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  1. Here's another update for Snoopy's Racing Railway and Tundra Twister shared by the park yesterday! Only 50 days until opening day!
  2. The train for Snoopy's Racing Railway had arrived at Canada's Wonderland yesterday!
  3. Canada's Wonderland just posted a new blog post on their website, showcasing updates on the two new-for-2023 attractions, Tundra Twister and Snoopy's Racing Railway! The train for Snoopy's Racing Railway looks very nice and the wood print design for Tundra Twister looks great too! Photos in the link below! https://www.canadaswonderland.com/blog/2023/february/building-tundra-twister-and-snoopys-racing-railway-at-canadas-wonderland
  4. Vortex at Canada's Wonderland on October 31st at 12:02am! I was on the final train of the night and of the 2022 season!
  5. It had been about a month since my last visit to Canada's Wonderland, so I went to the park on Saturday. During my visit, I had taken some exterior shots of the Lazy Bear Lodge which had opened last month. It looks amazing from the outside and fits in well with the area! On another note, The Bat had recently reopened after being down for a good portion of the season due to hydraulic issues. It seemed to have been riding better on Saturday than it had earlier in the season. Also, no work has begun on the land for the new Tundra Twister (Mondial Avalanche) coming to Frontier Canada next year. I would expect to see some work begin once the regular season ends at the end of October. I didn't get a chance to see the area where Snoopy's Racing Railway will be going in Planet Snoopy when at the park on Saturday, so I don't know if much work has begun yet. I'll try to take a look next time I am at the park.
  6. It has been awhile since I gave an update on the new dining facility known as Lazy Bear Lodge, so here are a couple of photos that I took yesterday, during my fifth visit of the season! It is really looking great! Also during my visit yesterday, I noticed that the waterfalls on White Water Canyon were operating again! I hadn't seen them work in about four or five years!
  7. The Galaxy Orbiter at Galaxyland in the West Edmonton Mall on Monday! It is a great Gerstlauer Spinning coaster with a lot of spinning!
  8. Yesterday on May 19th, I made my second visit of the 2022 season. Since my first visit of the season nearly three weeks ago, a lot of progress has been made on the new dining facility! With a roof and walls, it looks extremely massive than it had before! The construction crews were hard at work building it yesterday. It will definitely look amazing once it is completed! Be sure to check out some photos I took of it while at the park.
  9. Dragon Fyre at Canada's Wonderland during Opening Day on Saturday, April 30th was the last coaster I rode.
  10. My brother and I made our first visit of the 2022 season to Canada's Wonderland on April 30th, which was Opening Day. Below are some photos of the new facilities that have been built over the off-season, as well as the new large dining facility that is still well under construction, and some other changes around the park. Here is a look at the new dining facility under construction. It will be themed to a mountain lodge and will be able to seat many people when it opens. Here's a side view of the new dining facility. It looks to be massive from the ground and above! Nearby the new dining facility behind Wonder Mountain a new Coca-Cola Refresh station was constructed during the off-season. It is tucked away off the path and looks like it has always been there despite being brand new. In order to make room for the new dining facility behind Wonder Mountain, the Mountainside Bakery (formerly Cookie Café prior to 2016) was demolished. Instead of removing it completely, the park constructed a new building across the path which will be home to the new Cookie Café. Across the Windseeker in Action Zone, a new structure was built across from Windseeker. It replaced an older structure which was home to Fast Lane sales. I believe this new structure will serve the same purpose and possibly more! For the 2022 season, Dairy Queen is no longer at the park. The locations have been replaced with park-ran ice cream shops serving soft-serve ice cream and sundaes. Pictured above is the Swiss Dip shop on International Street. Below is Arthur's Sundaes & Cones in Medieval Faire. Also new this season, The International Marketplace Buffet in Medieval Faire has been retransformed to the All's Well Hall, which it was known as in the 1980s. I love seeing the park continuing to revert rides, attractions, and facilities to their original names over the past few years! Also, the Tim Horton's location in Kidzville has been replaced with Tree Top Café. It will now serve Starbucks. More photos from opening day can be found on my blog, Amusement Views.
  11. Canada's Wonderland does play the Canadian National Anthem around the time the park does open, but it may not always be heard depending on noise and if the speakers at the front gate are working properly. The flags displayed on the entrance represent the 13 provinces and territories in Canada. The other flags at the entrance to the Grande World Exposition of 1890 section off of International Street are replica flags of countries from a long time ago based on the ones that attended World Expositions around that time. Sure, the park could erect an American flag, but they never have in the 41 years of operation despite being owned by American companies throughout its whole existence. Many people know it is and has always been American owned, so having a flag or not having a flag makes no real difference in my opinion.
  12. On Monday, April 4th, Canada's Wonderland announced that all festivals and events are back for the 2022 season including three new food festivals celebrating Portugal, Ireland and The Caribbean! More details about upcoming events can be found on their website!
  13. This is awesome news! I can't believe a Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop will be operating at Niagara Amusement Park! I love it how Gene Staples will be incorporating older, classic rides into the park! Hopefully I'll be able to cross the border once again sometime this year to finally be able to ride not only a Schwarzkopf roller coaster, but a Shuttle Loop coaster! I'm excited about the new future of this park!
  14. A few days ago Canada's Wonderland released their operating calendar for the 2022 season. They have opening day set for Saturday, April 30th! Looking at the months of July and August, it looks like they will be bringing back regular operating hours of 10am to 10pm daily! The calendar can be viewed on the park's website.
  15. A few days ago, Canada's Wonderland announced on their Reservation page that Season Pass Holders will not need to make reservations for Fall daytime visits in September and October starting September 11th. But reservations for Pass Holders wishing to visit during Halloween Haunt at night will be required. This will make visiting the park in the Fall during the daytime a bit easier than it has been this summer!
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