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  1. Could you guys help a real newbie out, here? DS has RCT3 without the Wild add-on. He has been following this thread, and is dying to download some of the scenery. Can it be done without Wild? Where do we save it? (I know, really stupid question, but I told you I was a real newbie.) What would you recommend to start with? (He's dying to to build some dark rides.) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Julie
  2. Paris Hilton-She is so popular just because she is pretty, and yet she does not really do anything! Hillary Duff- See above. Neil Diamond-I can not believe I am the first one to say this.
  3. Amazing! I love the Journey, and man, I wish I could lmake a park like that.
  4. Hey, everyone! You were so helpful in planning our Cedar Point trip this summer. I thought I'd try again. We're going to be in the UK and France next summer. We thought we'd try to take in a few theme parks, specifically in the UK. Since some of you just came back from what sounds like an *interesting* trip there, I thought I might ask for advice. If you could visit only two theme parks in the UK, which two would you go for? (DS is currently asking about Alton Towers and Blackpool.) Thanks! Julie
  5. Corkscrew at Cedar Point! It is just flat out terrible! My first words getting off it was,''That was awful!"And my mom flat out agreed with me! We did not do that ride again for 2 reasons- It was rough, and we wasted 1 minute of our lives, because it was so short! The only entertaining thing on that thing was this teenager shouting,"My cat's name is Rebecca!'' on the lift hill. Austin
  6. Hey everyone! Thanks for all your encouragement and guidance as we got ready for our trip to CP a few weeks back. I promised Austin he could post a trip report. (Mods feel free to move it if we're not in the right place.) (BTW, I DID survive Millenium Force, but I'll let Austin tell you about that.) Thanks again, Julie Austin begins: Ok. I have had many worries, but I have been now! Cedar Point and BGW are awesome! But anyway, on to awe-fest! We drove for 2 days to Ohio. We checked in to Hotel Breakers (and yes, Millenium Force was closed But, my mom surprised me by taking me into the park! I was expecting only to be able to ride Blue Streak. But, Magnum's maze of rails was empty, so we rode it. This ride is Amazing, with a capital A! (A is for airtime :airtime) Incredible tunnels, great speed, and an even better view than I expected made this the best ride I had ever been on! Wow, that sure made up for no MillForce (think positive) , and notice I said HAD. Made Goliath look bad. After that, we ran over to Iron Dragon. It was a fun ride. I like the mist, and it gave us a view of the things that were awaiting, and it is a suspended coaster. Overall, I give it an 8, my mom gave it a 10. But then, we went to....Corkscrew. Big mistake. It was so rough, when we got off, there were these guys yelling, "You will be sorry!" to the departing guests.I joined in. We headed to the midway.Oh, I forgot to mention, it was only me and mom. We headed to Blue Streak. End of Part I
  7. We just left. It was an awesome trip. Millenium Force opened on the second day we were there and ran smoothly the rest of our trip. We rode FIVE times. We didn't do TTD. But, we did spend a lot of time looking at it. (It was right outside our hotel window.) The lines seemed pretty consistent all day. The good news was that the week days we were there were very uncrowded. Your wait time might be lessened by the fact that you're going on a Wednesday. (Thursday evening we walked on Raptor, Mantis, virtually everything we wanted to. Force wasn't open yet.) No FastPass, but seriously, we didn't need it. Saturday was the only day with real crowds. We only waited max 1/2 hour for Millenium Force once it came up. Have a great time! Julie and Austin
  8. See, you mistake me for a thrill seeker. I want to know where the EASIEST seat on the coaster is, not the BEST seat, silly people! It's my SON who would want to sit in the back. BTW, we're going to hit Coastermania as long as we'll be there. (DS is an ACE member -- a strange Christmas present this past year.) Any chance any other TPR members are heading to Ohio for it? What do we expect? Besides huge crowds, of course. Julie
  9. Yeah! Now there will be peace in my household for the next week! Wish me luck in riding this thing and thanks for all your help. Julie
  10. Your advice and reassurance has helped the nervous 10-year-old out a good bit. Thanks. Don't suppose anyone's going to be there June 2 - 4 ish and would ride it with him if it's open? I'd love an excuse to NOT have to ride MF or TTD with him. (I'm his official coaster buddy. My secret is that I'm not really good at the coaster thing. I'm good for one or two biggies, but then I have to start riding with my eyes closed. Yes, my 10-year-old out does me by a real long shot in the coaster-riding department.) The Wimp
  11. DS read on another (less reliable) board that Millenium Force at Cedar Point has been closed. Anyone out there have any reliable ideas about how long it might stay closed? (DS -- age 10 -- has been having a cow since he read this information. We're going in two weeks, and he's convinced that his life will be worthless if it's true.) Julie
  12. OMG this ride was just plain freaking awesome! Where to begin?! I have no clue. Anyway, it curves 90 degrees out of the station (no thrills yet, unless you're screamin' your head off. As you climb the lift, you are SO full of Anticipation with a capital "A". Then, you drop! The floater airtime on this drop is !!!!!!!!!!! But just when you think the worst is over, you go over 2 EXTREMELY STEEP AND HIGH hills. You hit the turnaround with a double spiral helix, but before you know it, guess what? AN OVERBANKED TURN!!!!!!!!! Going over a few more hills, you finally hit the brakes. This is a GREAT ride!!!!!!!! In fact, as I am typing these words, I can feel the negative G's! If you are into hardcore thrills, DO NOT MISS THIS!!!!!! Austin
  13. Ahem, she's a girl! Ummmm, nah, Austin's just posting under my tag. (This is the REAL JulieWent -- Julie.) Since he's only 10, I don't let him do forums on his own. I know, overprotective mom and all that. But the roller coaster fanatic in this family is definitely a 10 year old boy. I have tried to convince him that Mantis might not be the best choice, but... some of you might know how hard it is for moms to convince their sons of things??? Anyway, thanks for all the great advice. Austin is having a good time reading your comments and dreaming about his upcoming trip. Yes, Shep, errr. Ten year olds have them, too (opinions, that is). Julie
  14. My mom says to tell you thanks. She's an English teacher and makes me check everything before I post. Thanks kenshinmac! I LOVE both airtime and crazy, blistering speed and great changes in direction!
  15. We are going to Cedar Point this summer and I want to go on Magnum. However, I have heard Magnum is a letdown after riding Millenium Force(which I want to go on, also.)What do you think? Is that true? Or were those forums just being all-or-nothing? BTW, as you read above, I want to go on Millenium Force . However, I am a ten year old, so I wonder: would you suggest MF for me? I have been on The Incredible Hulk Coaster (7 upside downs) and Dueling Dragons, Fire and Ice ( 5/5 upside downs) at Universal's Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL, but am I ready for Millenium Force? Please, please, please, I want to know. Austin Roller Coasters>Donkeys
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