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  1. [Quote] Good lord.... That thing dispatches from the station at roughly 0.0000001mph. [/Quote] That is not the dispach speed its the station speed. Keep in mind the train doesn't stop in the station but keeps om moving so by the time it has passed the station people had to unload then load then the safety bars have to close and checked. This means the trains are perfectly spaced. For people wondering how that works with bags you have lockers before you get to the station floor and no bags are allowed past a certain point. As you can see in the onrides the dispatch speed increases after you leave the actual station.
  2. Last weekend I got to ride Voltron, Alpenexpress Enzian and Tiroler Wasserbahn, here are my spoiler free reviews: To explain something, Both Alpenexpress, Tiroler and the new adventure trail are slated to open May 14th but the park started soft openings this weekend. Opening the rides around 3 weeks before the actual opening meant a lot of the theming wasn't ready yet, but Alpenexpress still felt like a downgrade keeping in mind that it's not finished yet. Having the second Helix in the dark meant they could hide a lot of unfinished parts but now that's all in the open en somethings seemed either finished or limited on what they can still do about it. The log flume on the other hand does benefit from the open area, you really get to see the coaster go around the track more and the theming was much better then it was before. The Adventure Trail also gave some great views of the new area and is a welcome upgrade from the old cave. Voltron: This ride is a very welcome addition to the ride selection of the park and I absolutely love it, the best ride at the park if you ask me. To remain spoiler free I will only talk about things well known, The 105 degree launch gives some nice hang-time but this comes at the power cost, also the turntable is a welcome rest stop in the ride but does destroy the rhythm of the ride, also the show element there wasn't great. Before the first launch I will not say much as that's all spoilers but having all the show elements working (what I only had Sunday) is a fun highlight. That said I have a couple of negative things to say about the ride, I'm not a great fan of the queue, it has some nice effects and a great centerpiece but outside of that it's mostly a empty hall with some nice walls, but the closer you get to the station the worse it gets. It doesn't take away much as it suppose to be a workplace and it works like that but still it felt empty. The other thing that is a very small complaint (but a great sacrifice for a much needed capacity boost) the moment your group is bigger then 4 there is no promise you get to ride the ride at the same time, the loading and unloading just happens and this also means you have no say in where you end up, like I said this is all done for the capacity of ride. The reason this doesn't bug me so much is that even if you aren't in the same train the rest of your group is literately behind you in the next train. Also wanted to address Friday, the opening day was chaos with everybody running for Voltron and the park also needing to evacuate the area because there where to many people, to make it worse the first day was plagued with downtime with ride trains getting stuck everywhere on the track, even my first ride wasn't perfect as after the train had turned on the turntable the train had a small delay, others got stuck on the second launch or on the turntable of mcbr. Also had small delay at the final brake once. But having said that they always did their best to get it going as fast as possible and even if most rides weren't optimal I just was happy to ride it.
  3. Working at a fun and stupid project to celebrate my 200th counted credit later this year, and wanted to share it. As you can see I did the same with my 100th counted credit a couple years back. I will be using almost all of those pictures in the 200, for people who wonder where I got those pictures they are mostly my own, for the 100 I was 3 pictures short that I had to get from the Internet, 2 of those I will replace for my own in the 200 the other was from a ride closed even back then. Also missing 2 photo's of rides for the 200, 1 I will be picking up before nr. 200 as I was already planning to get to that park again anyways. I have to say the 2 came out better then expected but the 0 just look off. Oh well like I said it's a stupid project for a stupid celebration, but I like doing it.
  4. So to add on the bad news. Liseberg released a update last night about the fire. There they report about a missing employee, there is reason to believe the worst.
  5. I just saw video's of the slides exploding. This is really sad as it doesn't look like there is any saving this building. Really curious what started this fire. To think this never opened, Liseberg sure has had a though time these last 4 years.
  6. I've been following the retrack silently, but I had to say: I really love the new logo, especially the eye i. While the original Nemesis didn't blow me away, I have to say it's still a solid ride and now that they plan to reopen this year I really want to see if I can make it over there. I mean I have plans to go to England for Hyperia I didn't plan to go any further then London. I might reconsider that. Also I haven't voiced my opinion on the new track design and all I can say is I'm not really sold on it. But having said that I do believe it might look better in person than on photo's.
