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  1. ^ It was last Saturday. I'm not the most seasoned theme park traveler out there, but I have been to quite a few parks across the US, over 250 coasters, and believe me, the employees were not trying hard to dispatch trains. They were very, VERY slow with no sense of urgency at all. I'm very aware it was one of the busiest days of the year for the park and that is all the more reason it was frustrating to see no sense of urgency. Having said that, I don't believe it had anything to do with the employees themselves, I believe that is how they've been trained to do things. It's a small park hundreds of miles away from any other parks. In some ways I don't think they truly know any better and don't think most of the patrons know any better. The fact that you said "We're trying. Honestly." just proves that point. Because in comparison to every other park I've been to, you guys weren't trying. Still a fun park on a slower day. SOOO much potential, and it's great to see so many people there. It's great to see some of the recent investments in making the park better. I'd just like to now see them take the next step and operate their park more efficiently. Make some investments in customer experience instead of another ride this time. I'm sure they'll eventually get there. BTW, LOVE Nick Norton's magic show! It really gets better and better every year.
  2. My family and I just got back from our annual visit to Silverwood. Took some friends who have never been before and we went on a Saturday. Unfortunately, Tremors, even with the new topper track installed a few years ago, is a shell of it's former self. Timber Terror is still pretty decent with plenty of air time. HUGE crowds and 101 degree high temps may have effected my overall opinion but for a park so nice and clean, the ride operations are about the worst I've seen at any park. Still only one train on each woodie after all these years and just very, very slow employees. I don't know if it's just because they're the only show in town and no one in that part of the country knows any better, but we won't be back during the peak summer season again. Great park if you have light crowds, very frustrating if it's busy.
  3. Looks absolutely fantastic! This is the first coaster in several years I am really excited about. Going to have to plan a Dollywood trip next year.
  4. Totally agree with Xcelerator and Storm Runner being better coasters, even though they don't have the speed or height. But I do love TTD. For me, the one trick is worth it!
  5. I agree with Wes. I got to ride them a few days apart and I thought Griffon was better. I get that people give Sheikra axtra credit for theming but I felt Griffon was a better ride.
  6. I've only been on 4 coasters out of the top 20. Still suprises me Maverick ranks that high, though. I seriously need to get my sorry ass on another coaster trip. it's been since '09 that I have been to a theme park other than Silverwood
  7. Very much looking forward to this ride! Loved the spinner at Waldameer. We are due for another trip down to NoCal next year.
  8. Great PTR! We visit Seaside a couple times every year and it never even occurred to me to post a PTR, which is actually good as my PTR would have sucked balls compared to yours. Great Job. And Larry, unfortunately Laura is right. The Seaside scooters are very tame compared to Oaks. But it might be worth a side trip just for the town itself.
  9. Great TR Derek! That's the most complete report I've seen on this park. I've often thought of making the extra drive when we do our annual Silverwood trip. Maybe next year.
  10. For the same reason you frequent a web site called "Theme Park Review" and have a certain love for trains that run on an elevated track. There is no rational explanation, we're all nerds.
  11. How you planning on getting all that wood to the trucks? You can't just carry it. You'd be exhuasted by the end of the day. Wheelbarrow.bmp Work smarter not harder
  12. I won't argue with you until U of F gels. That said, U of F had better gel in the next 2 weeks. Yeah Larry, you notice I said "right now". We've been off to some pretty good starts in the past just to have it all fall apart by the end of the season. I am actually kind of nervous about this weekend at Arizona State just because it's the first conference game, on the road and a game they should win easily. Those are the scary ones. Plus, as any Gator fan would know, you tend to get the oponents best effort when your a top 5 ranked team. Everyone wants to be the one to knock you down.
  13. Yeah, I think you'd be very hard pressed to find very many people put money on an SEC team other than Alabama against Oregon. I'll take Oregon over Florida any day right now. They already man handled one SEC team (albeit Tennessee) on the road this year. Ohio State doesn't exactly look too bad either. I would put my money on Ohio State over any SEC team other than Alabama right now, too.
  14. Great pictures! Really great video! Very mediocre show.I'll be watching the original version called Fantasmic over at the park across the street for the 50th time before I wait in a mob of people to watch that. I guess big fountains just aren't my thing.
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