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  1. Cowabunga Bay looks like an amazing little water park. Very awesome that it is run by a TPR member. I love the layout of the place and man, the pricing structure seems fantastic and I wish more places were like that.
  2. Patton Oswalt is by far the best comedian out there right now (he also just wrote a fantastic book). I also love Louie CK but I still favor Patton. I guess I'm just talking current ones out there because all time you have to talk about Carlin, Pryor, etc. Overall Bill Hicks is the ultimate king.
  3. Really cool stuff posted lately. There is a lot to be excited about with DCA this year and next. Also, man, Disneygeek gets some great pictures!
  4. Any Arizona fans here? Bear Down! (Hopefully we don't s*it the bed like in the Holiday Bowl. LOL).
  5. This looks fantastic. I really enjoyed glowfest so having this is just a great extension (with more Disney involvement, obviously).
  6. Fantastic pictures man! I had that same sort of experience on MF when I first went on it about four years ago. I think you described how I felt being sorta new to being a coaster nerd, etc. Keep up the good work with the TR.
  7. Awesome TR! BG:E is on the short list of US parks i really want to visit. It seems like such a great collection of rides, with some really decent theming. Lol. Hopefully soon I can make it out there.
  8. Very cool TR! I really need to get back to MM, asap. It's nice to see they are making so many improvements.
  9. Yeah, it was in the upper 70's here in Tucson, which is great, but I HATE wind. It's been windy the past few weeks, too. I'm really sick of wind.
  10. I honestly don't know how this show still exists. It's insane!
  11. Only about 4 last night; I just couldn't get to sleep 'till about 3am. Hopefully I can expand to about 6 tonight.
  12. Wow, thanks for the update and pictures! It looks like a fantastic ride. Everland seems like a really cool park, and I really want to go to South Korea now.
  13. That sounds awesome. I've always loved the Arrow inverts, and this seems to be the obvious king.
  14. The park looks great. I agree that the Hard Rock brand is a very good one for a theme park. Music works as a fantastic tie in with coasters.
  15. WOW. This really is an amazing thread! EPCOT is by far my favorite Disney park ever created so it is fantastic to see stuff like this. Keep up the fantastic updates!
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