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  1. Europa park has posted a onride on their streaming service Veejoy. It is the exact lay-out as reported in April last year only the triple launch is a double launch instead. It also shows a bit of the theming and I have to say I like it. Really can't wait to ride this ride.
  2. ^ I can only agree with your statement of Lego coming up with some awesome sets lately. I've been into lego for years, while most of the time I stick to Star Wars as I love it to death I have some sets outside those because they are that good, I have gotten good at restraining myself to buy everything I like but sometimes I have regrets later, like the red roller coaster that came for this one. It also something me and a college share and we even spend time outside work to enjoy this hobby. Also for those interested here are some notable sets I own: 71374 Lego NES (I like Nintendo but don't like the Mario sets). 75192 Millennium Falcon (the most expensive set to date). 75308 R2-D2. 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina. 40346 Legoland park set (Only available at a Legoland theme park). And also 10303 Loop Coaster (I may have missed the red one but I wasn't going to make that mistake twice).
  3. As someone who has been following on the sidelines, I did not expect the surf coaster to be this. I'm so confused right now, I believed stand-up coaster where a thing of the past. That said I never done a stand-up coaster and I do want to try this out, here is to hoping one day I might.
  4. Double Post but it has been months so. I wanted to give another update on the park as things had been better but are worse again. Also I have taken pictures also from the last day of Spookslot but I have a new phone and cannot link it up to my PC so a satellite image has to do. First the latest things not marked. 70th anniversary stuff has come and gone and the rebuilding of the fairy tale that was suppose to be complete in winter 2022 has already warped up. Now what is marked down, every ring I marked down is currently inaccessible for visitors as major constructions are going on there. Dark Red: This is the area blocked for the construction of the hotel, currently they are working on the foundation. l marked with pink how guest get to the main pathways what is basically going over the new dock of Aquanura. Orange crosses fairytale forest: Two fairy tales are undergoing heavy maintenance right now, Rapunzel and Little Thumbling both covered in scaffolding. Yellow: This used to house the Alice in Wonderland display for the 70th anniversary but is now taken down to make room for the winter area opening November 15th, this will see the return of the ice-skating ring for the first time in 3 years. Purple: Is for Danse Macabre, yes all of it. While the bit at Spookslot makes sense as that is the place where the ride is going to be placed, the lake will be used for a different purpose, namely to supply the site. Currently the lake has been dried up and filled with roads these roads go through the the trees what makes me think that the current gap will be placed next to the lake in the future and they close the current one. The dark yellow line is a new path to avoid having to go all the way to the bridges to avoid the construction work. The lavender line is the current queue for Fabula. Red: Save the big one for last. While not the biggest area but George and the Dragon is closed again. It has been open this year now and then sometimes only blue track sometimes only red track sometimes both. But this time they are going above and beyond. The ride will be closed until December 23th to undergo retracking work, currently pieces for track have been removed allover the ride and will be replaced with Iron wood rails, this is however temporary, as George and the Dragon will become a full on Hybrid coaster soon, when the ride reopens in December the corners on the Python side will be replaced with Titan track form GCI, with the idea that all track will be replaced in the coming years. Also Edna the dragon after 3 years will get her movement back, however no water splashing and no fire, just neck movement and Growls for now. Also for people wondering what is with the grassy area next to the Python, this is where they drop the removed track for now. Grey: This is just closed off because of everything going on behind it. Future: So we have all this going on till at least November 15th with only the Yellow area going open. Currently we have 4 other rides closing for maintenance soon: Symbolica 10 October till 21 October 2022 Villa Volta 10 October till 14 October 2022 Aquanura 16 October till 23 October 2022 And another big one: Droomvlucht: 31 October 2022 till 3 March 2023 Yes all four will overlap with the current stuff (except maybe the fairy-tales idk), and I have no idea what will happen to Flying Dutchman and Piraña November 15th as they usually close and get maintenance done during the winter months but they are not on the calendar this year, so maybe they want to compensate for other rides being closed. That was everything going on right now, lots to cover so yeah.
