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  1. I just came back from a Denmark coaster trip. Now I have over the last couple of years a lot of luck getting to ride coasters I never did, but this trip has literally the most lucky and funny moment (for me) I ever had. Polar X-plorer was broken down all Thursday except for 1 ride and I sat on that ride, and I shouldn't have. I just caught a glimpse of testing the ride and when I got there it was still closed and at the moment I turned around I saw somebody coming to open the ride and I was at the front of the queue and got my ride. When I got towards the end I saw the next train go up the hill and heard it going around when I was at the exit, I heard the special effects during the drop section and saw no train walked around the mountain and there it was stuck above and there it remained. I still find this extremely funny.
  2. ^ Saw it this morning. Honestly I cannot tell how suitable this is for children, like nothing is too adult orientated, I can only think of one joke involving 2 of the rangers that might cross the line, but that said it is a meta movie along the lines of Ready Player One and Free Guy but this time related to movies and the industries, so most younger children won't get half the jokes. So sorry cannot help you with that. That said, I do want to share some opinions about the movie, keep in mind I knew the show when it aired years ago but never was a dedicated fan. I did like it, this movie could have been a easy flop but I laughed and had a fun time, but it could have easily been called anything else then Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers. Yes the duo are the main stars but you can easily replace them. I mean the only reason it's them is because it is a Disney movie that needed a duo in the lead that hasn't seen the spotlight in a while, but I am fine with it, Chip n Dale are among Disney's most iconic characters and it has been years since I last heard of them in a new show or movie. Also with Disney owning Fox, Star Wars and Marvel, you think they wouldn't reference other movies as they did, I mean there are clear references to Nickelodeon, Warner Bros, Paramount and Universal movies and characters, and those are but a couple I saw. Take away is this movie surprised me and was fun.. I am also curious how actual fans feel about the movie because like I said, they could have easily been another duo and still work for me.
  3. Read about the rumor this weekend, Source is reliable and has stated a intern mail has the park boss confirm the rumor this is where the date comes from. The ride will supposedly will be placed between Goliath and Xpress for a little more information. As for the rumor itself if it is true, I really look forward to ride these single rail coasters so to get one in a park I visit every year I would love it. Also love how the park is bad at everything except when it comes to picking coasters, Untamed and Lost Gravity are among the countries best in my opinion. Curious how this will pan out, the timing also isn't to odd as Untamed was promised on the day Lost Gravity opened about 3 years earlier so yes I can see this rumor being true.
  4. I know it's a double post but this is unrelated to the previous post: Efteling announces Danse Macabre for 2024. This is what the name will be of the attraction going on Spookslot's place, the name wasn't pulled from a hat as it was in the park for 44 years as the title of the song of Spookslot, the song will also be reused for the new attraction. While the park hasn't released much information of about the ride here is what they did: There is a new 17000 m² themed area that includes the ride itself a place to get food and drinks (Restaurant or stall I don't know my guess will be on stall however) and shop. While the ride itself hasn't been announced the hight of the building has been set on 20 meters. The ride will have the same theme as Spookslot. Source: Efteling. For original article and video with the ride designer click on the ride name.
