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  1. The Great White (morey's piers)- semi-Big drop that leads to a tunnel under the boardwalk and you experience pretty decent lateral Gs.
  2. I honestly dont know how you can even consider The Great White in El Toro's League. To each his own I guess but I get headaches when I ride The Great White lol and get very little air time whereas on El Toro i get tonz of air time and it's a pretty smooth ride.
  3. 2001: Phantoms revenge (home park) 2007: Maverick firehawk (KI) 2008: fahrenheit Dark Knight (gadv) Dominator (KD) 2009: diamonback 2010 Intimidator Sky Rocket (home park)
  4. Glad I'm not going to Hershey this Thursday and am instead going to Dorney as I've never been to Dorney and now with the storm runner being down. (I love the ride) It looks like I made the right decision.
  5. My home park is Kennywood and the only reason i go back to there (Not the ONLY reason but...) is for the Phantom's Revenge. Each time i go i at least ride it 10 times but if it'snot crowded or if they have two trains running, the most times i've ridden it in a day was 34.
  6. ^Im pretty sure people in the the page before this were comparing the supports and layout to B&M, so i'm pretty sure that that wasn't the point he was trying to prove but regardless, there was no proof B&M had any involvement on the final product of the coaster and just had involvement on creating a coaster to fit that area and if Busch Gardens wanted to but a coaster from B&M or Arrow.
  7. ^Yea, but where in there did they say that if it were a B&M that it would have the same elements or similiar elements?
  8. Thunder win very rarely, when i was there i rode Lighting Racers 6 times and thunder only one once. So, it happens sometimes but it is rare.
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