  5. Whiteout going into details too much, this has to be my most weirdest birthday ever, having to visit family instead of getting them over, because on one side we have a funeral upcoming. I already mis him dearly and will go see him now I still can.
  6. Goldrush Slagharen. Today, hoped over to ride this coaster as it was the only coaster in the Netherlands I felt like I had to do but still had not.
  7. An Infamous one. Goudurix after years of trying to get on this coaster after hearing how bad it was I finally did it. And then it disappointed by being not as bad as I expected, It's far form good but it only caused a slight discomfort, I have a feeling I've been on worse.
  8. So small rant warning ahead. A little over a week ago the park has announced the closing date of Spookslot, September 4th, and this has reawaken the whole discussion of closing the ride. At first I say I did enjoy hearing people asking for it to remain in the park, To see some genuine love for the ride and because we didn't know what the future held on that moment a bit of fear of what will come for it's place. The petition I really rolled my eye's on, like what did they expect kind of way. Then what I thought went a bit to far but still whatever was that heritage groups where thinking about giving the ride monument status to prevent the building being demolished. Like it's not a real castle guys, I know the ride meant a lot to the parks history, but it's a 44 year old building that slowly becomes a hazard to even be inside of (it's far from it but it's getting there slowly). But this didn't seem serious. This past week however we had 1 news article basically begging the park to reconsider and one of those heritage groups is actually trying for real to fast track the monument status on the building to prevent the destruction. Now I'm really like, come on guy's it's over just accept it. I think having a hard time accepting the news is one thing, but after six months still going so far to basically trying to turn a attraction into a monument is getting way, and I mean way too ridicules. This also would have made more sense to me if the new ride was something completely different, but we're basically getting an upgrade of the old attraction, same theme and if rumors are true same principle just interactive and old elements will return in the new ride, and these rumors seem to be very legit. Again I'm sorry bit I just cannot wrap my brain about this. Like for sure I will miss the ride when it's gone but you can go too far if you ask me.
  9. That adventure Trail looks really cool, can't wait to try it out. I also wanted to tell about my last visit around a month ago now. I stayed at the hotel for the first time for this park and it was so worth it. I don't usually sleep at the park hotels but this was something that felt like an experience and oh it was. The area looks amazing at night and to be able to watch that from close by was a treat. F.L.Y. has worked it's way as one of if not my most favorite coaster ever, I feel like each visit the ride gets better, no it's not the most intense or crazy ride but for me the whole experience counts and boy does F.L.Y. deliver on that front. I had some fears before hand, I come to the park every year at least once so a two day visit was a bit much, but at the end I really didn't care day two had only rerides because I love the park so much. I'm already thinking about doing it again next year but after seeing the plans for the rest of the year and the next one maybe 2024? Also for people that wonder what room number I had: Gate C Level 4 Room 64.
  10. I just came back from a Denmark coaster trip. Now I have over the last couple of years a lot of luck getting to ride coasters I never did, but this trip has literally the most lucky and funny moment (for me) I ever had. Polar X-plorer was broken down all Thursday except for 1 ride and I sat on that ride, and I shouldn't have. I just caught a glimpse of testing the ride and when I got there it was still closed and at the moment I turned around I saw somebody coming to open the ride and I was at the front of the queue and got my ride. When I got towards the end I saw the next train go up the hill and heard it going around when I was at the exit, I heard the special effects during the drop section and saw no train walked around the mountain and there it was stuck above and there it remained. I still find this extremely funny.
  11. ^ Saw it this morning. Honestly I cannot tell how suitable this is for children, like nothing is too adult orientated, I can only think of one joke involving 2 of the rangers that might cross the line, but that said it is a meta movie along the lines of Ready Player One and Free Guy but this time related to movies and the industries, so most younger children won't get half the jokes. So sorry cannot help you with that. That said, I do want to share some opinions about the movie, keep in mind I knew the show when it aired years ago but never was a dedicated fan. I did like it, this movie could have been a easy flop but I laughed and had a fun time, but it could have easily been called anything else then Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers. Yes the duo are the main stars but you can easily replace them. I mean the only reason it's them is because it is a Disney movie that needed a duo in the lead that hasn't seen the spotlight in a while, but I am fine with it, Chip n Dale are among Disney's most iconic characters and it has been years since I last heard of them in a new show or movie. Also with Disney owning Fox, Star Wars and Marvel, you think they wouldn't reference other movies as they did, I mean there are clear references to Nickelodeon, Warner Bros, Paramount and Universal movies and characters, and those are but a couple I saw. Take away is this movie surprised me and was fun.. I am also curious how actual fans feel about the movie because like I said, they could have easily been another duo and still work for me.
