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Lets see of the following, Dragons, Raptor, Montu, Great Bear, Silver Bullet, Talon, BTR my top 5 would be


1. Dragons - Ice

2. Dragons - Fire

3. Montu

4. Raptor

5. Silver Bullet (even though it's tame, BTR is just too damn short)


followed by BTR, Great Bear and Talon

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1. Nemesis

2. Aplengeist

3. Fire Dragon

4. Ice Dragon

5. Katun


Montu would be number 2 if it weren't for that silly midcourse that turns the ride into an absolute crawl. I don't even mind the trim before the Batwing!

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1. Talon

2. Raptor

3. Alpengeist

4. B:TR

5. Great Bear


That's all I've ridden for B&M Inverts. The top 4 are all awesome, and Great Bear is kind of meh after the Zero-G. 2-4 really are all tied for me. Talon stands out a bit, and Great Bear is the definite bottom. Raptor was my favorite coaster at CP for a time, but I took a front-seat night ride on MF which slightly edged it out. Talon is easily my favorite at DP, and BTR may as well be my favorite at GADV. That, Chiller, and GASM are the only ones there I wouldn't consider "mediocre".

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