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  1. Thurs. night was my final night. But, I found Home for the Holidays to be the house that improved the least as the event went on. I loved it at the beginning of the event, but it got worse as the event went on.
  2. Colin, have you ever done Dinosaur World? I had free tickets a couple years back, and it is definitely cheesetastic, took me like 30 minutes to see it all. Not worth full price admission, but it is cheesy-fun enough to do it once.
  3. Saw a TPR shirt tonight while working. Wanted to make a comment in character but by the time I realized it was a TPR shirt, it was too late.
  4. That stinks! I got punched in the face last Thursday. And hosts are getting on my nerves. I have one that comes by like once a night and points out easy scares coming up, and another is fascinated by my scare and hangs out for a couple minutes at a time and watches my scare.
  5. The walkway between Shrek 4D and the shrek/Donkey Meet & Greet Area.
  6. True, but the walls, the paintings, the costumes...I've been to several 3D houses at HHN in prior years, but this is the closest its come to HOS's 3D house. Ready for work tomorrow? I'm NOT! I get so TIRED doing my scare...I'm usually a zombie at work the next day. I'm not sure I am either, lol. My scare is also very exhausting. Plus, my hand is sore and kinda hurts to close from gripping my chainsaw all night long.
  7. 3D houses aren't that uncommon, so I wouldn't consider that ripping off. But Vampyr? Yeah, pretty blatant. I guess for a Saturday it was a bit slower than others, but I really didn't feel it until the final shift or two. Homer, you going to HOS this weekend?
  8. Sundays are usually not packed. Saturday's are definitely the busiest, followed the Fridays, and then Thursdays and Sundays are usually the slowest. And this past saturday (1st post-Freaky Preview weekend) usually seems to be the slowest Sat. of the event. But yeah, it is definitely best to get there early. I remember when I attended my first HOS in 2003, it was a Thursday, and I was overwhelmed by how busy the parking lot and front gates were (I arrived around opening). It took me awhile to get in the park, but once I did, I was shocked by how empty the park was.
  9. Yay Club Muse! BTW, I did radiation last night (crazy night last night), and I actually liked it much more than previous 3D houses. It was pretty fun! ZooBoo is cool, they have a couple fairly large houses and a couple smaller houses.
  10. The 21st and the 28th are the Sundays this year (besides last Sunday.)
  11. Sorry to hear that you were fairly disappointed by the evening. Did you experience any lack of scareactors in After Hours? I'm pretty sure it was fully staffed that night.
  12. For me, Dead Silence = beautiful house with cool effects, but absolutely no scares.
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