  12. Read about the rumor this weekend, Source is reliable and has stated a intern mail has the park boss confirm the rumor this is where the date comes from. The ride will supposedly will be placed between Goliath and Xpress for a little more information. As for the rumor itself if it is true, I really look forward to ride these single rail coasters so to get one in a park I visit every year I would love it. Also love how the park is bad at everything except when it comes to picking coasters, Untamed and Lost Gravity are among the countries best in my opinion. Curious how this will pan out, the timing also isn't to odd as Untamed was promised on the day Lost Gravity opened about 3 years earlier so yes I can see this rumor being true.
  13. I know it's a double post but this is unrelated to the previous post: Efteling announces Danse Macabre for 2024. This is what the name will be of the attraction going on Spookslot's place, the name wasn't pulled from a hat as it was in the park for 44 years as the title of the song of Spookslot, the song will also be reused for the new attraction. While the park hasn't released much information of about the ride here is what they did: There is a new 17000 m² themed area that includes the ride itself a place to get food and drinks (Restaurant or stall I don't know my guess will be on stall however) and shop. While the ride itself hasn't been announced the hight of the building has been set on 20 meters. The ride will have the same theme as Spookslot. Source: Efteling. For original article and video with the ride designer click on the ride name.
  14. Well it's been a month and I have a update from yesterday, some sense of order has returned to the park with the park not being a construction mess any longer. 1. Parking Work continues at the parking area of the park still no idea what they're doing here, solar panels on the extra parking are still not done so far I know. 2. Hotel No major movement on this front yet. 2.2 New path. The new main straight after the entrance has been set in use, the old one is completely gone, this change happened a day after I came to visit. 2.3 Path to Fata Morgana So to also address Robin point here: The path going to Fata Morgana is coming back, but this will be straight after the hotel in the future. This will most likely not be a bottleneck situation, the park had the single railroad crossing for years. The only thing that will have changed after all these years is that there is no longer a access point to the fairytale forest at this point, even after the hotel opens. 3: Things are better: Main Entrance is back in business. No more scaffolding. A lot more simple border. Top is back, but still will take a while for it to be in use again. 3.1: Kind of better but still: George and the Dragon reopened and not long after that a smoldering fire was detected on the fire track, they're fixing it but are using the water track as there is no danger to do that. 3.2: Kind of progress: A new dock closer to the fountain is being build at the entrance side is being build. 3.3: Construction update The renovation of the fairytale house has gone vertical. 4: New attractions in renovation. Baron has closed for the first time for renovation. Raveleijn despite running the show apparently (I didn't check to confirm) a problem with the mechanical dragon of the show and the show has do without it this has been a long running problem as it happens more and more that the dragon has issues and they're looking into a way to fix it more permanently this time. Both new attractions Archipel and Sirocco are undergoing renovation work, Sirocco despite that was open in the weekend and closed last week and upcoming week, it just gets temporary parts replaced by permanent ones (supply issues during construction). Archipel is getting ready for water to be added to the ride this includes a coating on the floor among other things. 5: story time Had double trouble at the Python yesterday. First I wanted to visit the ride and noticed single rider line was open at the entrance, went in and when I came to the station there was nobody appoint seats and people had to walk into the station themselves, while they had removed the chain at the single rider queue at the end the normal queue was a five minutes wait and I felt not comfortable to cut the line like this so I turned around and refused to queue in the normal queue as I wasn't feeling it any longer. Then I sat in the flying Dutchman and noticed the ride had gotten stuck halfway up the hill, when I took this picture after getting out of the ride the train already started to move again. That was everything.
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