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  1. Thanks for the responses. While I still have no plans to see the Snyder cut anytime soon I now at least have a desire to go watch it at least. Like I said I'm done with the DCEU but I feel like I need to at least give the Snyder cut a chance now I know its at least close to the intended version. I mean I somewhat enjoyed the original Justice League even I could tell it was a Frankenstein mess. I will let you guys know when I come to it but don't expect it anytime soon. After that I can be truly done with the DCEU having seen 6 movies and 1 alternate take.
  2. This post is kind of pointed at the people who saw the Snyder cut. Honestly I have no real desire or rush to go and see the Snyder cut and some positive reviews won't change my mind, I'm completely done with the DCEU for many reasons. One of those reasons is Warner Bros. just is way to responsive when it comes to the movies, what is evident with the existence of the Snyder cut actually being released. That also brings me to my biggest fear towards this version of the movie (I saw the original Justice League) that this still isn't Snyder's original vision. This is why I want to ask pe
  3. Today I got my four packages, very annoying as it was one order. This includes: 1: Rise of Skywalker DVD. I will never use this as I have Disney Plus and it's not my favorite Star Wars movie but now I have a complete collections. 2: Trouble on Tatooine Lego set. Just wanted that. 3: Planet Coaster Console edition. Always wanted to play this game and now I can. Also I didn't buy it for PC because my Laptop can't handle it. 4: Final Fantasy VII Remake. I'm a Nintendo guy more then a Playstation one. I have Smash and the DLC so after Sephiroth the Youtube Algorithm started to
  4. Odd choice on the theming, but the name I don't know I kind of like the weirdness of it. Also this area has a lot more going for it then I thought it would, I thought it would just be path from one of the main paths to a station building and Queue but this is way better. Also you are telling me I can stand under the Jojo roll? I know I will love standing there having trains go over my head.
  5. First time I will be voting this year, so I was going though my list of parks and noticed that the Bob was still listed by the Efteling despite being closed. Looking forward to vote.
  6. Here are some that come to mind: Taron Phantasialand, although this is my weakest argument, yes the second half the ride literaly explodes the intensity but also the last 7 seconds are not all there. Pulsar Walibi Belgium, This ride is all buildup and then just ends. Untamed Walibi Holland, the second half loses like next to no speed until the end. Avalanche Pleasure Beach Blackpool, This Bobsled is literaly just a downhill ride picking up speed as it does. Also kind of a troll but so true: All motorized coasters that do 2 laps.
  7. Ideal: Spain Trip that was suppose to happen in 2020. Tripsdrill and Europa Park too. Realistic: My four annual visits (Efteling, Walibi Holland, Toverland, Phantasialand). Bobbejaanland, Walibi Belgium, Plopsaland de Panne and Movie Park Germany. Granted with Realistic I keep in mind that the borders in Europe will be freely open at some point in the year. I mean it wasn't a problem this summer and I be shocked if next sumer it will be.
  8. My Mind: "Okay let's do this thing you always wanted." Me: "Okay then let's go do that." My mind: "Oh, no. I'm way to scared for that." Me: "...." All the time, I love it.
  9. I love the Mandalorian, I remember having a roller coaster of emotions before it came out. First time hearing about it a show about Mandalorians exited me, within the Star Wars lore they have the most interesting culture and history and getting Mandalorian ships and weapons (like the Darksaber) in life-action would be awesome, then it was announced to be about a lone Mandalorian bounty hunter and I was like: "Okay, so discount Bobba Fett. Why do all Life-action Mandalorians have to be bounty Hunters?". But it was Star Wars related so I would watch it, Episode 1 just hooked me and after season
  10. ^ I really like the color, too bad I cannot see what it is, it looks both red and purple to me.
  11. @Nrthwnd, The trains are not going anywhere it's the boat ride with the whale that's going. Last week there was some news about the expansion, the Dutch high court has revealed a partly judgment that said that the park isn't allowed to expand yet. About 15 from 141 points aren't good enough but the park now has half a year to fix them, so this still hasn't come to an end.
  12. The last item. The most expensive Lego set ever made. The 75192 Millennium Falcon. Normal Price around here is €850,- I paid €693,- Still can't believe I actually did buy it as I didn't plan it, but this whole year was a bit weird so it kind of happened. Should have kept the size of it in account as I have no idea where to leave it when I'm done.
  13. Like the new look. Like the new features as like and the warnings when somebody post in a thread. I've really missed the site the past few days.
  14. F.L.Y. Phantasialand last Sunday. Didn't expect to ride it that soon but really can't complain.
  15. F.L.Y. Review: Manged to get two rides today, I have to say I did not expect the ride to compete with my most favorite coasters but it does. I mean the ride itself is on the tamer side, that was what I expected, but the theming there it has me. I didn't look up the queue before riding it and only saw some glimpses and I'm happy I didn't, For me the experience starts at the begging of the queue and if you get me this close to the ride in a well themed queue you instantly get bonus points, If I have to wait give me a distraction please. Then I entered the station and there I was sold naming th
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