  5. Well it's been a month and I have a update from yesterday, some sense of order has returned to the park with the park not being a construction mess any longer. 1. Parking Work continues at the parking area of the park still no idea what they're doing here, solar panels on the extra parking are still not done so far I know. 2. Hotel No major movement on this front yet. 2.2 New path. The new main straight after the entrance has been set in use, the old one is completely gone, this change happened a day after I came to visit. 2.3 Path to Fata Morgana So to also address Robin point here: The path going to Fata Morgana is coming back, but this will be straight after the hotel in the future. This will most likely not be a bottleneck situation, the park had the single railroad crossing for years. The only thing that will have changed after all these years is that there is no longer a access point to the fairytale forest at this point, even after the hotel opens. 3: Things are better: Main Entrance is back in business. No more scaffolding. A lot more simple border. Top is back, but still will take a while for it to be in use again. 3.1: Kind of better but still: George and the Dragon reopened and not long after that a smoldering fire was detected on the fire track, they're fixing it but are using the water track as there is no danger to do that. 3.2: Kind of progress: A new dock closer to the fountain is being build at the entrance side is being build. 3.3: Construction update The renovation of the fairytale house has gone vertical. 4: New attractions in renovation. Baron has closed for the first time for renovation. Raveleijn despite running the show apparently (I didn't check to confirm) a problem with the mechanical dragon of the show and the show has do without it this has been a long running problem as it happens more and more that the dragon has issues and they're looking into a way to fix it more permanently this time. Both new attractions Archipel and Sirocco are undergoing renovation work, Sirocco despite that was open in the weekend and closed last week and upcoming week, it just gets temporary parts replaced by permanent ones (supply issues during construction). Archipel is getting ready for water to be added to the ride this includes a coating on the floor among other things. 5: story time Had double trouble at the Python yesterday. First I wanted to visit the ride and noticed single rider line was open at the entrance, went in and when I came to the station there was nobody appoint seats and people had to walk into the station themselves, while they had removed the chain at the single rider queue at the end the normal queue was a five minutes wait and I felt not comfortable to cut the line like this so I turned around and refused to queue in the normal queue as I wasn't feeling it any longer. Then I sat in the flying Dutchman and noticed the ride had gotten stuck halfway up the hill, when I took this picture after getting out of the ride the train already started to move again. That was everything.
  6. Saw Multiverse of Madness Yesterday. I really liked it, it's for sure my second favorite Phase 4 movie so far. The story was a bit different from what I suspected but to be fair I had no idea how they where going to handle some characters. Talking about characters, with the Multiverse angle they had a prime chance to give us some surprise cameo's and some where teased others where spoiled for me, but I was so glad not all of them where because some I did not expect in this movie. Also this movie may be the closest thing the MCU ever will come to horror but it's for sure the most brutal movie of the MCU. I also don't want to say to much because I'm afraid to spoil some big things. There where some things I didn't like, Strange has little to no fall out with what happened during Spider-Man no way home, also I didn't like how we only get a mention of something that had happened between movies but we didn't get to see anything, I hope Doctor Strange 3 might show that. Also I didn't expect something. I got to see the new Avatar: The Way of Water trailer. Showing certain trailers before a movie isn't something that happens much in the Netherlands, we usually just get the big movie's coming soon (Like for MoM I got, Jurassic world and Top Gun, Nothing Disney related outside the Avatar trailer) So some quick thoughts, It looks stunning, I had no doubt about that, but all I could think was: "Why? Why now, Why Avatar?" I really have the feeling that this movie should have been made 10 years ago, because to be fair I have no idea if I will see it.
  7. So the renewed Expedition Zork and Interactive Marble run Wunderball are soft open. Not everything is ready yet but this week and the next are a holiday here and they wanted to offer up the ride. Just some pictures form far away on the outside, I forgot to make some more detailed ones. Some pictures form the inside, not much changed here on the ride site of things. But queue and entry have had a major update, I also took a picture form the Queue form above, but that one turned out so bad. Some impression of Wunderball. Here is also how it works, You can buy wooden balls form the vending machine and then just drop them on one of the two tracks and follow them till the end, the interactive part is mostly just you starting the ball. There are also wrenches, bath tubs and other crazy stuff the ball passes on either one of these tracks. Looks extremely fun for little children as when I was at the end two kids flew back up the hill to go again. I Really enjoy seeing the park invest so heavy in older rides. It did make me wonder if they ever are going to finish the station of Booster Bike, when they opened the Magic valley they had plans to update the station of the ride to match the area and especially now that station has become a painful sight.
