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  1. I've had a few phones since my last post which was the Nokia 6300. Had a SE w580i, LG Neon (TE365), and now have an HTC s621 and am extremely happy with it.
  2. ^ Would they have any extra copies to send north? Five dollars is a lot better than my school's "Student Price" of $149, the same as retail.
  3. ^ Well at least the Wii itself is fine.
  4. Don't really know how I came up with mine. I'm Canadian and all but wouldn't call myself a freak..
  5. ^Way too popular. Wonder where it will be located in the park though? I remember there being room over by Le Boomerang, near the old Le Téléférique station. Can't see it being over the lake because of the fireworks show stands and buildings. Any addition is a good addition in my book.
  6. Is it just me or did everyone forget to wish Mickey a happy 80th birthday?
  7. Maine Vermont New Hampshire New York New Jersey Pennsylvania Ohio Kentucky Florida Washington Oregon and Hawaii
  8. The only thing they're doing to the local Pizza Huts here are changing the roof from red to black. But yet the logo on the roof has the mini red roof.
  9. Lucky! I much rather pay .70-.75 cents a liter rather than .95-1.05 a liter here. It's a lot better than paying $1.65 a liter though.
  10. I recommend a flash pass! It's worth it as some lines can get ridiculously long. Try to get in all the rides near the main entrance closest to the bridge as they might only run one train on Vampire and Cobra. Bring a jock strap for your ride on Cobra as you might become sterile. Don't bother with the water rides if it's hot as every child in Montreal will be riding them. The water that comes out of the water fountains has a very strong aftertaste. Don't bother with first aid as the most they will do is give you a barf bag and a bed to lie on for 20 minutes then ask you to leave. Have fun though!
  11. ^ Thank you for taking the time to reply! I plan to spend 2 days at Kings Island, one day to try and get in all the credits and the next day for the waterpark and ridding what I couldn't the first day. I might as well just go to Boomerang Bay since it's included in the park admission. Everything is already booked and paid for so I'm good to go. The day we drive home I might stop by Coney Island, but I think the rest of my group would want to do something more relaxing like the aquarium. Anyways thank you for the advice!
  12. Hey, I'll be heading down to Kings Island on the 27th and 28th and I have a few questions. Would the local schools be finished for the year? Are there normally large crowds at the end of June? Is it possible to get all the credits in one day, or is two needed? Is Boomerang Bay better than The Beach waterpark? Is there anything to do in Cincinnati for a day? PKI ManJZ pretty much answered all my other questions in the "Best Damn Tip Sheet Period" thread. Thanks!
  13. Wow! That fair looks amazing! I wish the annual fair here had rides like those. Great pictures!
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