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  1. I just rode X this past summer and I enjoyed it. The problem with the ride was that it can go from being an amazing smooth ride, to a rough piece of crap. This is a great move and even if the tunnel isn't really anything special, it shows that Shapiro does care and isn't just taking down another coaster. Shapiro knows, it's better to fix what you have, instead of just spending even more money on something new.
  2. Damn! I've been on the other two and next summer I am going out to SFGAm and was hoping to get all three done before they scrapped 'em all. Oh well, MM's is definately going down within two or three years if you ask me. They'll have all that space that used to be home to Psyclone and DV then.
  3. I loved the Furious Baco pictures! I really want to ride Dragon Khan so much, epecially after riding Kumba last summer (which is, in my opinion B&M's finest)!
  4. SheiKra. I was so ready for this ride! I had been pumped to ride it since the track arrived on site but when it was over I thought it was "meh". The first drop was awesome but after that the ride got boring and the brakes killed the second drop IMO and while the water is cool looking the turn into the final brake run was taken way to slow. That's just my opinion. An even bigger one IMO is Goliat at SFOG. People were praising this ride as Nitro of the south amazing airtime but I ran my but up the hill to the front row, and later the back to find very little aritime, very little positive Gs and a whole lot of brakes. The first drop seemed very very small and the second drop had those evil trims which slowed the ride down tremendously for the rest of the ride. I was so diddapointed and actually angry at how these two hailed B&Ms were so overrated.
  5. This looks amazing but I can't believe my beloved ET's drop record was taken with only one degree! Haha, I have no idea when I'm going to get to Korea but when I do, this is te first thing I am riding!
  6. I loved the picture where she was waving goodbye! One of my favorite TRs even though it had very little coaster stuff. Very fun to read!
  7. Golden Tickets are a heavily rigged poll, as their voter base is somewhat pre-chosen. This isn't anything to take away from the poll itself, as it serves the general amusement industry fine. But really- MF number one steel coaster for how many years? It was perhaps the greatest investment CP ever made- but best steel coaster? Hardly. Most overrated steel coaster- yes, IMO. If you are looking for the purest poll, it's Mitch's wood/steel coaster polls. -Mark Oh yes i knew that already and I totally agree about Mitch's being the most accurate but I believe Voyage outranked ET on that too! I guess it is a really tight race though, and it just depends on who votes and how honest they are.
  8. Well I'm VERY ahppy to hear that you guys like El Toro as much as you did! I am riding the voyage myself this summer so i will be able to compare them myself. I guess this really does go to show that the Golden Ticket Awards aren't always right. I also totally agree with the "more airtime hills" and I wonder how they would have worked that into the area!
  9. Aw i'm sorry you didn't really enjoy your trip. I personally loved the park when I first visited last summer and I am going again this year.
  10. OMG I can't wait to ride this in July! The theming is amazing and the ride looks to be just as good. Dollywood really outdid themse;lves and following up Thunderhead is not the easiest thing to do. When I went last year all that was there was dirt and one footer....DW works really fast!
  11. I would love to see signs like that at all of their parks. It makes it all look much more inviting and friendly. I definately think this was the bast thing they could have done for this park.
  12. I think it looks friendly and nice. I also think the advertisemwnts for "Dream Night" looks cool! Very nice job and I'm happy it finally came as we have been wanting a new site for a while now
  13. Congratulations! The one time in two years that i didn't check the site at least once a day, you guys had your baby! She is very cute and i am happy that mom and baby are doing great!
  14. ^ I don't think so. I think they are giving people a break from all of the drama that happened in the past 3 weeks.
  15. ^Aww, I really think it helps when you watch a show from the beginning. I can totally understand where you are comming from because so much of this show revolves around past events.
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