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  1. ^^ I just read a dutch article that said the park believes to be closed until early October. As of Belgium parks being affected by the floods I only know one other park Plopsa Coo also had some serious damage but lucky for them they are up and running again, they had help from de Panne and Holiday park. I do know there is one other park closed due to the floods a small park in the Netherlands the Valkenier. They had cleaned everything but then the local government told them they where not allowed, they even believe that for them the long closure and reparations due to flooding means the end of the park. This is every park I know that had to deal with the floods if there are more I haven't heard about it.
  2. Have been to the park this Saturday, it had been a while since I've visited the park (Somewhere early in the zero's) so for me it was almost a new park. Obviously The Ride to Happiness was the main reason to go for me and I have to say it didn't disappoint me. What does baffle me is why this ride is in Plopsaland, like the whole park is filled with family friendly or kid friendly rides and then there is this machine. Like I understand a need to add a thrill ride to give a all round offer of rides but usually you see something less intense like Anubis or Nachtwacht. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining it's just a head-scratcher for me. What I do know Belgium has been given two wonderful coasters this year and I'm already for a annual visit to either Plopsa or Walibi. Both have a very good excuse if you ask me.
  3. I saw Black Widow yesterday. I'm not going to lie it's one of those MCU movie's that exist, like I didn't love it or didn't hate it. It was just the next MCU movie. I do feel like this one was just made because fans wanted a Black Widow movie, there was nothing I felt brought something to the MCU or Natasha's story. Minor complaint too much humor in the movie felt like cartoon humor, again I don't think this movie was bad it just felt like I could skip it and miss nothing.
  4. Today I manged to go to Walibi to try out Kondaa more on that later. My last visit was in 2018 after Tiki- Waka opened so I wanted to review all 8 big coasters again a bit: Loup-Garou: I'm still surprised to see this ride being so popular as it is. It felt like a lifetime ago that I had ridden a Vekoma woodie and lets just say I don't miss it in my annual program. Calamity Mine: A great family coaster that honestly that I have little to say about. Cobra and Vampire: These I can group together, comparing it to our Walibi. In Holland the new trains have made the coasters more bearable. It was nice to ride these again today to compare original vs new. Also for Vampire I witnessed today a train leaving the station with one safety bar still open and looked in the queue how the park handled the situation. Funny thing to witness as I never witnessed that mistake to happen ever. Psyké Underground: Still hate the fact I missed the original Schwarzkopf era of this ride, but I cannot deny that I love how the ride builds up to the launch. Tiki-Waka: This ride got a shot on redemption today. Back in 2018 I didn't love it during a visit to Toverland I met a Belgian who told me I might have had a bad day as the coaster had some so I knew it deserved a new chance. Today it did better. No it's still not a world class coaster, it doesn't need to be one, but I enjoyed myself this time last time I was bored out of my mind now I at least had fun. Pulsar: Still a great ride lot's of fun and still enjoy that triple launch just going faster and faster. Before today it was in my opinion the best coaster in the park but did I change my mind? Kondaa: I have to speak in devil tongue. I rode it at the start of the day and it wasn't awesome. It was a nice ride, some floater action but people where praising a good coaster up to be way better then it actually was because it was new. Is what I was going to say if I didn't give it a second chance a couple hours later. I give it some time to warm up and it sure did, during the second ride it had woken up and hooked me and had me run around for a third ride, the ride is a beast and worthy of the praise given to it. Also love how the queue gives you perfect angles to watch it come down to earth. I take my hat of to Intamin and Walibi for this one, couldn't wish for a better first credit of the year.
  5. Today I ended a bit of a stressful period on a high note. Yesterday I got my first vaccination with the second being planned just in time for vacation. Second thing, today I had to do a test to renew a document I needed for work and passed (honestly the test it self isn't too hard and very forgiving needing only 26 out of 40 answers good to pass, but the questions have a tendency to pull the rug out under you.) this means I don't have to worry for the next 10 years. I also finally can look forward to my first new coaster this year this weekend. Glad to enjoy life some more.
  6. Heard this rumor yesterday, If it is a coaster I'm kind of wondering how they're going to make it work if I'm correct the building isn't extremely high, however looking how Movie Park Germany manged to squeeze two coasters now inside buildings that used to house darkrides (Van Helsing and Movie Park Studios) I have no doubt it can work. That promise of a unique world class ride peaks my interest a lot. I'm sort of sad to see Rames go though, I can remember it as a kind of good darkride that got turned into a lesser shooter, however we see to many darkrides getting taken down to be replaced by coasters or something else, I'm afraid to see what the future holds for darkrides.
