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I've been on five:


1) Nemesis

2) DD: Fire

3) DD: Ice

4) Montu

5) Nemesis Inferno


The top four are all quite close, Nemesis wins for its relentless forces and crazy foot choppers. There's not much between DD Fire and Ice IMO especially at the front of them. I don't really remember Montu much, which isn't a good thing, one thing I do remember is the stupid trims. As for Nemesis Inferno, I get more thrill from sitting on my sofa.


I will be riding Batman and Silver Bullet later in the year...

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I've now been on enough to make a Top 5!


1. Nemesis - Alton Towers

2. Montu - Busch Gardens Tampa

3. Duelling Dragons (Fire) - Universal's IOA

4. Duelling Dragons (Ice) - Universal's IOA

5. Batman La Fuga - Warner Bros. Movie World

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^^ The question is, did you ever get to ride Blizzrock (aka Ice Dragon) in the front row?


I got my Blizzrock front row credit the day before I left! It was very good, but I preferred the back row over the front.


I'll always be known as "Row 2 boy" though!

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1. Superman: Ultimate Flight - (SFGAdv)

2. Batman: The Ride - (SFGAdv)

3. Unknown

4. Unknown

5. Unknown


Superman: Ultimate Flight was actually the first roller coaster I went on with inversions in the Summer of 2004.

The following year, I took a chance to go on Batman: The Ride and it was exciting when you are seated in those ski lift style seats with the OTSR holding you in.

These B&M roller coasters are the only two I have ridden on at Six Flags Great Adventure or at any other theme park.

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^ We need to get you to Carowinds.


Let's see I've been on all the domestic Inverts except for Silver Bullet, Top Gun in California and now the Patriot, but one of those should be taken care of this week, though I don't expect it to make me adjust these rankings so I will go ahead and add my top 5.


1. Top Gun the Jet Coaster

2. Montu

3. Talon

4. Dragons pick'em

5. Batman the Ride

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I just went to Carowinds two days ago and suffered quite a bit of Anticipointment on Top Gun. It was good, but by no means the best B&M invert I've been on. The first drop was righteous, but the rest of the ride was not all that intense (compared to many other inverts) and the ending left something to be desired. Don't get me wrong, it was still a great ride. Maybe I just rode it too early in the morning. Who knows. Guess it's a matter of opinion.


1. Montu

2. Raptor

3. Dueling Dragons

4. BTR clones

5. Alpengeist

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