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These are the ones I have been on only:


1) Batman the Ride (SFOG, SFGAm, SFMM)

2) Raptor

3) Montu

4) Dueling Dragons -Ice


A little bigger gap for these (I don't think they are like the top ones)

30) Batman the Ride (SFStL)

31) Talon


A Really big gap in which I think this one stunk:

70) Dueling Dragons - Fire


Right now, I'm not sure how many coasters I have ridden, and I don't feel like checking so let's say 70 is a lot closer to the end than the beginning.

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My updated list :


1.Nemesis (Alton Towers)

2.Katun (Mirabilandia)

3.Great Bear (Hersheypark)

4.Black Mamba (Phantasialand)

5.Alpengeist (Busch Gardens Europe)

6.Talon (Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom)

7.Dueling Dragons: Ice (Universal Studios Islands of Adventure)

8.Dueling Dragons: Fire (Universal Studios Islands of Adventure)

9.Nemesis Inferno (Thorpe Park )

10.Raptor (Cedar Point)

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For me


1. Montu

2. Dragons together for the jnteraction

3. Raptor

4. Alpengeist

5. Undecided for the wicked punch Talon, Great Bear, Top Gun - PGA, Batman the Ride/Great White gives.


I leave Silver Bullet in the fringe and can't wait to add Afterburn-Top Gun.

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