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  1. i have more in mind, i need like a day or 2 to make em'... if you can keep it goin a little longer.. that would be sweet!
  2. that station looks fantastic! thats some good designing.
  3. whatever they look like, i hope they do not have those head rest thingies like on dragster. im officialy psyched to ride. cant wait.
  4. whoa, "wings" being high on the side things to keep arms in? are there any pics floating around anywhere?
  5. oh man. i cant imagine the back seat on that drop. thats kinda frightening. im all psyched. i cant wait! this can quite possibly be the SROS:SFNE of woodies... is that a brown/red mine train i see!? hey Robb, how do these trains ride? and how is the leg room?
  6. Its a toss up between Alpie and Raptor for me. Alpie is just beautifully placed and powerful all around -and if you take a ride at night on it, its power is amplified by a million. Raptor in my kind of ride - rampant , intense, twisted and completes with a solid ending. honorable mention : Talon - just a great ride beggining to end. I LOVE that highly banked turn after the dip...such a good snap in it.
  7. we need another Pilotwings! i was playing pilotwings for SNES yesterday, they can do so much with it! the 64 version was good too...
  8. that they do! they must have a good stylist. lol. the hair cuts give them that marketable look. its just a bummer that popular music is based on image.
  9. Horrible! crappy rock band. just my opinion.
  10. excellent links! " Teds Pants!" and " Mr. Miyagi" had me rollin' . good stuff.
  11. lol, this is mad funny... http://www.flurl.com/featured/Funny_Mouse_1172.html
  12. wow! NYC represent! I was on" the Belt" ( southern LI, goes past Coney Island ) everyday for a job last month and it was absoloutly brutal somedays -we are talkin 25 min. rides that in traffic take 1 hour and 45 minutes. im suprised we arent up on that list.
  13. i took a ride on Shiekra back in June and loved it! i got a seat front row on the right end. All i have to say is when that train stops on the drop and you hang there facing down the track and seeing it curl away from under you.... ohhh man is that sweet! and it looks like a long ways down.... I was also suprise with all the swaying the the track does.( i know that coasters sway btw) but if you stare at it for a bit, the tracks is swayin' like TTD. You can catch a cool glimpse of the drop track shakin or swaying a bit on the way up... kinda adds a little freaky factor to it. For the short ride that it is, its deffinitley one of my favs. soooooo much fun to ride. I gotta get back there and take a back seat lap! can't wait!
  14. thanks for the pics! my fav park. i may hop a flight down to FLA soon to get back on shiekra! this park never lets me down.
  15. Has anybody seen the trailer for " Final Destination 3" ? The one with the rollercoaster falling apart with riders on it? its pretty darn brutal lookin. kinda hurts to watch it,. I think its Viper at SFMM, but i could be wrong. Anyone plan on seeing this?
  16. sweet geebus!!! the ending section is HUGE! i didnt think it was going to be that big at the end there... i got plan myself a trip out there...
  17. what the world needs is a great new rock band -a new Rolling Stones if you will - something solid that is purely rock n roll... not this hippie jam band stuff. Phish had a great run. Legendary for a rock band. Ide like to see Trey in a new band, preferably not a jamming one. Hes a great musician.
  18. the one thing Mantis did to me was put an insane amount of pressure on the lower halfs of my legs, the back side. It felt like some veins were going to explode. It was impossible to enjoy the ride. My least fav. beemer to date. I was in the middle of the train on the far left. Anybody find it better to ride in the front or back?
  19. nice! thats a great pic , thanks for the link! i kinda like the look of that turn , i havent come across any photos yet of it showing that turn, looks intense - until those annoying brake runs. Steel Force was braked pretty heavy last year, like the Eel , it dragged on too.
  20. sweet. it seems to pack a little more than say Steel Force, which i enjoyed but was wayyyy to tame for me. Excpet for that helix, always rocks me! Does the Eel have a helix?
  21. im happy for the Bus. He deserves it. They can handle who ever they will play in Detroit. Go Steelers!
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