  8. So the park has submitted plans to get a permit earlier this week and there is a potential lay-out out there. Because I have trouble finding the actual permits on the website of Rust I drawn the lay-out discussed right now in google maps: Yellow: Buildings Black track: Station and a possible preshow element. Red track: First launch (Vertical upwards) until turntable Blue track: Turntable (Think Pulsar station, so two tracks switching places) Orange track: Second launch (Triple launch) until end. Elements in order: Vertical upwards launch, Loop, Roll, Immelmann, Jr Immelmann, Stall, Airtime hill, Dive (Don't know what that means), Looping into the first set of brakes, turntable, triple launch, Top Hat, Airtime hill, Outward banked stall, Double up, Mid Course Brake run, Roll, Right turn, left Turn, Corkscrew, Final brake. So this is the lay-out how people are currently discussing it. Seems extremely interesting to me, I really hope this is the actual lay-out, as I cannot confirm if it is the actual lay-out, But I still thought it was worth sharing it. It seems to me that Mack really wants to promote the Big Dipper model as a all in package, Like it's an answer to Gerstlauer infinity coasters.
  9. Usually the park looks at July and August as summer months and has additional opening time. This means Sunday till Friday 10:00 A.M. till 8:00 P.M. and Saturdays 10:00 A.M. till 11:00 P.M. That's how things have been for the last couple of years.
  10. Joining the squad of people that want to know more about staying at Charles Lindbergh hotel. I've been trying to convince myself for over a Year just to do it. This year I have a potential date for a 2 day visit, I've been so many times to the park but never been there more then 1 day at a time. I just have a couple of questions about check-in and parking. So about parking, I know the moment you enter the street traffic gets send all to the parking space, does this hotel have a separate parking space or is it just park you car on the normal parking and just pick it up the day after? About check-in, I only once slept at a park hotel and this was all done thanks to a third party and we didn't get tickets at the hotel (they where bought there during our stay.) So how does it work when you get tickets for the day you arrive? Do I after my arrival at the park go to the hotel and not the entrance and go from there or how does it go? I like to know this kind of stuff beforehand and knowing that stuff also means I am going to do it.
  11. I understand if you want to wait, but keep in mind most of the park is still fine and other things will get worse before they get better. As for attractions: Pagode will reopen July 4th, George and the Dragon April 22nd and Aquanura June 24th. The main entrance I assume will be back in business soon (like I said scaffolding was going down) and I don't know when scaffolding will go down at the flying Dutchman but it will not close down. As for the other stuff the entrance area will not get better as they will continue to work on the Hotel until 2024, I even assume that after summer things will get a lot worse there. Also the rebuilding in the forest will take until the end of the year. As for future stuff: Obviously Spookslot will go down soon (there is no date other then after the summer). And attractions that will go into maintenance are: Baron 1898 May 9th till May 25th, monorail (Village ride) June 7th till July 1st and Halve Maen June 20th till June 24th. Like I said it's fine to wait, but for the upcoming time I say July till August is when most dust has settled with only work being done at the hotel and the small construction site in the forest. Hope this gives you a idea to plan a visit. Edit: So the main path (in the report topic 2.1) has been moved already, guess I was one day to early for that. The new path however still isn't completly done as barriers and landscaping still takes place.
  12. ^ The hoodie was the least strangest. I also seen a couple of gloves and scarfs laying about over the years. But today this hoodie, a brown and a with T-Shirt. I can understand the hoodie as the weather was kind of nice so maybe somebody placed it on a cart or a bag and it fell off. But how do you lose a T-shirt? It just boggled my mind how I saw these three pieces of clothing on one day.