  7. After pretty much finishing my 2023 season I started looking for the next trip. Currently I'm thinking about a trip to America in 2024 or 2025, but having no idea what this is going to cost me I want to do it right. That said there are just to many parks in America that I really want to visit for one or more reasons. I do have some rules though, I don't want to have more then 1 inland flight during the trip, I'm planing to go for 2 or 3 weeks and I don't want to move that much. This trip will most likely take place in End of July early August of the given year. I also like to see somethings form the country, I mention this because maybe you can tell me to combine a park with a tourist attraction. Also if you have tips and tricks I'm open to hear them. So here is the list of parks I really want to visit: Cedar Point: Do I need to explain this one? A lot of coasters, and Top Thrill 2, Steel Vengeance, GateKeeper, Maverick and Millennium Force are some coasters I really like to try. Kings Dominion: This one is perhaps the weakest but still worth a mention as it has Intimidator 305. Kings Island: I really would love to get to ride the Beast. Also Coasters like Orion, Diamondback and Banshee really look good. Busch Gardens Tampa: Montu, Kumba, Iron Gwazi and Cheetah Hunt are some of the reasons, but here I also have a non coaster one in Falcon's Fury that just looks good. Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Griffon, Loch Ness Monster, Verbolten And Pantheon jump out for me. SeaWorld Orlando: Mako, Kraken, Manta and Pipeline. Disneyland: Space Mountain and Incredicoaster on the coaster side, but also I'm a huge Star Wars fan and visiting Galaxy's Edge seems like a must for me. Disney World: Expedition Everest and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train for the coaster side and Epcot's Test Track sounds extremely fun for some reason. Universal Studios Florida: Revenge of the Mummy, The Hulk and Hagrid's Magical creatures are some of the rides I want to check out but obviously VelociCoaster is enough of a reason alone. Six Flags: Great Adventure: Would love to ride Kingda Ka as it still is the world's tallest coaster (Yes I know this ends soon) that said Nitro and El Toro also jump out to me. Six Flags: Magic Mountain: Just the amount of coasters make this a must for me, but X2, Tatsu, Revolution and Full Throttle are also rides I really like to try. Keep in mind I'm not limited to this list for instance, I can combine SFMM with Disneyland and add Knott's Berry Farm to that list. So if you see a park that doesn't really link to another but can be combined with one not on the list feel free to tell me about it. Also Florida seems so obvious even for me that said, Disney World seems like a park that is very expensive and takes a large chunk of the trip with 4 parks, and Universal having another park on the way seems like its worth the wait. that said if it really is so good there I'm willing to take the bet. Curious what comes out of this.
  8. I've been curious to know how they added Toutatis to the park. I was there last summer for my first visit only to realize the ride was actually behind Trace to Hourra. So can you tell me anything about that? I have seen a picture that suggest a relocation of the queue line and you enter the area form underneath Trace, so I checked the map on the website and this seems to be the case. It's seems logical to me, because when I was there the only option I thought was a thing was a long dead end path around Trace to get there. But I haven't been able to find anything to really make me understand what they changed to open up the area. Also I am planning a return visit for this year, because I really like to try Toutatis myself. Also love to get some extra rides on OzIris. Also I cannot recall if last year was a bad as you said about Tonnerre 2 Zeus, I remember it being a bit rough and me regretting going on it backwards though.
  9. So just came home from watching: The Super Mario Bros. Movie. First impression: I really liked the movie. I do have some issues with the movie, there is a overuse of popular songs in the movie that really felt out of place with the Mario music, that said when it did use Mario music it was also really good even going as far as using songs I didn't expect them to use, most of the soundtrack has been really enhanced for the cinematic use that is why it bothered me whenever a popular song came. Although I did roll my eyes every time and laughed when it happened. Also some of the voices aren't a great fit, it isn't something that gets me out of the movie but yeah it might bother some people. The story is a bit basic but it doesn't feel like the point of the movie, it's another Mario adventure going to fight Bowser, who is just a big goof-ball and I loved that, and safe the Mushroom Kingdom. So the movie just feels like this big fun adventure. So like I said not everything landed for me but that said but I had fun and that's all I asked the movie to be, fun.
