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  1. Runaway Tram earlier today at Morey’s Piers. Coaster laps 20 & 21 this year for me.
  2. Six Flags Great Adventure-07/01 Trip number 4 has been a trip I've been looking forward to since when GADV announced the Jersey Devil Coaster back in 2019. The myth of the Jersey Devil is my favorite local legend. I've read books & made videos on the subject. When GADV announced this coaster, I went nuts! Weather: 84 degrees, partly cloudy, rain. This was also my first trip kid free this year! My brother, his girlfriend, and I got to the park just before opening. There was a threat of rain later in the day, but the sun was shining and the park was open. We went right to the Jersey Devil Coaster, my 333rd credit! What can I say about this ride? It's AMAZING! My first single rail coaster. Not only is the theme cool, but the ride is straight fun! I only got to ride it once unfortunately. Even that one ride put it right at the top of one of my favorites at the park. I'm glad we went rain or shine. The park was EMPTY! After Jersey Devil, we walked right on Nitro front row, Batman: The Ride front row, Justice League (walk-on), Dark Knight (walk-on), then made are way to Skull Mountain. After Skull Mountain was Joker. I'm not sure if the highlight of the trip was Jersey Devil or this next part. We wanted to ride Kingda Ka since El Toro will be closed for a while. Not only did we get on after a short maintenance delay we rode Kingda Ka not once, but twice in a row without getting off! That was awesome! After Ka, we made our way to Bizarro. Such a great ride, I wish it was still Medusa though. We ended the day on Runaway Mine Train. While on the Runaway Mine Train, it unfortunately started to rain. We played a basketball game (& won giant prizes for my kids) then got down poured on as we ran to our car. We got on 10 coaster rides plus Justice League in under 3 hours! That's more rides than I've gotten on some days visiting the park all day! We chose not to ride Superman: Ultimate Flight & didn't want to ride Green Lantern (which was closed anyway). Enjoy the photos: The reason for my visit! So cool! Nitro has always been my favorite ride in the park! Glad we got a front seat ride! Another walk-on front row ride! We didn't even wait for this! Dark Knight was next (no pic). I actually enjoy Skull Mountain. Joker is pretty fun! Off to Kingda Ka! I don't ever remember riding this twice in a row, but I did today! Classic GADV pic. I wish El Toro didn't de-rail. Bizarro is such a fun ride! Literally nobody here! Runaway Mine Train to end the day! That storm looked (& was) nasty! I won this for my daughter! Thanks for reading!
  3. Well I guess we’ll gave to wait & see. Hopefully sooner rather than later. It’s a shame because today I got on Kingda Ka twice in a row without getting off. It would’ve been nice to do that on El Toro. Not sure if I’ll get back to the park this year or not.
  4. Just trying to be helpful since I was at the park today. The guy seemed to know what he was talking about. An employee is an employee & they’ll know more than the GP for sure.
  5. Got on Jersey Devil today & loved it! It was my 333rd credit! Unfortunately the day got cut short due to a rain storm. It was a bad one. Also we got an update on El Toro by a games attendant. He said expect the ride to be closed for 2 to 3 weeks…
  6. Morey' Piers 06/28 Trip number 3 takes my family to the Jersey Shore! Every true New Jersian takes the annual Pilgrimage to the shore. My family is no different. We usually stay a few days, but this time it was just a day trip. With a newborn baby, we got a late start & finally headed out around 12:25pm. The weather was a nice summer day: 90 degrees & not a cloud in the sky. On the beach there was a decent breeze. It took about an hour and twenty minutes to get there from good old Clementon. We first hit up the beach. We spent about 3 hours on it. The ocean was nice & warm too. Luckily no shark sightings lol. Then around 6:45pm we made our way to the piers. Morey's Piers is the best amusement pier around (in my opinion). There are 3 major piers for rides. Surfside pier, Mariner's Landing, and Adventure pier. We started on Mariner's Landing (middle pier). What I didn't realize now that I have children of my own is how high height requirements are for some of these rides. A simple swing ride had a height requirement of 48" & my daughter at 36" loves those rides. Disappointing. Anyways I did sneak in a new credit today! Wild Whizzer. Shockingly my daughter was tall enough to ride with an adult. I've tried a few times to ride this, but you can be too tall to ride alone. Luckily she wanted to ride so I got the credit! It's a simple SBF Visa Group family figure eight coaster. It had a bit of a punch to it actually lol. I'm going back down at the end of July & will (hopefully) have a lot more ride time. On to the photos! Atlantic Ocean pic! My favorite ride here! Unfortunately we did not get to ride today A picture of summer time in New Jersey! For a boomerang, this isn't bad! I did not ride today, but liked the photo angle. Going back down! Giant Ferris Wheel! (did not ride). Wild Whizzer was my first new credit of 2021! Credit 332 The latest coaster addition. This opened in 2019 & is a great family attraction! They kept cars from the old Flitzer coaster that the Runaway Tram replaced. Great Nor' Easter was the last ride of the day! For a traditional SLC, this is very well done. A few years ago the park did a major refurb on the ride. It's incredibly smooth!