  13. I know it's a double post, but because it has been 2 days and it has another purpose I hope it's okay. Today I've been to the park because a lot is going on there and I wanted to document everything so people here have an idea how the state of everything is. 1: Parking place: So I didn't get everything on picture, there is work going on at the extra parking place for busy days, they are constructing solar panel farm there over the parking space meaning cars will be covered and power is won. As for the other things going on there: At the edge of the park on the main parking side the last few rows have been closed for some unknown construction work. On the smaller side (next to the fairy tale forrest) they are busy with preparation work for the hotel. Here they also advertise the hotel. The lack of parking space has caused the park to use employees parking space for guests. 2: Hotel work has started: Pipe work for the hotel is being layed down. 2.1: New main pathway: Currently they are reworking the main pathway all the way up to Fabula. I added the Google maps image to see how the old and new pathway will be layed out. The work on the new path also means the path going from the main pathway to Fata Morgana is closed off (last picture). The new path seems mostly finished. 2.2: Restaurant getting closed and a new location: The Vrolijke noot has been under the care of an other company for a while now, but it will need to go to make place for the Hotel. The park however doesn't stop with the other company and moves them to the Panorama restaurant near Vogel Rok, the restaurant is currently split in three sections, a take away, kiosk and traditional restaurant, only the take away and Kiosk will be supplied by the other company, the restaurant itself will stay in the care of the park itself, it will close however soon to be renovated and be added to the Sindbad theme soon (I don't know when). 2.3: Moved Fairytale Entrance: They moved the entrance to the east, you no longer enter from the main entrance at the dancing shoes but form the pancake restaurant to Long neck (Don't know the english name). That was everything Hotel related. 3: Renovating the main entrance: The main entrance is undergoing some renovations work this has caused the main entrance to move. The work seems to be done mostly as scaffolding was going down today. 3.1: Keeping up at renovation work: Several renovations where going on at the park with George and the Dragon and Pagode being closed down because of that. (George is getting some retracking done) Flying Dutchman despite the work was open however. 3.2: Aquanura gets a seprate entry: Aquanura is completely empty ginving a unusual sight. But there is also a part of the decks being removed where the hotel is going to come. 3.3: Not really renovations anymore: In the forest they are rebuilding one of the Fairytales after it had been taken down back in December 2019. Nothing to see here outside some foundation work. 4: Spookslot still nothing: Spookslot has been untouched for now, they will take it down after the summer. Also I had to take a picture of the glut afther the attraction, this week it had caught fire, it's funny this was the one that caught fire (nothing serious but firemen had to come). 5: 70 years: With plenty of barriers around the park they had plenty of space to promote the 70 year anniversary. Also Long Neck had been given a party hat. They also have song to celebrate but I haven't heard it because I always leave the park before it comes up. (there is a set time for it) 5.1: Pop-up fairytale: Until October they will have this Pop-up fairytale in Alice in Wonderland theme. Throughout the day they have entertainment here. This is all for the 70 year anniversary. 6: New restaurant: This backery has opend late last year I don't think there was any mention of it before here. It's near Max And Moritz. 7: World of Sindbad: Forgot to rotate the picture sorry. So as predicated it opened when the park reopened in January. Everything has been an upgrade form before. I also love that in the queue the water is already filled with money what a weird trend. Also Archipel is open but without water, in the summer it the entire floor will be covered with water with jets being placed under the queue of Sirroco. 8: Pictures I wanted to share: Love this bird, there are anti bird spikes up there and this bird was like: "I don't care". Also despite no picture there is a nest in Baron 1898 station in the window, funny places to find nests if you ask me. Some random pictures. Okay this I had to share, this was piece of clothing number 3 I found on a random spot in the park without the owner in sight. Why? I mean it, Why? Hope this gives a picture of how big the mess at the park is right now. To be fair I have no idea if I missed anything.
  14. This shows where they will put the hotel. The Archway in the middle of the hotel will go over the main straight and will effectively be the entrance to the park after the main entrance. The artwork above shows the hotel form the deck of the theater and shows the back of the main entrance. Hope this gives a idea how and where the hotel will come.
  15. I liked him. He actually felt like a cartoon villain a bit here and there. If you watched the first movie it's more of that (they really toned him down in the trailers) but he has gone a little bit insane for obvious reasons and Jim did it really well. Edit: Did some digging on the internet, turns out more things form the movie are actually from the games then I thought. This does validate the human story a bit, still a lot could have been cut there for all I care. The mid credit scene also got a lot more interesting for me, still needs some explaining however.