  10. Europa park has posted a onride on their streaming service Veejoy. It is the exact lay-out as reported in April last year only the triple launch is a double launch instead. It also shows a bit of the theming and I have to say I like it. Really can't wait to ride this ride.
  11. ^ I can only agree with your statement of Lego coming up with some awesome sets lately. I've been into lego for years, while most of the time I stick to Star Wars as I love it to death I have some sets outside those because they are that good, I have gotten good at restraining myself to buy everything I like but sometimes I have regrets later, like the red roller coaster that came for this one. It also something me and a college share and we even spend time outside work to enjoy this hobby. Also for those interested here are some notable sets I own: 71374 Lego NES (I like Nintendo but don't like the Mario sets). 75192 Millennium Falcon (the most expensive set to date). 75308 R2-D2. 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina. 40346 Legoland park set (Only available at a Legoland theme park). And also 10303 Loop Coaster (I may have missed the red one but I wasn't going to make that mistake twice).
  12. As someone who has been following on the sidelines, I did not expect the surf coaster to be this. I'm so confused right now, I believed stand-up coaster where a thing of the past. That said I never done a stand-up coaster and I do want to try this out, here is to hoping one day I might.
  13. Double Post but it has been months so. I wanted to give another update on the park as things had been better but are worse again. Also I have taken pictures also from the last day of Spookslot but I have a new phone and cannot link it up to my PC so a satellite image has to do. First the latest things not marked. 70th anniversary stuff has come and gone and the rebuilding of the fairy tale that was suppose to be complete in winter 2022 has already warped up. Now what is marked down, every ring I marked down is currently inaccessible for visitors as major constructions are going on there. Dark Red: This is the area blocked for the construction of the hotel, currently they are working on the foundation. l marked with pink how guest get to the main pathways what is basically going over the new dock of Aquanura. Orange crosses fairytale forest: Two fairy tales are undergoing heavy maintenance right now, Rapunzel and Little Thumbling both covered in scaffolding. Yellow: This used to house the Alice in Wonderland display for the 70th anniversary but is now taken down to make room for the winter area opening November 15th, this will see the return of the ice-skating ring for the first time in 3 years. Purple: Is for Danse Macabre, yes all of it. While the bit at Spookslot makes sense as that is the place where the ride is going to be placed, the lake will be used for a different purpose, namely to supply the site. Currently the lake has been dried up and filled with roads these roads go through the the trees what makes me think that the current gap will be placed next to the lake in the future and they close the current one. The dark yellow line is a new path to avoid having to go all the way to the bridges to avoid the construction work. The lavender line is the current queue for Fabula. Red: Save the big one for last. While not the biggest area but George and the Dragon is closed again. It has been open this year now and then sometimes only blue track sometimes only red track sometimes both. But this time they are going above and beyond. The ride will be closed until December 23th to undergo retracking work, currently pieces for track have been removed allover the ride and will be replaced with Iron wood rails, this is however temporary, as George and the Dragon will become a full on Hybrid coaster soon, when the ride reopens in December the corners on the Python side will be replaced with Titan track form GCI, with the idea that all track will be replaced in the coming years. Also Edna the dragon after 3 years will get her movement back, however no water splashing and no fire, just neck movement and Growls for now. Also for people wondering what is with the grassy area next to the Python, this is where they drop the removed track for now. Grey: This is just closed off because of everything going on behind it. Future: So we have all this going on till at least November 15th with only the Yellow area going open. Currently we have 4 other rides closing for maintenance soon: Symbolica 10 October till 21 October 2022 Villa Volta 10 October till 14 October 2022 Aquanura 16 October till 23 October 2022 And another big one: Droomvlucht: 31 October 2022 till 3 March 2023 Yes all four will overlap with the current stuff (except maybe the fairy-tales idk), and I have no idea what will happen to Flying Dutchman and PiraƱa November 15th as they usually close and get maintenance done during the winter months but they are not on the calendar this year, so maybe they want to compensate for other rides being closed. That was everything going on right now, lots to cover so yeah.
  14. Whiteout going into details too much, this has to be my most weirdest birthday ever, having to visit family instead of getting them over, because on one side we have a funeral upcoming. I already mis him dearly and will go see him now I still can.
  15. Goldrush Slagharen. Today, hoped over to ride this coaster as it was the only coaster in the Netherlands I felt like I had to do but still had not.
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