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  1. awwe man, blue rails! bummer... im a fan of silver rails, that would have been a nice touch to the colors. Anyone else lik em' colored or prefer silver?
  2. I noticed the same thing about that second hill. it looks rather tall - much taller than El Toro's 2 hills. It may actually provide less air at that point. The more i see it, the more i dislike that first half of the ride. Im sure the second half will be Balder like bliss... but that first half looks sorta pointless to me. I de rather have some EL Toro - double hill action instead.
  3. Ive been playin guitar for 13 years. Ive been teaching myself to play the drums for the past 2 years. Wayyyyy back in high school i played the trumpet - and i got perform on the field during the half-time show at the Gator Bowl! it was bizarre and very cheesy.
  4. has anybody ever ridden the " UFO " ? that thing looks sweet!
  5. The one game i feel strong about is the Jaguars beating the Pats. I think they are the only team that can do it - if they dont melt down at the end of the game. I can see the Giants making it because i feel the Cowboys are out of the loop - the bye week and the horrible play towards the end of the season. The only team i see in the way of the Giants is the Seahawks. Yikes. Wouldnt it be nice to see the Giants play the Pats again in the Super Bowl?
  6. I wouldnt be suprised if these pop up here and there and go the same route as those Deja Vu coasters.
  7. i remember Batman: The Dark Knight at SFNE having some good hang in the vertical loop. anybody esle feel it?
  8. what about Raging Bull? in the back seat? never rode it but it looks like one hell of a drop.
  9. Heres an album alot of people would probably dig but do not know about: Cave-In album: Antenna This band goes back a little bit. Around the era of bands like Snapcase and Boy Sets Fire. The thing about this album is that theres more pop to it and they pull it off real well. If you know Cave-In of old, they were damn near a hardcore band and were probably considered "emo" because they pulled those tricks before anyone knew what it was. Somehow they were grouped with that scene. Check it out if you like rock / alternative. Its also really well recorded and mixed. (if your into that stuff) btw....Anybody have this album?
  10. how about Canyon Blaster at Great Escape? from RCDB Relocations: Opryland USA as Rock n' Roller Coaster Old Indiana as Rock n' Roller Coaster Great Escape as Canyon Blaster not very large, but decent size.
  11. i saw Heavy Trash (Jon Spencer) at Luna Lounge in Brooklyn 2 weeks ago. Excellent venue to see a band play. Very cool spot.
  12. Kumba - 1994 - my first on ride pic Montu- 2005 Shiekra - with original trains! Nitro- too many to count El Toro - front row pic! Boulder Dash Millenium Force Top Thrill Dragster i need to get some more pics.. any body have a Chiller pic?
  13. wow, sounds the day i had a few weeks ago! To read that they are holding up with the good operation is a nice thing. thanks for the report.
  14. Lets not forget back row on Skull Mountain at SFGADV! thats a "whoa" moment if there ever was one.
  15. im gonna say El Toro. Its a pretty serious plunge with some of that good gut feeling. MF is cool but does nothing to me physicaly. Honerable mention - Wicked Twister in the back row heading down the backward spike - pure fun.
  16. they should swap new coaster names with Hershey this year. Kenivel fits the "farenheit" layout better Hopefully they theme this one nicely with some red,whites and blues...
  17. I dont get it. To me its another Storm Runner. I expected something better and more fulfilling of a ride from them. Yeah, im sure it will be fun - in that Intamin brutal kind of way.
  18. Are they kidding? any animal, amphibian or whatever - a snake, bird, wolf, cat, dinosaur etc... who knows - anything would have been a better name than a pointless Goliath. Hooray for the coaster, sad for lack of originality.
  19. if what i see in these pics is what everyone is talking about - why does everyone think that its an intamin coaster that is shown to be much like storm runner ? even though its a diferent type of ride all together... does it makes sense to anyone that they would add another ride pretty much just like one they already have?
  20. Hit SROS early. That ride is always a pain for me. Long lines, 1 train, huge crowds. I have yet to witness two train op. If its crowded, be prepared to stand a while and move very slow. Be glad its worth the wait. Anybody know if they have two trains running?
  21. its a good plot of land for a spinning coaster. i can totally see one of those goin up there if they should go in that direction. I will miss the roar of that ride. It was so LOUD. Sad to see it go. It was a really intense and unique ride. Did the Robin track have the fastest cobra roll out there? Going thru that was such a rush!
  22. my home park is SFGADV - so its El Toro! and right behind that is Nitro.
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