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  1. Wow, sad to see it being gutted like that. I too visited this park almost every summer when I was younger, and no slide has ever scared the crap out of me more than the Edge. Bombay was intense, but the Edge was just messed up. You got so much speed going down the straight away and helix that you were pretty much off the slide from the moment it dropped off to a few feet before hitting the bottom. For the last 2 years Wild Rivers teamed up with a sponsor that hosted an awesome event called Wet Electric at the park. This year it was the last operating day the park would ever be open, so it was a fitting way to say goodbye. They brought in world class DJs and set up stages and bars around the park and blasted house music all day/night. It was the biggest pool party/rave around. I was there for both years and it was bittersweet this year knowing it was the last time anyone would visit the park, but they sure went out in style!
  2. Wow...just wow. I had no idea the park has gotten this bad. I really only went once outside of WCB and one night for Fright Fest last year, but that trip report seals the deal...not renewing my SP for 2011. I'll probably go once to check out Superman and GL, but that's it. And that's saying something when the pass is $60 and only going once, whereas I'm also a passholder to Disney and go there 2+ times a month at a tune of almost $400/yr
  3. This is a giant train wreck, but I want more!!! Proof you don't need amazing pictures to have a great TR!
  4. Got mine today! Just watched about half the DVD, great selection, and looks amazing in HD on my 61" 1080P DLP. If you have a HDTV, and you like coasters, you must buy this!!
  5. This past weekend was a lot of fun. It really felt like one of the bigger TPR trips I went on. Thanks to Robb, Elissa and the great people at CGA, and SFDK for putting this on. The highlight for me was the water challenge by far. As a member of "team poncho" as we're being called now, we should've known better, but who'd have thought being drenched with water in 50 degree weather would have been so much fun. Other highlights of the weekend were the private shows at SFDK, and the backstage tour at CGA. Definitely a memorable weekend!
  6. Pre-ordered mine. Can't wait to see what coasters in 1080p on my 61" HDTV look like
  7. Sorry to hear about your loss Mike, I just lost my father in January at the age of only 54...Losing a parent is never easy. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  8. Please god, let SFMM (SFHH) get Deluge. That park is due for a new slide, and Deluge would fit perfectly in Flashback's old spot.
  9. 1. What are your initial thoughts? I'm in!! $40/year is very reasonable for all the perks we already get through TPR, so this just makes it that much better. 2. Can you think of anything else we could be offering? Not at the moment 3. Is this something that interests you? Definitely 4. Why would you NOT be interested in this? N/A 5. Any additional feedback you can give us based on the information you see here. Not at the moment, but it sounds like a great idea!
  10. I actually just liked seeing the first couple lifts without the effects on and all the work lights, once the coaster started moving it did get pretty blurry and pointless, but it was nice to see a video with the lights on that wasn't in night vision, like all the other videos I've seen on youtube.
  11. I was messing around on YouTube today, and stumbled across this video of Disneyland's Space Mtn running with the lights on. This is the new version after the big 50th refurb. Funny thing though, the audio was running just fine, so I don't think it was broken down. Maybe some sort of special event? Anyway, if you've ever wondered what Disneyland's Space Mtn looks like with the lights on, this is it.
  12. I was just there 2 weeks ago and I Never saw the episode you're referring to, but I remember going to Wild Rivers back when both slides were The Edge. It was easily the scariest water slide I've ever been on. The problem with The Edge was that you would pick up so much speed going through the helix that when it came time for the drop you pretty much got insane air, so much so that people would get hurt. One time I rode it I remember coming out of the helix and was in the air pretty much 3/4 of the way down the drop, and it hurt like hell when I landed. I also heard that some people would go so fast that when they hit the splash area, they would sometimes go through it and hit the end on the other side. I also seem to remember hearing that besides the injuries, the slides weren't that popular, as guests were too scared to ride them, so they decided to first convert one side to the Ledge with a clear slope as opposed to the 50 foot drop. Eventually the remaining Edge slide was converted into the same angled slope, and renamed the Liquidator. It is funny though if you go to the park, there are still line signs that say Edge and Ledge on them. The whole slide has just been abandoned, and I wonder why they have never bothered to tear it down, or replace it with something else.
  13. quick TR from yesterday... The main point of yesterday was not going to the park for the rides, but for the KROQ concert with Anberlin and Metric, though did manage to get a few rides in. Got to the park around 12, and I knew I was in trouble when there were cars coming all the way down to the Old Road waiting to park. Not sure what was going on but it did take close to 30 min to finally get to the booths...not good. I wasn't shocked at all when I ended up in the BFE (gravel) lot and I decided even in the 90+ degree weather to walk all the way to the entrance, as it would have took another 15-20 to wait for a tram. Finally get in the park and go over to get my seating passes for the concert, then we headed over to Tatsu... I really gotta hand it to the ops on this one, Tatsu had a posted wait of over 90 min, line was just past the stairs up to SS, and we only waited just over an hour, i couldn't believe it when i saw a couple 1-2 min dispatches. Left the park to grab lunch then came back for the concert, which turned out to be really good. I was actually amazed that they were still handing out passes right before the show started and they only filled up a little more than 1/2 the theater. Premium seat upgrades were available for $20 but I didn't feel like doing that though people that did were right there up close to the stage so maybe for the next one I might do it. First up was Metric, and they were really good. They did a full acoustic set, and then after about a 30 min break between bands for the stage set up and sound checks, Anberlin came on, and they were amazing. Most of all I was really impressed with the overall sound. It was crisp and clear, and really freakin loud too. The concert was supposed to run for an hour 15 min, but ended up being almost 2 hours which was great cause both bands got to do full sets. After the concert we decided to check back on Terminator, the wait was 2 hours all day, and even 30 min before close it was still about an hour 1/2. We watched a movie in line so time went by fairly fast but it wasn't till we reached the pre-show that we realized it was only 1 train op. The second train was in the maintenance shed and the mechanics were working on the sound box, they had different components they were installing in it, so I think they were trying to get it up and running to help clear out the line, as they left the Terminator line open until closing. I'm kinda torn on this decision though. On one hand I applaud them for deciding to take it out of service since the sound is part of the ride experience, but on the other hand it does create a much longer line, and it totally throws off the intended experience with the pre-shows as you watch one but then the sound completely cuts out then you have to wait another 5 or so minutes to move onto the next room. It does ruin the pre-show experience I think, and in case anyone was wondering....the pre-shows do not run on a loop, they have to punch in a code to make them play each time. A couple pics from the day (the concert pics aren't all that great since i shot them on my iphone) Anberlin Anberlin Metric where I ended up parking the line of cars waiting to park
  14. Not sure how many of you have heard about this, but Saturday, KROQ will be putting on a concert with Anberlin and Metric at the park. Is anyone here planning on going? According to the SF website, the show starts at 6 @ golden bear theatre. They will be handing out seating passes before hand on a first come first serve basis. Does anyone know what time they might be doing this? I don't really want to get to the park at opening and was hoping to just come up closer to when the concert starts.
  15. Man...no love for the Shiny's on here? Well that will be my first choice as they are my favorite band, but will probably go with Crystal Method for the following ride
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