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  1. Refused - The shape of punk to come The Beatles - Srg. Peppers Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness At the Drive-in - Relationship of Command Pennywise - Full Circle Beck - Odelay Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Plastic Fang RHCP - Stadium Arcadium The White Stripes - Elephant Led Zeppelin - any album Metallica - Master of Puppets Fu Manchu - The Action is Go The Offspring - Americana, Smash
  2. heres some pumpkins! new album soon! h00ray!
  3. IMHO, they way people use EMO these days isnt even correct. the music isnt EMO. the fashion is EMO. The music you call "emo" now is a bunch of kids that most likely werent good at playin hardcore or punkrock and probably werent in any scenes like that cause they probably just were not true enough. Add on the fact that they have good looks, nice haircuts and probably come from money(maybe, its all who you know) helps. Its called marketing. The fashion is marketable now. so bands are getting scooped up and spit out. Real "emo" back in the day was almost hardcore music, real hardcore , but they added these softer moments to add a little more to it and show a soft side. My Chemical Romance, to me, was never emo. they are just a unique rock band. people think they were emo because of fashion and a false idea of the music scene they were in. Panic! at the disco sounds more like Broadway musical stuff and rock more than punkrock or " emo". theres emotion in all music. so really everything has emo in it. its just a stupid fashion that will pas slike 80's hairmetal.
  4. go figure, not many people in the park and 2 SROS trains. ugh. thanks for the pics!
  5. do you have to pay the 30$ for the 1.6 update if you have the game already? i dont see where it has this info on the site... any help?
  6. cool pix. i like the abstract art -thats some good stuff! do you know the names of any of the artists besides the Warhol?
  7. i dont get why some people think Great Bears ending is bad. Look at how they placed the ride in the park, its incredible. For the room they had, i think it is solid. A bad ending for me was Montu. It seemed to drag on a little after the upward helix. This was a big let down. A good ending for me is Storm Runner. Its like holy crap! 1,000 mph! and then a smooth halt on the brakes. good stuff.
  8. this is the exact reason i do not want go. ive gotten into arguements with my friends over the crowds, i try to tell them its goin to be no fun ( they just go for the fright fest stuff which i really dont care about) but they dont believe me. I dont wanna spend 60$ to wait inline for 2 hours for a hay ride. - and also risk not being able to ride El Toro
  9. Iron Maiden at Nassau Coliseum. They played the entire new album, start to finish. ugh. i payed 50$ to hear "Fear of the Dark." still a good show.
  10. lol was that the name? i remember hearing that in the movie " That Thing You Do" with Tom Hanks.... awesome name GO METS!!! glad theres another met fan on here, especially from philly! i was on my way to Shea tonite when i heard it got cancelled sucks...
  11. Sergeant Jack and the Shrimp Shack Shooters
  12. im not into WoW, but knowing what the game is about, this episode was dead-on funny. south park still has it! you can not beat those simple obvious lines like: " How do you kill something that has no life?" lol. classic south park.
  13. my current favorites: 1. Welcome to the Black Parade- MCR 2. Love like Winter - AFI 3. Gimmie Shelter - Rolling Stones 4. Denial Twist - The White Stripes 5. Stadium Arcadium - RHCP -the whole album
  14. geez, that some serious stuff goin there....some people that do that stuff are just awful... heres some stuff about me: 1. im mainly left handed but am ambidextrous 2. im a lead singer and guitar player for a band and a drummer for another. 3. i love to surf small Long Island waves. large waves freak me out. 4. i dig the summer but nothing beats wearing a jacket in the fall... 5. i like to rock The White Stripes while i work.
  15. wow! they did more with the terrain than i thought they would! looks fantastic.. and that Immelman next to Alpie's Cobra Roll - very niiice! You gotta love the logo for the ride, they did a darn good job with that. Looks like its going to be an all around awesome experience. ^^ how can you look at that ride and say they killed it? Tell me your not craving an outside-end seat on those trains!
  16. if you are using them, what programs are you using to help make the track?
  17. i got 2 rides on SR in about 20 min. front and back! get on it early!
  18. i was there last tuesday and had a blast myself. great park! i think its a marvel of landscape engineering, if there is such a thing. Great Bear blew me away, i thought the forces thru the loop were sweet and forceful. It was wayyyy more powerful than i expected and way more fun. The final ascent to the brakes is kinda bumpy and seriously kills the speed. And yeah, that first helix is killer! Did you find lighting racer rougher than expected at all? I thought i was in for a smoother ride... it felt more shakey than i thought it would.
  19. Storm Runner!!!! Front row, by myself - it felt like a solo ride.
  20. kinda makes me semi-glad we have an off season... I lost the feeling a few times and i can not stand when that happens. The last great drop i felt was Wicked Twister in the back row, after the reverse spike- freaked me out. Not even TTD or Storm Runner was that good. its those darn launches that kill the drop. come to think of it, I got some good pop on Lightning Racers (thunder) first drop last week.
  21. yo, the pound it video was mad funny. good job! i love that type of stuff. - you should put that pixelated icon on the back of a TPR shirt or something, that would rock.
  22. if she stalls on ya, do you pedal with you feet, Flinstones style!? lol... looks like a fun little thing to drive, ide just be worried about safety.
  23. Stadium Arcadium - Red Hot Chilli Peppers rockin album, go get it!
  24. Millenium Force does it for me. Its just non stop speed and a pleasure to ride!
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