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  1. What would like to be added, change, and improve if RCT 4 came out. I would want realistic graphics like no limits. Have the people look real like from the sims. Also make the building system more detailed so you can make your own elements. Also have online play. So 2 people have unlimited money and they have to advertisment to get people who are controlled by other people to come to the park. Also who ever gets the most people in their park wins the challenge. Also the guest will be controlled by other people online. So that Would be really cool.
  2. I am Six Flags New England. 44% Theme, 93% Rides, 44% Atmosphere, 48% Value. This is pretty close to what I think.
  3. To come and think about it the Myrtle Beach Hurricane Category 5 or as I call it Headache Category 5. Even in the middle it was painful!
  4. Also buying Six Flags park mainly destroyies their main Competition.
  5. I think they would be some of the major parks like SFMM SFGA and buy some smaller SF parks and take the rides out and send them to other Cedar Fair parks.
  6. You are the owner of Cedar Point type what rides, shops, prices, etc. would you take out/ and or change. I would take out the Corkscrew and add a Huss Giant Topspin with a tornado theme and put a new log flume ride. Also I would give the Mantis to Michigan's Adventure and build a Intamin Wooden Coaster in the Mantis place.
  7. If you can change coaster by cars, change a little of t he track, add something take off something, change name, etc. I would keep the mantis the same track 'n stuuf, but I would want to have a standup and floorless coaster cars on that ride.
  8. I think Cedar Point needs a dive machine, wild mouse, floorless, or a water coaster.
  9. I like the suspended topspin one of the best rides period. Also I like any freefall rides. Tomb Raider Fire Fall at PKD
  10. I think that Cedar Point has better quality rides over SFMM but same thing for SFMM they have some good quality coasters over Cedar Point. Someone compare Mantis Vs. Riddlers Revenge, Dragster Vs. Superman Escape, Goliath Vs. Millinium Force, Ninja Vs. Iron Dragon.
  11. The most pain ful ride experience is the Son of Beast. It was my first time riding it and being the smartest guy in the world I got in the backseat. After that ride my back was hearting and I had a headache for like 5 hours. Most fun ride experience is Millinium Force . I went to cedar point the year it opened i went sometime in may. That line was suprising short also not many people was there. So I rode the front, middle, and back seat. No matter what position you are in this ride is the greatest. The Devil rencarnated into a roller coasters.
  12. I would also like if they took out the MS(Mean Streak) and put in a 220 foot floorless coaster with a 94 degree drop with 9 inversion! That would be 8) Cool!!!!!
  13. You want to open an amusement park. Name 25 flat rides you would put in your park (go into detail if you were doing themeing stuff like that). What shops, movies, and food would you put in. Also what 6 roller coaster would you have an please go into much detail about the roller coasters! type what themeing/ inovation/ elements/ what thhe cars look like! Also most importantly Have fun with this!
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