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  1. Whats interesting about the new SFGADV commercial is that SF always has other coasters in their commercials -its nothing new - but this one actually showed a stand-up coaster which i believe was the Scorcher. I have never seen a standup shown before in any GADV commercial since the Shockwave was there... interesting i guess, but who knows.
  2. Hey, Does anybody know what the best way to get from Disney(Grand Floridian) to Universal (IOA) is? I do not have a car and have not rented one. I heard the bus can take up to two hours with some transfers. Is this true? Is a cab ride worth it? Any help or some experience info would be great! Thanks!
  3. My favorites: - The Chiller - either side. The zero g roll element going both direction with just a lap bar- in its later years - was just insane. - Storm Runner - Flying snake dive owns in any seat. - WIcked Twister - Backseat / backward spike = crazy! - TTD/KK - The lapbar makes it better than KK for that not-so-safe feeling. The best one i have ridden would have to be Storm Runner. Solid launch, good pops of air and that flying snake dive! Does anybody know what happened to the Chiller? Did it go anywhere?
  4. nice! i had a great day today and this just made it even better!!Thanks Rob! I greyed out on MF a few times too...i cant imagine what this will do...just awesome!
  5. yeah, he looked pissed. when the kid pukes he has the oh crap im going to get owned on the internet face... what a wierd interview.
  6. They just interviewed the family and the boys this morning on NBC and the kid that was missing blew chunks all over the place - on air! im talkin' projectile vomiting. lol it was hilarious...
  7. ^ omg, i had no idea it was being removed! is that the rumor? The location of of where it is now is what appears to make it awesome... can it have the same awesomeness anywhere else?
  8. Eagle Fortress is #1 on my must ride list! How was that ride at night?
  9. i have to admit, i am impressed. The location looks cool and I really dig those extra curves on that drop and hammerhead ...err "panoramic u turn"... im not to sure how awesome the ending will be but the rest looks like a crowd pleaser. I love new coaster announcements... makes the work day better...
  10. I have a feeling its going to handle like Millennium Force - x10!. Looks like raw speed and power. Kinda like a super-Maverick. This is the first ride the park will have that actually makes me want to go there.
  11. the last pic is sweet! What is a tilt shift? Photoshop trick?
  12. while it did kind of catch me by surprise, it was still annoying... like the rest of the ride. I remember thinking, " ugh... what was the point of that!" I also thought all the themeing was so poorly done and vacant. really really lame ride for a wild mouse. i wish they put a spinning coaster in that spot instead, would have been much cooler.
  13. Ha! the bathrooms...thats horrible. Looks like they gave an outhouse to the ladies...I dig that paint job though...lol
  14. Sabotage is cool, i would sing the whole thing in a high pitched pseudo-Beastie Boys voice and annoy everyone on the train... would be fun!
  15. did you happen to notice any rattle/shuffling after the hammerhead on Nitro? I was there 2 weeks ago and it was pretty brutal. Brutal like it vibrated your eye balls, lol.
  16. Hey guys, whats with that concept art of the BM invert looking coaster? Was that from a while ago? Looks interesting...i have to get this park sometime soon, great pics!
  17. Nine Inch Nails and Janes Addiction at Jones Beach. NIN was incredible, Janes...eh, wasnt feeling it.
  18. i hope this one doesn't have any speed/g force issues with those zero g rolls like Maverick That roll you see it take in the vid goes mighty fast! looks awesome though...
  19. OUCH! im a New Yorker, but still...ouch! LOL. that was a good one though.
  20. that is awesome! do the effects actually look cool as you ride? it looks well done to me, well,for what i can see ... My favorite part of that video is Robb saying "What is thisss?" lol.
  21. My favorite as of now is El Toro. Thats a plunge no matter what seat you are in! Millennium Force was good too but it didn't provide that "holy crap!" feeling for me, probably due to the large cresting of the top. Another one of my favorites is Nitro, I have ridden it probably too many times and the drop still gets me- now I cant wait for Diamondback!
  22. i would assume thats there as a guide so a small crane can get in there or a truck god forbid something happens in that area.
  23. Nothing makes a coaster look better than when it appears to blend in with the landscape. Busch always seems to pull that off well. Kumba is another good example of that.
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