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Hmm, haven't been able to ride that many. They are fairly few and far between.


1.Top Gun- Carowinds

2.Alpengeist- BGE





3 is to be announced because of my trip to CP coming up next year, adding Raptor to the list.

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I've only been on five, so I'll list 'em:


1. Top Gun (California's Great America).


2. Montu (Busch Gardens Africa)


3. Silver Bullet (Knott's Berry Farm)


4. Dueling Dragons Fire (Islands of Adventure)


5. Batman--The Ride (SFMM)


It may be listed last, but be assured that I do like the ride. Honestly, I just prefer rides that aren't quite so intense.



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1. Batman, SFMM

2. Montu, BGA

2. Dueling Dragons Ice, IOA

3. Dueling Dragons Fire, IOA

5. Top Gun, CGA

I actually have been on 6 inverted if you count Kong which is not on my list. I now know Kong at SFDK is not by B & M. No wonder why its the worst. B & M make the finest!!!

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I'll do a top 3.


1) Montu, Busch Gardens Africa

2) Batman the Ride, Six Flags Great America

3) Hangman, Opryland


I'm sure I'll have to knock Hangman out after 2008.


Edit: Sorry to insult B&M by putting a Vekoma in their thread.

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Here is my list of B&M inverted coasters.


1. Katun - Mirabilandia

2. Black Mamba - Phantasialand

3. Batman The Ride - SFMM

4. Silver Bullet - Knotts Berry Farm

5. Top Gun - PGA (Back in 2001, when I rode Top Gun, the park was called like this)


Maybe in 2009 I go to Florida for the first time to ride Montu an the Dragons. And I really want to ride Batman La Fuga, that Spanisch Batman cloon next year.

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