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  1. Went to SFDK today and it was surprisingly more crowded than I thought it would be. Medusa was holding a 45 min line all day, and the park was only open until 6. Unfortunately, Superman did not open at all...I was really looking forward to riding it.
  2. Also I was browsing the SFDK Fright Fest site and found this: Most celebrated? In the world?
  3. I was there in the middle of March and it wasn't open, but it looked very close to opening. It could possibly be open by now.
  4. Out of 5 former Paramount Parks, 3 got brand new B&M hypers, 1 got a huge new Intamin, CGA got nothing. 2 are getting Windseekers, 2 got relocated GL coasters, and I'm pretty sure all got expanded Nick Centrals/Planet Snoopys...except CGA. I am hoping for the best. In the years since CGA was bought (coming up on 5), they've gotten: -Wave pool -Firefall -Halloween Haunt -Shows galore -Neighbor and 49er issues (unfortunately) I truly hope that CGA stays and adds something in that spot.
  5. From past year's experience, Timber Twister does not run during GG Holiday Lights.
  6. What about Michigan Adventure? They seem to have the same issue. Michigan's Adventure got a roller coaster a couple years ago. Granted, it was an SLC, but still... I think they were comparing CGA's uncertain future with SFAW's uncertain future that led to its closing. I'm pretty sure MiA has no intentions or possibility of closing in the near future.
  7. I don't think it's a matter of where they COULD have put it but more a matter of where THEY WANTED to put it. I agree with you, I think there are at least 2 or 3 other spots that may have been better suited for this, one of which is near the back of the park so you could get an amazing view of the lake, or maybe somewhere in the area where Voodoo is and putting it in these spots, which lie a little lower than the location it's going in, could have meant a slightly taller ride. Whenever I've been to the park there has always been a line for Cobra, it seems like a family-popular ride, kind of stumped as to why they would get rid of it for this ride. So Cobra is just going away or is it being moved to another location in the park, or another park? Actually, I truly think it is an issue about where they COULD have put it. If I'm correct, I heard that the height limit of 150 ft only applies to the front part of the park, and that's why all of the biggest rides are up there. I think the height limit gradually decreases the closer you get to the lake, so, while it would be a fun setting, the back of the park would not be ideal for this kind of ride. Why they have to remove Cobra, I don't know because there is probably some other place that could have worked.
  8. This past Saturday was definitely different than your experience. All mazes had waits longer than 15-20 min, some longer (Virus Z, Doll Factory, Sleepy Hollow Mountain). Although they do move very quickly because they let a constant flow of people into the maze at one time; something different than CGA which separates groups. Maybe KSF separates on less crowded days, I don't know.
  9. Take that description losely, It won't be anywhere near Shouka and even farther from the Tigers. Skycoaster is staying but sadly another ride is on it's way out to make room and it's not one that, in my opinion, should be leaving. Doesn't it have to be towards the front of the park because I thought that the height restriction decreases the further back you get in the park (the closer you get to the lake). Is it replacing the Go-Karts? Cause those need to go. Anyway, this is a wonderful addition to SFDK. I'm pretty sure they haven't gotten a flat ride since Six Flags took over and added all of the original flats.
  10. I just went to the park the other day and snapped a couple pics of the arbor tunnel for you!
  11. I think it means that Camp Gonnagetcha will have a new theme this year.
  12. Today I went to SCBB with my school for our grad picnic at the beach. I rode the Haunted Castle and it is a HUGE improvement over the old version. I loved the ride (even though my friends didn't care for it) and it's definitely a great addition to the park.
  13. I went to the park yesterday for a couple hours to get my pass and check it out. Just some observations: -Lines were relatively long (for CGA) so like 20-30 min for the roller coasters and Survivor. Even Drop Tower had a line, but they were only running 3 cabins. -Planet Snoopy looks ok. Peanuts Pirates is the best out of the rethemes, but there is nothing special at all about the "new" land. I was disappointed that the water tower did not stay around. -Kidzville looks ok also. Swing Swing Swing is the worst name possible for those kiddie swings. The Carousel is much lamer without the cool characters, but those are the only two major changes. -Lifeguards were training yesterday in preparation of Boomerang Bay opening in 2 weeks. However, Kookaburra Cay was open even though the rest of the water park was not. -The new Panda Express looks really good on the outside. The only downfall is that it is $$$$$$$ But I guess you can expect that at an amusement park. Other than that, the park was same old, same old.....desparate for a new ride.
  14. Actually, the most exciting thing is the addition of a Panda Express (#7 on the map). Probably the best addition in the past 2 years.
  15. Not even a new ride again this year. I started buying a season pass in 2001 when Psycho Mouse opened, and every succeeding year I have bought a pass but no new coaster since then (actually negative 2 coasters since then). Solid 9 years and counting...
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