  16. Just came back from Sonic 2, not a perfect movie but also not bad. It has plenty of issues the human story being a prime example of that but also had some really great stuff. They did change somethings from the first movie however that made me roll my eyes, but still you can add that up to being a coincident rather then a plot hole, however the mid credit scene (yes there is one) does say something that doesn't add up at all and if the movie gets a sequel I wonder how they will explain it, it did warm me up to the sequel like it needs to. All in all you can see the people behind this movie are invested in Sonic lore but are bound by studios that try to add things in movies they don't need to to make them "Intersting" for normal people. If they cut out all the human stuff that had nothing to do with Sonic and his quest this movie would have been way better.
  17. Today I visited the park again after the winter break, and today was a mixed bag of opinions mashed together that I have to talk about it someway. So the virtual queue system is still in play but single rider and fast pass are also in the mix. If you're early in the park just don't even bother with virtual waiting, take the single rider line and you can still sit together as the masses group before the ride and the park employees can't keep up the scanning fast enough. I got 2 rides on Untamed in about 10 minutes. Also if you're alone there are about three rides that are only accessible with the system (Xpress, Rio Grande, Crazy River) the rest you just jump into single rider queue no problems. A lot of rides had downtime throughout the day, but for what I can tell most where quickly solved. There is however one ride not open at all, Xpress a train had stalled in one of the corners during morning testing I presume, it was extremely cold for the time of the year with temperatures near freezing point. I was shocked but pleased with the fact almost everything was open didn't expect that yesterday. Last post I talked about the winter upgrades of this year and they did happen. Happy to say this time it was okay, not good but also could have been way worse. Basically the entire area has been made in Lost Gravity's image continuing the Yellow and Black theme of the ride and the random objects scattered about on the rides. Crazy Rivers actually got some electrical post and pipes added on the station but the old station is still there mostly complete. End of the day was a complete mess. I bought a parking ticket on-line and when I got to the exit of the car park I was told my ticked was invalid and so I pressed the intercom to get a hold of someone. After having to press that button three times without answering on the other side I decided to call customer services and told them about my problem, when we spoke a second and third car already started to have the same problem, the promised me someone would come and I asked the third driver (second drove away) about the ticket he had, also like me a on-line one, other cars came with tickets bought at the park or gifted or annual passes and they all worked fine. after half an hour I called again as nobody had come, they told me they worked on it and by that time they told me more people already called as by this time a fourth car had arrived with the same problem (also on-line ticket). Already losing patience I waited an additional 15 minutes before a fifth car with the same problem came around and called again this time I was actually starting to lose my cool and told them I waited for 45 minutes and no communications or anything and there where now four cars all with the same problem here and nobody told us anything then to wait. They informed me they opened the exit up to let cars pass and I answers them, I saw for about 2 seconds each time, we couldn't even react to that as we all gave the people who could leave the space to do so. While I had them on the phone a sixth car arrived to add on the growing pile and I asked them if it was so difficult to send somebody over to check on the situation or to just open the exit for a longer period of time so we could all leave. Again they told me somebody would come. 15 minutes later I started to get angry and was about to block the exit till I got help and when I made the move for my fourth call there finally came somebody to help. Keep in mind I had to wait a hour for help here, I cannot say anything good about that, the park did offer compensation with a free ticket so I did get that but again, don't let people wait a hour for a simple fix. I never experienced anything like this before and I hope I never will again.
  18. Smart move hiding the final lay-out, at least I don't suspect this ride to be a clone of Lost Gravity in Walibi Holland. Also making the trains twice as long as they normally are kind of makes sense as Europa park could use the higher capacity.
