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  1. I'm mainly going to the park for enjoyment. Just want a little something to document the trip and stuff. Quality isn't reallly super important. But it does need to be able to connect to the computer so I can edit it. Let me know if you need any other info thanks
  2. Hey there, so I'm looking to buy a new camcorder in the next couple of days. Its first major task would be Universal/IOA. I'm not looking to do much on ride stuff, just filming around the parks. What type or specific model do you suggest??? Thanks
  3. Yesterday, on April 8th, I went to Knott's after a band festival. After reading Robb's last couple trip reports, i was a litle worried about he trip, but after reading the sign, EVERYTHING WAS OPEN!!!!! and it was not lying. The day started out like typical Knott's though. Out first ride of the day was suposed to be Ghostrider, but during the line, it broke. Ohh well. The rest of the day was great. There were no more break downs and short lines. We got on everything 3+ times. I wish i had pictures to go with this, but I couldn't bring my cammera.
  4. I'm going to Knott's on friday for a band festival (yes im a band nerd 8) ) I am really hoping that it won't be as bad as Robb's last couple visits.
  5. hey guys, I was at this event today, and i won a bunch of tickets to 3 theme parks in a raffle. I got 2 tickets to disneyland, 2 to magic mountain, and 4 to 6 flags marine world. I've been to and love disneyland and magic mountain, but I have not been to marine world. Is a cool park?
  6. the coaster on the stratosphere is comin' off and fallin all the way down to the floor lol
  7. I don't know about you, but I love crashing coasters in sandbox mode One time i built a reverse freefall and shot it into the crowd at 150 mph while I was on it it was so cool
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