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  1. I agree. We humans are much too harmful towards whales. We should liberate them from the harsh confines of this unforgiving planet:
  2. I was actually at a water park one time and there were park employees with a radar gun clocking how fast people were coming down a couple of the body slides. Having worked at SFDK, I have been operating rides where this was going on. This was most commonly done on the Go Karts, but I have personally seen the results of more than one coaster. V2 and Kong both travel significantly slower than advertised, though I don't recall what their exact speeds. After its mishap atop tower 1, Superman now runs closer to 69-70mph, though it's still advertised as topping at 62 mph. That's all I know,
  3. I'm not trying to be rude but I'm starting to think people just don't read anymore. This is what Robb said... You don't need to pitch to us about why you think it's acceptable to like the show because the general consensus is that nobody cares what you watch as long as you're not creepy around children and start conversations with them about the show. Nobody thinks it's unacceptable to like the show. We may think it's weird but I we don't think it's unacceptable. That entire first part of my post was meant as a joke, mocking a lot of the creepy, overzealous members of the fan
  4. *Bravely Steps Up* Greetings all! As one of the aforementioned "bronys" I would like to say a few words (before I leave shortly as I must travel to the mall where I shall partake in extended eye contact with strangers). I like the show. I find it very entertaining. However, I own no merchandise whatsoever *kicks dolls under table as I type*. Now that I have established myself as a no-T-shirt wearing non-doll owning extremist I shall now attempt my sales pitch to all of you as to why liking the show is acceptable even though I am far from the target demographic.... ...What? You
  5. SFDK: -On Medusa, if the combs (movable loading panels) are lowered and then raised without cycling the train, an error code appears and the ride will go down. This is because the computer thinks the trains did indeed cycle, but detected no movement. -Also on Medusa, it is possible to stop the train about an inch short of its normal parking position. The combs will raise and the restraints will unlock, but the train will still be barely occupying the transfer block. This will cause the next train to stack in the service brake (at the beginning of the brake run). -On Roar, it is pos
  6. ^While I can't answer for Kevin, I also spent time operating it, and I can verify that it was the most vile piece of machinery in the park. Flat window on the operator booth that reflects everything in your face, gates that break easily, a ridiculously high height requirement that would absolutely piss off guests as you tried to explain why kids need to be so tall to ride such a lame ride, a very underwhelming ride experience due to poor programming that would cause guests to take their anger out on you after the ride, seats that would literally burn people when the sun was out, you can't see
  7. I just found 50 bucks that I had stashed and forgotten about
  8. At least security actually did something for you. When I worked at SFDK, I would constantly call security for vandalism, line jumping, etc. There were good security guards who would work with us to rectify the problem, but a lot of them would just bitch at us for wasting their time and leave. As for the person I know whose graffiti you pictured, I would talk to him, but he's one of those with the viewpoint "We have a right to make our artwork and anyone who tries to stop us just wants to oppress us". In other words, talking to him is like talking to a brick wall.
  9. I have a very strange feeling we're going to be getting a new word filter for "seat belt".
  10. ^^^ Figures, they use the photo from the one ride where I decided to put on this unnaturally big ridiculous smile for the whole ride. It doesn't help that it looks like I have a Hitler-stache in that photo. Also, that awkward moment when you find a picture of graffiti that says "Reina<3" and then looking at the Twitter handle and realizing that you actually know "Reina" and are friends with the person who wrote said graffiti.
  11. .... So, apparently not being able to ride is a less favorable outcome when compared to death. I must say though, seat belts really add to dispatch times, which in turn result in longer lines. As stated before, they are there for redundancy. Hydraulic restraints already have back-up systems, hence a lot of them have no seat belts.
  12. Having worked on coasters with hydraulic restraints (Including a Gerstlauer), I can back this up. Most of everything stated by Fender13 is true. The only thing I have experienced that differs from the quoted post is that the Gerstlauer I have worked on could indeed be dispatched with the restraints up in Manual Mode, which only maintenance has access to.
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