  19. Yesterday late afternoon Ride to Happiness got stuck on it's highest point. While nothing too strange there, the train did get stuck at 5:15 P.M. causing the park to close at 5:30 P.M. instead of 6 P.M.. Evacuation also wasn't going smooth because of strong winds causing the first people to be evacuated at 9:55 P.M. and the last at 11:30 P.M. with everybody been send to a hospital for a check-up. Currently the train is has been moved and is now stuck between the first drop and the banana roll. Ride to Happiness will be down for a while to investigate the incident. Source of the ride getting Stuck Source of the evacuation Source of the current train placement
  20. Spookslot is iconic for sure, fans are not at all pleased to hear the park will tear it down they already have a petition against it , the park has also responded that they already paid for it and that it will go through and that they will try to give it a fitting farewell. In December there was some news about the Spookslot getting teared down or have something added to it to update the ride/area, so I already had a time to think and yeah while I hate to see it go knowing how much they will invest in the new I'm also excited to see that. But I'm also of the opinion that if you really like something you support it. Something that bothers me right now is that fans complain about the ride getting teared down but, while I didn't visit the ride much, the times I was there almost nobody was at the ride didn't matter if it was a quiet day or a busy day I always got to go on it with the first group I joined. Yes nostalgia plays a role here but that doesn't pay bills, I doubt many if at all people go to the park just for Spookslot and after 44 years a majority of the visitors already seen the show I guess. It's not a 40 year old roller coaster that still holds some excitement.
  21. The park announced two new projects today both planned for 2024. Project 1: A hotel at the entrance of the park. -Floors: 7 - rooms: 143 -Restaurant: 2 -Spa -Cost: 50 million Euro. This will be bigger then the current hotel. Project 2: A new indoor attraction. After the summer the 44 year old spookslot will close it's door and make room for a new attraction. -Type: Unknown for now, all that is revealed is that it's a indoor attraction. -Capacity: 1250 people/hour. -Cost: 25 million Euro. Seems like a heavy investment in these times, however I'm happy to see them willing to go do it. Project 2 I have mixed feelings on Spookslot was a great attraction unique but not good, Sad to see it go but at the same time didn't visit it much so not a big miss. I'm more looking at the replacement ride, the 25 million is a hefty sum and seeing how the last two coasters are both below that (Baron 18 million, Max and Moritz 15 million) I'm slightly hopeful on a coaster but it's a pipe dream for now. But seeing how Symbolica cost 35 million I also wouldn't say no to a dark-ride. This project has potential to be something good. About Sirocco, a little update, it was announced to open in 2021, this was delayed to January 1st 2022 as the park is 70 years old this year and they wanted to kick it of with this. However after the announcement the government decided to go into a lock-down and they expect tomorrow that they announce parks can reopen. I suspect the ride to open when the park reopens.
  22. I so hope 2022 will be a normal 2 trip year again now that I'm vaccinated and have my booster planned. For sure, basically the four parks I visit every year: - Efteling - Toverland - Walibi Holland - Phantasialand If everything works out: Trip 1, Denmark: - Djurs Sommerland - Farup Sommerland Trip 2 option 1, France: - Disneyland and Studio park - Nigloland - Parc Asterix Trip 2 option 2, Spain: - Port Aventura and Ferrari land - Parque Warner Madrid - Parque de atracciones Madrid Trip 2 will be a matter of how things develop right now. There is also one park that me and a coworker discussed on going to. - Legoland Billund
  23. I want to wish everybody a happy new year. From Europe. Also I hope this year will feel less like a drag then 2021.
  24. Just came home from Spider-man. I will say normally I try to be spoiler free but I will address rumors, not if they did or did not happen just rumors in general. So this movie had a lot of rumors, and as Garet touched on they might impact your viewing pleasures as things happen. I tried to stay away from them but in the end a lot of youtubers I watch on a regular bases just kept going on and on about them that I didn't escape all of them. I tried to keep an open mind with all of them tough and to dose who are going to watch it and heard them, don't over-hype yourself please, the biggest enemy with rumors and expectations is yourself. Going to the movie itself, I really enjoyed it. It was great seeing Peter really struggle with the additional damage of being a superhero. All I want now is a sequel to explain stuff while at the same time having a perfect out. I don't know how the whole Marvel (Disney) Sony deal is at this point but I hope they don't leave one thing hanging like they did with the leader plot-line in the Hulk.
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