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  1. This park has so much potential. I'm satisfied that the 2015 addition is a flat (an inverting flat at that), which we need but there are so many more unique thrilling options that would definitely bring crowds. This is the same park with the worlds tallest coaster and the number 1 wooden coaster in the world and they are adding park mounted carnival rides?! That seriously makes no sense and knowing Six Flags this won't be ready until August 2015 because construction won't start until very late when this should be open by opening day. It's a carnival ride! Another thing that's really upsetting with Great Adventure is last years addition. Why even add a ride not knowing if it can run with the coaster. This wasn't in question at all during the planning stage? I'm literally disgusted with SF decisions lately. Thanks for listening to our crys of flats but this is Great Adventure, a park with a great reputation for world class rides not off the shelf carnival rides. If Gadv was sold to Cedar Fair this park would flourish beyond compare, the CP of the east coast. *end rant*
  2. Had an awesome time at Hurricane Harbor today. The park wasn't too crowded but most of the popular slides were 20-30 minute waits. Management is doing a great job with additions to the park. Tornado, King Cobra, and Big Wave Racer are all very popular with the general public. Personally I'd like to see a new body slide tower in the park, something similar to Bonzai Pipelines would be great.
  3. I worked Dragster at CP and Dark Knight at Gadv. Dark Knight basically ran itself so there wasn't really anything you could do to improve dispatch times because the cars moved continuously in the station. Dragster was a lot more hands on and I loved it. Our Team Lead made sure all team members knew that after safety, speed was the top priority. There was a pretty big crew over there too. 4 on load, 2 on unload, 1 for unload spieling, 1 for control panel, and 1 for launch control panel. That's 9 people on platform alone not including entrance, Fastpass, merge, and crowd. I don't think Gadv has enough employees to staff the coasters like Cedar Point does. Also it's a lot harder to get cross trained at Gadv than Cedar Point. At Cedar Point I was trained on Matterhorn, Dragster, Scrambler, and Dodgem within my first month. At Gadv I was at Dark Knight the entire year.
  4. That's amazing news! I've been waiting for Gadv to improve operations to this degree. I've had the pleasure of working at both Cedar Point and Gadv and the difference in operations is noticeable to say the least. It's exciting to hear Gadv now times their dispatches like Cedar Point does.
  5. I'm tempted to take a bucket of hot water, a scrub brush, and some elbow grease into the park just to clean the rust off of Nitro's station. I mean seriously how hard could it be to clean that?!
  6. ^Nor Easter is a great ride! I love everything about it. As for Bizarro being better than Batman, I agree. Batman being short and intense is great and the layout is perfect but Bizarro, especially in the front seat is just a better ride. After El Toro, Kingda Ka, and Nitro the rest of the coasters in the park all seem "meh".
  7. Late approval, Waiting on construction pieces, Indecisive management *cough* Six Flags *cough* There's a number of reasons something doesn't show up on the map but happens to be in the park. Furthermore, it is a path not a ride or shop. If they wanted to open it half way through the season just for the hell of it they could because they run the park, we don't.
  8. Last minute changes wouldn't be on the map. I guess we'll find out opening day and not from enthusiasts
  9. I think the path in between Golden Kingdom and Plaza Del Carnaval will open this season for many reasons. Anyone remember when the Tigers were inside Temple of the Tiger (Safari Discovers) and guests would gather along the defunct path in front of the glass? I think this is where the baboon viewing area will be similar to the chimpanzee exhibit at BGA. The park has a lot of baboons and I doubt they would add two or three to the park as an attraction. I'm not sure how much space these animals need but it would be a lot more entertaining if the entire inside part of Safari Discoveries was transformed into a play area for the baboons. This would make Seafari Theater it's own attraction using the Temple of the Tiger stadium. Also, there are rumors that Balins Jungleland will return this season which is along the path and across from the old tiger viewing area. Although the rides aren't there anymore besides the kiddie swings , the play structure, which is better than nothing is.
  10. ^You seem to bash this park at every possible opportunity. There actually is the same support structure on the opposite side if you look closely and the track itself is orange to differentiate between Ka and Zumanjaro. It'll attract more riders this way and compliments the teal and green very well in my opinion.
  11. Wow, I thought I was the only one that felt that way about Kumba. I never understood all the praise it gets. I'd personally put Cheetah Hunt, Montu, and Sheikra before it. Then again El Toro's basically in my backyard which makes everything seem less intense.
  12. This has RMC written all over it. They're constantly outdoing theirselves and Im loving it!
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