  7. The Great Nor' Easter yesterday (June 28, 2021) at Morey's Piers! In my opinion the best SLC I've been on. Very well done since they refurbished it a few years ago.
  8. Sesame Place 06/16 My 2nd trip of the year was Sesame Place with the family. We decided to go on a weekday with hopes of crowds being not as bad as a weekend day. Overall, they weren't TOO bad. Later in the day the water park crowds were pretty decent. We didn't wait too long for each ride. Maybe 3 cycles at most. The weather was perfect: around 80 and sunny with no humidity. We did the water park first. Due to short staffing issues (like everywhere) the Count's Court area wasn't open. We were there for about 45 minutes before hitting the rides. The park has very tame rides (as it's for kids). There's 2 coasters there Vapor Trail & Oscar's Wacky Taxi coaster. It was disappointing to see that coaster closed when we first got there. My daughter went on just about everything. There was just one spinning ride she could not do that you needed to be 46" to ride. She liked everything but both coasters. Maybe next year she'll start liking the coasters. She claims they were too fast. On to the pics! The park entrance sign. One of the themed lands. This goes to the water park. This was closed for most of the day The Vapor Trail! Very fun for kids. Popular photo spot for families. Some scenery of the park. Sunny Day Carousel. Another part of the water park. Only stage show currently open. The only ride my oldest couldn't ride. Entrance to Cookie Monster Land. Elmo's Cloud Chaser ended up being my daughter's favorite ride. Captain Cookies High Cs Adventure. Who doesn't love a park sign photo? The 3 o'clock parade was very short. It just had 3 floats! This finally opened! It is a pretty fun little woodie. Thanks for reading! I'm hoping my next trip will be more adult friendly lol. Have a good day!
  9. Hoping to go to the park very soon. Middle of the week either next week or the following. How reliable has the Jersey Devil been in terms of being open? I plan on getting there when the park opens & heading right there. I do plan on getting Flash Pass as well.
  10. Liquor before beer & you're in the clear lol. Just saying. Fridays I like to get lit & starting out with stronger stuff helps get the job done quicker!
  11. A shot of NY Distilling Co. Ragtime Rye Single Barrel to ring in the weekend. As it’s Friday, I’ll probably have another few tonight while I watch the Yanks. I’ll make a whiskey & coke drink & throw down a few Bud lights.
  12. Bubbles: The Coaster at Storybookland on May 20, 2021 lol.
  13. I haven't done one of these in a LONG time. If this isn't in the right forum I apologize. I've been riding roller coasters for 25 plus years. My current credit count is 331! My family got really lucky last year. We went to Disney World right before COVID shut it down. Literally we got home 4 days before everything got closed. Since COVID even when stuff slowly started opening, we stayed away. My hobbies (apart from coasters) is watching sports (MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA) I root for the Yankees, Rangers, Jets, Sixers, Temple (football), Villanova (basketball). I also enjoy playing video games, watching movies, reading, fishing as well as spending time outside. I have a 4 1/2 year old daughter and a newborn son (less than 3 weeks). Happily married to my wife for 7 years. My oldest is finally tall enough for some coasters. The only coaster she's been on is Goofy's Barnstormer (prior to this trip). She loves rides & I can't wait to bring her to more parks now that things are slowly becoming normal. I live in South Jersey, a theme park hotspot. I plan on using this thread to post all of my trips this year. If you give me a read, thanks! Storybook Land 5/20: Don't go out of your way to come here. This place is for KIDS. I'm talking 0-10. They do have 1 credit: Bubbles: the Coaster. A small family style coaster. The place has been in operation since 1955. They do have a cool Christmas lights display that I recommend (given the time of year). Today was a good day. Not too hot for an end of May day. Park wasn't crowded either. My daughter got on 20 plus rides so we definitely got our money's worth. She did NOT like the coaster said it was too fast. On to the photos: The front entrance. Rock Spin Roll Snow White's house. Bubbles: the coaster! Not a new credit today. Random scenery. More Bubbles. My daughter's favorite lol.
  14. Jack & coke last week. Having another tonight lol.
  15. I hope to hit a few locals. SFGADV for sure. I plan on hitting the new credits at the Jersey shore especially since Gale Force was an epic fail this year. Seaside isn't that out of the way with the Eurofighter they're building. The icing on the cake would be Knoebels which I hit at least once a year. If all goes well I can pick up 5 credits next year all in my home state of New Jersey.
  16. ^thanks for the update! Hopefully it does open in 2016 even for a few days.
  17. Thanks! You won't be disappointed! ^Thanks I wasn't sure. I knew they weren't there in 2014. Either way I think they are a nice addition especially with keeping the crowds controlled on a busy day. I'm surprised Twister didn't get them. One of my best days there for sure!
  18. I would say Shockwave at Kings Dominion which is luckily no longer around.
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