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  1. I was curious if any TPR people or anyone has ridden the Steel Eel recently. How does it ride compared to other Morgan hypers?
  2. planning on finding some party somewhere on long island with some people i know and having a few shots of JD!
  3. SHORT!? This thing looks HUGE. Its larger in size than i thought it would be. You are going to see those hills from the parking lot clearly...makes for a nice view.
  4. http://www.tritonlogging.com/ the "underwater harvesting specialists!" whats your favorite over the counter medication?
  5. are you using a trainer to get all the scenery and rides? if so what are you using?
  6. the one thing that sticks out in my memory is the great airtime after the drop. The air hill was sweet!At the time, back in the late 90's it was the most i felt on a looper. My fav part of the ride was the drop. the high corkscrew was so unique and packed a good thrill... TO me it was smooth, i remember nothin brutal about it ...i think i rode it like 6 times in one day. 1 ride at night. Anyone esle remember the red lights on the side of the trains? oh yeah, i went to a thrift store a few years ago and found a Drachen fire t shirt for 75 cents! ill post a pic if you wanna see it. its pretty old school!
  7. can we get some awesome videos of the crashes? i remember seeing some wooden coaster plow thru a wall of peeps near a cliff, it was hysterical! any links?
  8. these are great link, thnx! Another question... Ive seen many flat ride in parks, that im sure used trainers or whatnot to get them. Ive DL'd a bunch of workbenches and all of them dont have a good selection of flats. Is there a trainer that can get you ALL rides? even thos oddly themed coasters?
  9. ^ awesome link man. thanks! this site has a better workbench than the others ive come across plus those track bundles are sweet. that dude deffinitley has some skill. thanks again!
  10. this site does rule! especially the forums..best coaster talk anywhere!
  11. ^ ahh man link is dead. i think it is www.rct-fun.com , they had alot of good stuff! thanks!
  12. omg , totally forgot about that! thanks. Im goin thru an rct2 phase again. i havent played it in a long time, i got the bug for it again. Had to buy it again new, my old disk got scratched, but i got all three add ons with the new one! not bad. thanks again
  13. Hey, im lookin for a Sandbox park, thats completely blank to go nuts with. Is there a download anywhere? Also, is there a trainer that can get you all rides at once? any help would be awesome!
  14. Counter Strike source. Anybody else here frag?
  15. i gotta say BGT. The ride collection is incredible. 3 of the best BMs around and a killer woody, Gwazi. Being from the north east, Im a sucker for palm trees. Dont forget the animals too! they got some good zoo stuff goin there aswell. BGW is stellar as well. Alpengiest is worth the admission alone. I had more fun at BGT though. But both parks rank 1 and 2 on my fav parks list.
  16. i gotta go with Batman & Robin: The Chiller. one of the more intense rides ive ever been on. And Gwazi, for shock value, it suprised me, big time!
  17. i diggin' those silver painted track ties. Lookin good. Is anyone else a little worried about goin over a road and an area outside the park where people can walk? i heard stories of kids throwing rocks at Scorcher as it passes by. Ever wonder if soemone will try somethin really dumb? Oh yeah, i gotta agree with Robb on Apollos Chariot. My least favorite hyper as well. They only good part on the ride is the low speedy turn after the curving 3rd drop - thats some good ridin' right there. But overall it lacks a punch and a solid ending.
  18. "ooooooohhh did i hit crazy stairs?!" lol , i was crackin up at that line...
  19. OMG, where did you see or hear of this? thats an awesome idea. We need more Muppet action!
  20. you gotta see Muppets in Space. Its one of the best.
  21. i know this is off topic sorta but does anyone have a good cropping of Wildfire photos? I have yet to come across some decent shots of the ride.
  22. that rodeo ride is a blast! i remember a few years back, the ride op asked if we wanted to go faster!!! me being scared poopless of spinning and motion mixed together - freaked out and said NOOO!!! whilst everyone esle said YESS!!! They turbo charged that thing. freakeist flat moment ever for me. never again. glad to see it up somehwere so people can experience it too!
  23. Shes not too bad, shes a way better guitar player than a singer. You gotta hand it to her there.
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