansion, the Dutch high court has revealed a partly judgment that said that the park isn't allowed to expand yet. About 15 from 141 points aren't good enough but the park now has half a year to fix them, so this still hasn't come to an end.
  3. The last item. The most expensive Lego set ever made. The 75192 Millennium Falcon. Normal Price around here is €850,- I paid €693,- Still can't believe I actually did buy it as I didn't plan it, but this whole year was a bit weird so it kind of happened. Should have kept the size of it in account as I have no idea where to leave it when I'm done.
  4. Like the new look. Like the new features as like and the warnings when somebody post in a thread. I've really missed the site the past few days.
  5. F.L.Y. Phantasialand last Sunday. Didn't expect to ride it that soon but really can't complain.
  6. F.L.Y. Review: Manged to get two rides today, I have to say I did not expect the ride to compete with my most favorite coasters but it does. I mean the ride itself is on the tamer side, that was what I expected, but the theming there it has me. I didn't look up the queue before riding it and only saw some glimpses and I'm happy I didn't, For me the experience starts at the begging of the queue and if you get me this close to the ride in a well themed queue you instantly get bonus points, If I have to wait give me a distraction please. Then I entered the station and there I was sold naming th
  7. Apparently the rooms are very small and based around the Japanese capsule hotel, but from what I get from the picture these are actual rooms. Also booked for Sunday, fingers crossed? I believe this weekend I have the highest chance on riding it soon but if I can't a couple more rides on Taron, Black Mamba and Talcon are sure to sooth the pain.
  8. It's another beautiful mess they created. I know I've been last week but I want to return and check it out for myself.
  9. Again don't want to spread anything but... This post of my was posted on page 248 of this Thread Four pages and two and a half month (My post April 6th 2017 and announcement 20th June 2017) before the announcement of F.L.Y. took place. Why bring this up now? The same website posted a tweet a couple of hours ago hinting to a opening tomorrow. Source Most of the time I would have ignored the tweet but this just put me on edge. I have no idea what to make of this yet, guess we have to wait but it did peak my interest. I wonder what you guys make of it.
  10. Wait the first time I read about this I figured it was just a restaurant and some digital experience not entire new gate, that confuses me even more then the beginning. I wonder how this will will turn out for them as I don't understand the move at all.
  11. And here I am going the 9th. Jocking aside I'm excited this might actually open soon it has taken way to long. Love to see it as it is intended.
  12. Movie Park announced their 2021 attraction this week. It's an Itamin Multidimensional coaster (Same as Th13teen (Alton Towers), Inferno (Cinecittà World)) Track Length: 532 Meters (1745,4 FT) Speed: 60 Km/h (37,3 MPH) Two Launches (One Forward, One Backwards) 360 Degree turn table Onboard Audio Trains: 3 trains with 3 cars for 12 people per train. Capacity: 900 People per Hour Location: Former Ice Age Adventure building. (Source for Coaster info.) To be honest wasn't expecting a coaster but this one sound really fun. Curious how they handle this one, if it's like Van Hellsing
  13. These aerial shots show what beautiful messes Phantasialand can make and I mean that as a complement. First Taron and now F.L.Y. their limitations make them so creative with space and theming. I'm just ready and excited to ride F.L.Y. already and I'm looking forward already to the next addition to the park, Where it would be crammed into what limitations they have to work around and how it would make this park even more beautiful then it already is.
  14. This is all speculation but I guess it has to do with the fact they already have a racing coaster in Joris en de Draak, so they probably wanted to keep twin track design fresh and have them go in opposite directions. But Like I said that is just guess work. For me it works, the theme is two kids running amok in a village so seeing the trains go in opposite directions creates a chaotic scene, but for the onride experience it did nothing for me, they could easily run these coasters independent from one other if you ask me.
  15. ^^I honestly cannot describe why I have that feeling, all I can say it's down to the use and ratio of the colors, I don't think that meshes well with the rest of the park. On a side not the park shared the onrides of both tracks today: Moritz: Max: Source: Efteling Youtube channel.
  16. It's not at all dueling the rides go in oposite directions and Moritz is already halfway into the station before Max enters it (rides stop around the same time though, Moritz slows down signifantly in the station while Max keeps a bit of speed). I also had little intrest around the ride, It's that I was early yesterday night and had about a 15 minute wait or els I would have skipped the ride because I knew I would go this morning. But knowing I only was allowed one ride this morning (what I don't agree with because there was no line (previeuw was before opening) and 20 minutes later I was on
  17. Yesterday night and this morning I had the oppertunity to ride Max & Moritz. I have to say I had my doubts but the rides are pretty fun. The ride is a bid faster then I expected it to be and while I like the surrounding area the station and queue aren't my style. The station has some nice things in it but the overal picture is messy and very bold collors that I don't think mesh well with the rest of the park but thats my only complaint. Yesterday I rode Moritz (Green track) and this morning Max (Blue track) and I have to favor Max. Max feels quicker and seems to keep a better pace. I think
  18. ^ I just love that they say: "If you do not bring your own face mask, you can buy one at Phantasialand." and then immediately follow with a list of area's where you have to wear a mask and the first place on that list is: "Park Entrances." I don't know I just find it funny, granted maybe they sell some before the entrances but the way I read it was like: "Yes we sell them if you don't have any but you cannot come in the park without them." On a serious note, seems like the same rules as here in the Netherlands except in the Netherlands the face masks aren't mandatory. I also read that F.L.Y.
  19. I'm really hoping on May for theme parks to reopen in Europe but I have little hope now. It's just getting depressive reading day after day that parks are extending their closure. I really keep a low hope on a 2020 season at all at this point.
  20. Well (some) theme parks have shut down here in the Netherlands, it was inevitable. While I completely understand the situation, I'm a bit upset it didn't happen after this weekend as tomorrow I wanted to go to the Efteling but public safety should not be jeopardized so I can get my entertainment. I really hope this blows over quickly and life can start to stabilized in the next month or something.
  21. Wanted to post this yesterday and completely forgot about it. Here are some extras I know about it: - It's 100% a Vekoma. Vekoma announced a 8th coaster at the park on Instagram with a picture of black track. - Boomerang isn't confirmed but very likely as someone managed to snap a picture of black track piece with the rails bend to prevent the train from going off and looks identical to the Vekoma junior boomerang way of stopping the train. - It might be a clone of Saven at Farup Sommerland as people found some aerial pictures with footers and when you place the Saven design on that it f
  22. ^ And ^^ One extremely good thing is that here in the Netherlands they try to find the people who are infected, like we now get a bunch of students who went skiing in north Italy back who all get tested just to make sure. After the first case they tested all the people he had been around and this is why that number starts to double almost each day here (Yesterday we had 83 cases the day before that 41 or something close to that.), so expect that number here to skyrocket the next few days, weeks.
  23. Living in the Netherlands I'm really surprised the Efteling is still open as the first person to be diagnosed here lives in Loon op Zand what is the township of the park. Now I'm not concerned at all but we have a tendency to overreact in the Netherlands so I guess we will see how it goes, still expecting it.
  24. ^The idea seems to come from the fact that the park has released their 2020 parkplan and the ride has been removed there, but the attraction page still exist so I don't really know what's going on there.
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