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I love all of B&M's coaster (just about).....but in the inverted category, Top 5 would have to be (Out of those that i've ridden):


1.) Katun-Mirabilandia

2.) Alpengeist-BG-Europe

3.) Raptor-CP

4.) Montu-BG-Africa

5.) Talon-Dorney Park

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1. Top Gun TJC


2. Talon

3. Montu

4. Dragons

5. Alpengeist

6. Batman The Ride


Sorry, I had to do six since Alpengeist and BTR were ranked sequentially on my poll (#30 and #31 to be specific) and are too close to really choose.

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Out of what I have ridden:


#1 Nemesis

#2 Top Gun, PGA

#3 Batman The Ride, SFMM

#4 Nemesis Inferno


They are all great except NI wich was kinda boring, all of it feels the same. I need some variation...

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1. Top Gun @ PGA

2. ??

3. ??

4. ??

5. ??


Untill now I only have done 1 B&M inverted. In Europe there are more Vekoma SLC's, you know.

But in 2006 i will do a couple more B&M inverted coasters. Like Batman (SFMM), Silver Bullet (Knotts) & Black Mamba (Phantasialand)

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I have been on....


Batman:The Ride - SFOG

Batman:The Ride - SFGAdm

Batman:The Ride - SFStl

Batman:The Ride - SFGAdv

Dueling Dragons - Fire

Dueling Dragons - Ice

Great Bear




Top Gun-The Jet Coaster.


I dont like "top 10/5" lists as most of the time I have a hard time picking... But I guess ill say the best is Topgun the Jet Coaster. (PC...)

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Been a while since I rode some of them (e.g., haven't been on Montu since it was reportedy braked all to hell), but of the ones I've been on:


1. Alpengeist

2. Montu

3. DD Ice

4. Top Gun PGA

5. DD Fire

6. Raptor

7. BTR clones at MM and GAdv

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I have only had the pleasure of riding 5 B&M inverters so far but would rank them thus:-


1 - Nemesis - Alton Towers

2 - Raptor - Cedar Point

3 - Batman - SFMM

4 - Nemesis Inferno - Thorpe Park

5 - Silver Bullet - Knotts Berry Farm

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I've only been on 5 so this is easy.



2)DD Ice

3)DD Fire

4)Silver Bullet



I put BTR last cause the ride is like 30 seconds long and smells like Ass.


Guy"Don't put your rides close to your dumpsters. Even if they are themed that way." Koepp

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