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  1. ^^I don't see what's the difference with one or two. If one chain breaks on let's say Raptor, the ride is down than. Cables for rides just need to be replaced so often especially with a taller ride compared to chain lifts. I don't think having two chain lifts right after each is that complex of a system. It's not like LIMs or LSMs.
  2. They are gimmicky in that they have done Dive Machine, Flying Coaster, Stand-Up, and Floorless. Why make it over 240? Superman Ride of Steel to a lot of people is the best steel coaster, and it's drop at SFNE is only at 221. Yes, it's Intamin, but look at the height. Top Thrill Dragster, and Kingda Ka only have had problems. Millenium Force has had cable snaps. Taller doesn't always mean better, but it just means it's a taller ride. Someone was saying something about having lifthill chains being so heavy for a 300 footer, and that's why they used cable. How about having 2 lifthills cha
  3. I was at SFOG last Monday and they were dispatching trains on Goliath around every 2 minutes or so. So they were not that bad. Now Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom on the other hand...6 minutes per dispatch on Chang with one train running. However, even with the times being slower then Great America does not mean I did not enjoy both places. Yes there were negatives, but there were also many more positives. That's actually pretty bad for that Goliath ride. That ride has no seatbelts, and it's just like Raging Bull with a clamshell. It takes about a minute for Batman at Great America wi
  4. When I think of screams, I think of women. When I think of women plus screams, I think of something not roller coasters. Let the screams continue!! Besides that, there were younger girls on a ride, and they are talking about how they are going to fake scream, and that's just not right in my opinion. Can they eject them out of the park? They are fake screaming. I mean why? Scream for real, or don't scream at all. That's the only thing that annoys me.
  5. I agree with 2 things you are saying. The first one is about SFOG, and they do close the rides early. They also run 1 train on coasters over there for something like Great American Scream Machine. I think all the parks should be run the same. There shouldn't be this decision making by the managers of these parks. Corporate should decide the rules for each and every park they own. That's why one park you go to is horrible, and another park you go to is completely awesome. I heard at SFGAdv, you can't reride if there is no one in line, but that is the only park I know that does that (Six Fl
  6. I was talking about that Orbiter, and not at all of them. Busch Gardens has a wimpy one too. It's just some people are prone to getting sick going in circles, and other people aren't. I've been on 3 rides named "Orbiter", and 2 are slow (One is much older of the two that are slow), and doesn't tilt while the other one does both things, and is awesome in my opinion. However, I've been on 4 "Typhoons" that are Orbiters basically, and 3 of them except this one have awesome tilting, and go fast. I've been on the Busch Gardens one, and it's like that one at Wisconsin.
  7. For the Wisdom Viper, I've been on it, and to me it feels like a Zierer Wave Swinger. There isn't much too it in my opinion. For the original Cobra, I've been on that too, and I would say it acts like a Sizzler, but it's not neck snapping, and the g's on that thing if the carnival workers put it backwards are amazing!! Venture Cobra = Great. Wisdom Viper in my opinion = good. That Typhoon (Orbiter) is really lame, and slow. It's really old. For the Spin Out rides, they aren't painful. They redid the background on that Spin Out. For the Zipper was it only running with 3 motors this year? La
  8. If you don't have to go now, I wouldn't go. This is the worst (most packed time) of the season. The other time is getting close to October 31st especially on Saturdays. At Fright Fest, it might really not be as packed as now, but because there are attractions that are down because of weather (No waterpark, basically no water rides), and last year they had no train, it's going to feel more crowded.
  9. I think that this is a good balance; no point on having it on during the day if it's busy, but if it's not at night, why let it go to waste? It's better with it off during the nighttime because if the line is minimal, why are you waiting an actual 5 minutes for no reason. There have been times when they had that movie on, and when you would get to the station, the cars were empty because we couldn't get to them.
  10. I think both King Chaos, and Revolution are run really, really tame. If those rides were up to par in the way they should be run, they might be great rides. Instead to me, they are wimpy. I've always said that Fiddler's Fling is the most intense ride in the park. It's a good ride, but nothing special in my opinion though. You were talking about Iron Wolf before, and the problem I see with the ride is that yes it will bang your head if you don't do nothing to avoid it, but that there is nothing really to it. It's a looping coaster, and it only goes upside down twice. It's a small layout, an
  11. It sounds like a better operations park than it was for me. Avalanche, the train, Pirate Flight, Intamin Drop ride, and the Octopus were sometimes open, and sometimes not open when I went maybe 2 years ago. I say better operations, because it's a worse park with no Two-Face. Batwing looks really horrible as in regards to paint. Why don't they get their priorities straight, and paint the thing. Also, paint the signs for the path up to Batwing. That is why yellow is a bad color to paint stuff. I never felt that when I went to the park that the people working the rides were "lethargic", but r
  12. It's still standing (Wild Adventures) because it was bought out by someone else. 5 people in a park is still 5 people. We are not even talking about 700 people, but only 5 people. Okay, maybe it's 10, but geesh. It reminds of Cypress Gardens ride areas on the weeday, and they took out the rides part. Even though I like emptier parks, I felt weird being at Cypress Gardens, and it was just me on some of those rides. I just wish there were 3 people on it just so it's not like the workers are only running it for me. I wanted to go back the next year, but they weren't open. This was the end of
  13. Yes, well, Misty and I seemed to be the only ones. Everyone around us loved it. *shrugs* I guess that's why they make chocolate and vanilla. On a side note: It's funny to me how many enthusiasts seem to think that Millennium Force is "overrated," yet it placed #2 in the US in Mitch's most recent Steel Coaster Poll. Kind of makes me wonder what "overrated" even means.... I think Maverick is okay, and that's only because of the "Mr. Freeze" part. I think that Maverick is very overrated though for what it is. I think coasters at Cedar Point might finish higher than another park just beca
  14. I do think they should do more hotels because that should be easy money to them. You know people are coming, and they want to stay near the park. I don't really think it needs to be as grand as a Disney hotel though, or the one they built already by Great Escape. A Breaker's Express like in Cedar Point would be what I'm thinking, and give those guests perks to the park. I do think Nintendo with Mario & other characters, and Zelda would be a great idea as someone said already. The parks have nothing themed Wonder Woman, and I think she's a famous character in which they should have
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