  7. Thank you both. I still haven't decided yet when I will go, might be Sunday might be next week, but if I can know before hand that would be nice. I knew of the cheaper tickets they advertise that on their site that is why I went to look for them but couldn't find them. I just find it strange they advertise it on their ticket page if it's only available at the park.
  8. I had a question. I was looking for tickets online but saw no parking tickets, are these avilable at the park only? I'm merly confused as I'm used to buy all tickets (Including parking) online for the past year so just wanted to be sure.
  9. Source: Looopings.nl There is news about the expansion. The Dutch High Court has given the final verdict today and approved the plans, this means the Efteling is now officially allowed to expand it's borders. After the local government approved the expansion in September 2018 there are now no further obstacles for the park to expand, the park is now allowed to expand both east and west borders with the rumored Intamin family launch coaster with Circus theme coming in the east expansion first. Last year the park chairman announced that due to Covid there was no money to rush the expansion however after the news he has said that next year they want to start depending on how the pandemic continues. So this is some good news. I'm excited to see this rumored coaster as we've been talking about it sins 2018. Looking forward to see how the park will fill in the expansions as it will be be quite a big area.
  10. So Walibi opened the 21st of May and "updated" another piece of the park. Quick overview: - El Rio Grande is renamed Rio Grande (Nothing to big) and they added graffiti on the statues and walls around the river. - Hacienda was repainted again (strange as it wasn't too long ago the restaurant got painted) - Disco in the bathrooms. - Condor has a lot more color on the entrance, but the biggest thing are new trains from Vekoma. Today I got to see it all in person and the best description I can say is: Awful Taste But Great Execution. Like the is a clear intend and while the images on the stone walls are done very well, it's Merlin's castle all over again, beautiful structures ruined by bold and a lot of colors. But it seems Walibi has made some great choices to update rides these last few years, giving the RMC conversion to Robin Hood and giving us Untamed. Now with Condor and the new trains, Condor was one of the worst SLC's I've done, it being the oldest doesn't help that fact, but the new trains make the ride experience by far the best SLC ride I ever had. The ride remains extremely bumpy but now your head doesn't rattle at all between two giant cushions. To describe it with numbers: I used to rate Condor 2 out of 10 now a solid 4,5 out of 10. Now all I have to say is give Xpress the MK1212 trains and the parks rides would be the best they can be. End of the day I'm scared for what happens this winter, the Crazy River, Lost Gravity, Neurogen, Drako and Tomahawk area is next. I can already see the graffiti all over the Flume ride, I doubt Lost Gravity will will be defecated much if at all.
  11. As a European who never left Europe my distance isn't as big as the others 1023.93 KM (636.24 Miles) that being Wildfire in Kolmarden. It was easy to find out which was the furthest, I never actually measured it fun fact to know though, also learned this is the only ride I've ridden that's further then 1000 KM away from me that I've done.
  12. Booked my first theme park visits for the year today for Sunday 23th of May and another for 5th of June. So happy to visit a park again my last theme park visit was 24th of October last year, I also booked for 19th of December last year but parks closed just before that date. I still can't be too optimistic as the 17th of May we still need to hear if parks open at the 19th but signs are good so far, I already feel like I'm back and that is what counts the most right now.
  13. I really hate when I preorder a product and they can't keep me up to date on delivery. I preorder a product 31th of March this year for today, As of now it's over 2P.M. over here and I have heard nothing if I get the product today. As of now: - The website I ordered at states it will be delivered today, however there is no link to a delivery service (what this site normally does after sending their products outside of the warehouse.) - The automated customer service told me it should be delivered today. - I have no mail telling me the product is delayed or delivery is on its way. - I have no product delivered today. Now I'm not ranting because I have no product. I'm ranting that I have heard nothing. Let's say the manufacture didn't deliver or delivered too few (what I doubt because the product page now says: "Order today and get delivery on Wednesday" (Tomorrow is a national holiday) that means they have it in stock and there was no delay.) Or for some other reason they couldn't deliver today I would have been fine with it, if they at least had some decency to email me. As of now I have no product and no idea when or if I get it. Update: It's around 4:30 P.M. and still nothing got a hand of a phone number and called, they indeed have it in stock but didn't send it (What explains why I heard nothing) Still no idea when I get it, they would try to find out why my order hasn't been send and I will hear when they figure that out. I doubt I will be seeing it today.
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