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  1. thanks Chuck! I might have to make a detour! I rode Diamondback last summer and it's my top Beemer right now, but with Goliath and Intimidator coming in a month who knows if that will hold
  2. 1 train on MF and Magnum? Man what is CP doing! Thats BS on that photo illegal stuff, intriguing and questionable that it happened down in IOA too dude.
  3. here here (I'll actually say Rum, I hate tomatos lol) that's the beauty of opinion I guess
  4. 15 people? I don't know that's still 15 too many in my opinion in order to get them off the stage, if they went to Alex Gasgarth (ATL singer) to say stop playing and get these kids off I'm sure it would have been done, notice the band stopped after the mace was used?? Clearly no one went to them to stop, so they just did that? Honestly this has gone on for too long, that's what I think, didn't want it to explode into something I was just sharing my opinion but I guess opinions get blown up here all the time
  5. ^ the video didn't show him saying it, the video is showing them going up, the beginning of the topic explains that the band told them to, I've never seen fans rush the stage if they weren't told to lol. I didn't say "let it happen", they could have controlled the situation way better, I'm not saying they shouldn't have done anything at all (that'd just be retarded ), I just think jumping to pepper spray was a bit harsh, I mean that stuff is used on criminals not kids at a rock show
  6. so rushing the stage and having fun calls for that severe of an action? I'm failing to see how you can think that it was necessary, it's called if they don't get off the stage and you have to call for something like that to be done then obviously they didn't have security or bouncers big or strong enough to move them off themselves. Look at all other tours, they have em and have no issues whatsoever.
  7. uh maybe because all the kids were doing were jumping up and down to the music?
  8. all of you are taking this WAYYYY out of proportion. Robb, they maced kids that weren't doing anything to provoke it, necessary? DEFINITELY NOT. So what did All Time Low do? SPEAK OUT AGAINST IT. So honestly, take a long look at the scenario, Six Flags f***** up for doing that so All Time Low had something to say about it, yet again to please their crowd and sure protect them, what's funny about that? Being maced for no reason is something to just shrug off? I just told my mom about it, who isn't a professional in either area (btw no one needs to be a "professional" or "have experience"
  9. I was just at Hersheypark (had an amazing kick off to my season btw ). I was thinking about the coaster line-up they have, honestly it's near perfection with it's 2 amazing Intamins, 3 kick a$$ woodies, Schwarzkopf looper, mine train, water coaster, wild mouse, boomerang, and B&M invert Great Bear, but to me one more B&M would put it at perfect level. I've always thought this park lacked the hyper category but always wondered where it would go, if the rumors are indeed true of them expanding across to the golf area it would work and could be quite a ride. It's obviously wishful thi
  10. damn this is crappy news, I honestly enjoyed Carowind's Hurler a lot! I also enjoyed it's older brother Thunder Road at KK too, for some reason KD's has always been rougher. Guess we will have to see what happens with it as the summer rolls along when I get to it in July, I enjoy the layout of this ride and the airtime it gives, we will see!
  11. ^agreed, I didn't mean to come off favoring All Time Low over Six Flags, I have been an enthusiast longer then a music nerd and wanting to be in the music industry, I just think things should have been prepared better and handled better on Six Flags' part because, as you said, shows like this get that way. That is what All Time Low and the crowds at their shows are used to, obviously Six Flags wasn't, so hopefully next time communication is more open between the two and it can be handled better and the actions of the band will be too.
  12. awesome TR, everytime I see more and more of Liseberg the more and more it's one of the top parks I would like to visit whenever I get over to Europe someday
  13. but Robb they ARE acceptable actions at rock shows are they not? What did they do wrong to dismiss? The band wanting to give their fans a show? So many big bands these days are snobs and don't give 2 craps about their fans, it's all about money, bands on that tour still consider the fans their #1 priority. Again their was no rioting or fighting whatsoever so why was mace necessary???? I'm not seeing how what happened was what you call "unacceptable" when stuff like bringing fans on stage happens a lot at rock shows, and even better, their wasn't even people fighting, so their is nothing u
  14. wow this is an awesome report thanks a lot for it! I'll be there in mid-July I've been to so many Six Flags parks and so far the most gorgeous and personal favorite of mine is SFGAm, so your review makes me wonder if that's going to change! How far is Lake Winnie from SFoG by the way?
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