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Let's see... Out of the ones I've rode here's how I'd rank them:


1. Nemesis

2. Batman Clones

3. Raptor

4. Nemesis Inferno

5. Alpengeist


Nemesis is still my #1 steel and I really didn't care for Alpengeist at all. Shows you that size isn't everything.

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1. Nemesis

2. Top Gun (Carowinds)

3. Raptor

4. Orochi

5. Batman The Ride (SFOG)


Nemesis simply blows me away. It's short but it's amazing. Top Gun for some reason strikes me as an all around solid inverted which is why I rate it higher than most people. I thought Alpengeist may have been the most impressive inverted I've ever been on (aside from Nemesis) the first two years it operated.


Montu is a great ride but it is braked so it didn't make the list. All of the Batman rides are great as is Top Gun at Great America. I missed getting on Pyrenees when I was in Japan unfortunately and I haven't been on Katun either.


As far as theming I like Dueling Dragons the best (good ride as well) followed by Black Mamba (decent ride) and Nemesis Inferno (also a decent ride).

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Did I just have a bad ride on TG: TJC? Because, to me, it was the complete opposite... Raptor craps all over TG. The only thing on TG that wasn't "meh" to me was the first drop. Everything else was good, but not on par with the other B&M inverts I've been on... at least not DD, Raptor, or Montu. It didn't seem that intense to me, and the thing REALLY died out after the wing over. I guess I need to just give it another try or something. I've never understood the rage about it.


I'm not sure, man...I loved Top Gun's first drop, too. But from there on it was fast paced, smooth inversions. The only thing I didn't care for was the hop over the station. It's like....woahhh....up and over.....oh, we're going back down. I thought Raptor had been a fun ride, but my most recent rides have just sucked. I almost always ride in the back row. And man, it beat me up worse than Face/Off! Seemed like every turn or inversion, my head would slap against the restraint.


Top Gun vs Raptor:

I felt TG having strong pull and airtime on the first drop.

I like both of the loops.

Top Gun has a smooth immelman, a unique element with great hangtime!

I like TG's zero-g better; it was very fast and didn't slap my head!

Batwing with tunnel and fog >>>>> Headbanging cobra roll, IMO. Also, I think my feet hit that bar under the seat...?

Now, I do like how Raptor finishes; but I really like how there are no MCBR on Top Gun, it's just an insane wing-over and helix!

But I like how Raptor 'soars' around before heading into the mess of helix and corkscrew.

But I HATE the whiplash-smack to finish Raptor.



To me, Top Gun was WAY better than Raptor. (Both re-ridden over the summer)



-J "Clear for take off!" Z

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I'm glad to see Top Gun TJC get some love on here.


Frankly this year Raptor was a bit jerky and "rough" in spots back in June.


Top Gun is of course newer, but has never done that.


Of course you're all entitled to your opinions, but Montu and Top Gun are a lot more fun to me without trying to jerk a knot in your neck like the finale of Raptor (after the helix).

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Alpengeist (BGE)

Batman:The Ride (Six Flags Great Adventure)

Dueling Dragons Fire (IOA)

Dueling Dragons Ice (IOA)

Great Bear (Hershey Park)


I can't really remember too many details of Talon, but I did enjoy the front seat on Talon alot. I think it's because I love Hershey Park alot more than Dorney.

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1. Nemesis- Alton Towers

2. Raptor- Cedar Point

3. Top Gun- Great America

4. Batman- Six Flags Whatever

5. Alpengiest- Busch Gardens Europe


I've also been on Great Bear, Silver Bullet, and Talon. The three of those are just meh. I really enjoyed Alpengeist, but it's been a loooong time I been there.

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I can't remember if I've posted in this thread or not but if I have here's an updated list:


1) Dueling Dragons - Fire

2) Top Gun - The Jet Coaster

3) Alpengeist

4) Montu

5) Dueling Dragons - Ice



The other B&M inverteds I've ridden are B:TR (SFoG) and Talon.

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