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  1. I'll be at the park on Friday. Has anyone gone recently, and have any info about the status of Deja Vu and Acrophobia?
  2. --Your 2005 year in review: I really upped my count this year with trips to CP, HP, SFNE, IoA, BGT and finishing my credits at Great Adventure --Your first coaster of the year: Incredible Hulk @ Islands of Adventure --Your last coaster of the year: Kingda Ka @ Six Flags Great Adventure --Best new steel to me: Superman: Ride of Steel @ SFNE. 'Nuff said. --Best new wood to me: Wildcat @ Hershey Park --Best new flat ride to me: maXair @ Cedar Point --Best new water ride to me: Dudley Do Right's Ripsaw Falls @ Islands of Adventure --Best new dark ride/walk through to me: Amazing Adventures of Spiderman @ Islands of Adventure --Best new water park attraction to me: Typhoon @ SFNE's Hurricane Harbor. Airtime on a water slide!!!!! --Best new park to me: Islands of Adventure wins best "theme park". The level of theming in the park and the quality of the rides was amazing. Cedar Point gets best "amusement park" --Best park "moment" of the year: Cresting TTD's tophat for the first time, seeing the lake. --Best overall park "trip" of the year: Driving back from Chicago hitting Cedar Point and Hershey Park, but my BGT/IoA trip is very, very close. --Most Dissapointing new attraction (any kind) to me of the year: Millenium Force. I mean, people say that it's a #1 coaster, but it makes #6 on my list and I only have like 70 credits! It has no airtime at all, and riding a month after I rode S:RoS didn't help much either. Again, I'm not saying that it's bad, I'm just saying that I was dissapointed by it --Best event at a park: SP Holders only Easter at Great Adventure! No lines allowed many rerides including 7 in a row on Chiller 8) --Best non-event day at a park: My first full day at Cedar Point. I didn't wait on a line for anything except TTD, MF and maXair. --Best Amusement related news of the year: Six Flags for "families" --Worst Amusement related news of the year: Mr. Six getting fired --Ride that I had to rethink my opinion of in 2005: Superman: Ultimate Flight. I didn't like the ride at all in 2004, but after a bunch of rides in 2005, the flyer is starting to grow on me. --Hopes for 2006: I get a boatload of back car rides on El Toro! I switched "worst new attraction" to "most disappointing" because I didn't really ride anything that bad in 2005
  3. For GAdv in 2005, they gave you two BAFF passes that you can use any time in April, then one in a coupon booklet that could be used any time through June 30. Also in the booklet were BAFF passes for Mother's and Father's Days.
  4. 1. Montu 2. Alpengeist 3. Dueling Dragons: Fire 4. Raptor 5. DD: Ice
  5. Darn.... I didn't even recognize Max with that beard. I like the look though 8)
  6. Peter: I'll handle it, Lois. I read a book about this sort of thing once. Brian: Are you sure it was a book? Are you sure it wasn't nothing? Peter: Oh yeah thats right....
  7. Whoa... I didn't see that drop. I'm going to take back what I said like 5 minutes ago in the chat. This thing is way more than a "suped up kiddy coaster"
  8. Drop towers.... I can ride strata coasters and hypers and gigas and every coaster a million times without being afraid, but tower rides legitimately scare me every single time.
  9. Actually, I live 2.5 hours from both parks (on Long Island) and this season have season commercials for both Dorney (Hydra commercials) and GAdv (KK/Golden Kingdom commercials) Not to mention the Darkastle ones..... Until last year, our collection of things for family was trash. Those rides you mentioned never (except SM) have(had) lines. People really didn't seem to view those rides as "family" GAdv has added many childrens ride (05' and 06') and are trying to start marketing towards families, but their main market is still teens and people who ride the big coasters. There is a reason why the big coasters at Dorney never have lines, but WWK and rides like the Wild Mouse do. Those who want thrills tend to go to GAdv. Nonetheless, SIX FLAGS GREAT ADVENTURE IS IN COMPETITION WITH DORNEY PARK. Otherwise, Dorney wouldn't be running commercials in NYC and LI against SFGAdv commercials
  10. I'm not saying that Dorney is bad or it isn't profitable, but SFGAdv is a bigger attraction than Dorney is. If I were to tell people on Long Island I were going to Six Flags, they would say "O MAN COOL!!!" but if I said Dorney, they would just be like "Where's Dorney Park?"
  11. I don't get what you are saying... I mean, is GAdv competing with Busch/Universal/Disney just because they got Ka and ET? The rides have nothing to do with it at all. The only CF park that SFGAdv is competing with IN THE SAME MARKET is Dorney, and DP's lines pretty much sum up who's winning that battle
  12. Chiller ops: "I'm sorry everyone, but I'm going to need everyone to put their hands up so we can check restraints again " LAUNCH
  13. Mean Streak. It has an awesome layout but I got raped sitting in the back.
  14. I really thought I was the only one! I had that same expression on after nearly all of my rides at Hershey (except Wildcat)
  15. This thanksgiving, we are going down to Virginia to see my cousins. Unfortunately, PKD, SFA, SFGAdv and Dorney will all be closed by that time. I was fooling around and looked at Carowinds' site which said that Winterfest starts on 11/25, a day I would be in VA. Does anyone know if the coasters are open during the event? I mean, it's not exactly going to be cold in Carolina in November. It would be a biotch of a drive, but I might do it if I could ride Top Gun and BORG.
  16. 1. B:TDK- short sweet and to the point, like B:Tr 2. Medusa (east)- unless you are in the front row, it's blehhh 3. Scream(!)
  17. Do they let you stay by the train, and grab open seats on Xcelerator, after you ride, if you're by yourself? I know some parks are like Nazi x 10 about it.
  18. Robb, congrats on getting so much thinner. It must have taken a lot of effort and commitment, so I salute you. And, that all that work got you a very good looking wife (heh, alriight 8) )
  19. -Have a series of bunny hops leading into MF's final overbank -Give Gwazi millenium flyer trains -Retrack Mean Streak
  20. OMG people were stuck on a roller coaster :shock:
  21. On Friday night, I chilled and went to bed early. Saturday morning I took the PSAT, then went home and hung out until like 5 when my friend called and asked if I wanted to go to a party, and of course I said yes 8) . Got back at like 1 AM this morning, went to bed, woke up at 11:30. Now, I'm watchin the Giants game then doing Physics homework.
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