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  1. I wish that they turn down the music a little on there. It was so loud the last time I went on Space Mountain.
  2. Your sister's very pretty. *Clear throat* Any ways, nice pics there.
  3. Gemini is a lot rougher than Magnum, especially in the last row. My favorite Arrow is Magnum.
  4. I wouldn't mind if they tore out the helix. It saves me from having a migraine on there.
  5. They're going to need them now! That should be the next thing on their list to add to the park. Maybe they thought only the locals/the people in the region will come out and enjoy it? Underestimated it's fan base.
  6. To me the restraints hurt when Maverick went through the area near Snake River Falls, mainly the two sharp turns underneath and near the lift hill. Some parts of the ride were intense.
  7. I give Maverick a 7.5 out of 10. I think it is a good addition to the park. I wish they have better restraints on it though, restraints that have better ways to hang on. Nice maneuvers and good speed and thrills too. Maybe they can redo them and make them like Raptor's?
  8. Mount Olympus is okay, but nothing special. It gets too crowded and it can't handle all of those people. An ordinary coaster queue line at any other place, takes a good hour here. One train operation for all of the good coasters in the park = terrible planning.
  9. 1. Raptor - Cedar Point 2. Montu - Busch Gardens Africa 3. Dueling Dragons - Islands of Adventure 4. Batman - Six Flags St. Louis 5. Patriot - Worlds of Fun
  10. Magnum XL - 200. It is always the first and the last coaster that I ride on when I make a trip to Cedar Point. It is a tradition for me.
  11. Excalibur isn't that rough when you sit in the second to last row. You just have to know the right seats to sit in in order to have an enjoyable ride on the coaster. When they had that bump, the entire train felt it. It was that bad, it was a fluke in the design. The ride right now is okay, but it was much better in the past when it came to the speed. Maybe Geauga Lake will give us the Dominator? That'll be a pretty good move on Valleyfair's part. We really don't have any inversions on our coasters.
  12. The information on Coaster Gallery makes it sound like an one time refurbishment. Which it wasn't.
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