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  1. ^ please, please explain to us how you think this reaction is stupid? i prefer our gov. and police to think everything is bomb first than have anything happen. its the post 9/11 world and i sure dont want to relive another day like that again... not everyone is in the know on tv shows or things like that.
  2. if i remember correctly, they even plugged the VCR in! lol.
  3. good for press, stupid on all other levels. how did it not enter their brains that this could possibly backfire? look at that thing. Ide like to know who actually put these things up or made them knowing theyd be installed in a city. Back in my highschool days someone left a VCR in a bathroom, the whole school district was shut down for a day or two with bomb scares. very dumb.
  4. i wish that more of these would be made. there seems to be some cool posibilities with theming and what not.
  5. my theory is that some chicks, of an older age or what not, do not like to run from coaster to coaster and ride to ride at a park. If your with someone whos not into coasters as much as you , try makin a smoother day of it for them by not goin ride crazy, im sure theyll enjoy it more if its not all about rides...you dig?
  6. eh you never know... they may just get told to remove them, not necessarily sued. Im glad theres a new invert on the way though. My lasy invert last year was Great Bear.. makes me wanna plan a trip to BGT... lets hope this new one has some forces!
  7. can they get sued for those pics of other coasters being up there? just curious...
  8. thanks a bunch dude! i had to change the channel on my router, you hooked me up with some good info. thanks again!
  9. hey i have a quick tech quesiton. i got my Wii online, but i get an Error code: 32002 as it trys to update. anyobne know what thats about?
  10. im hooking mine up to the net tonite! what can you do with it online? can you bowl against people and stuff like that?
  11. hah! we just about hit 30 degrees down here tonite. go fig... the temp dropped quickly in about two hours. i think our "flurries" are coming friday. hooray! ugh.... i just want a nice pleasant snowstorm so i can have the day off from work, gotta love that.
  12. damn! nothing like an iced car to clean off... i wish we had some snow here on Long Island. its all damp, rainy and oddly warm - just miserable. i miss the snow and my boots...
  13. hit up Bleeker St. - downtown , theres a bunch of blocks to walk around. lots of cool stuff around there. good record shops, clothing, etc... Grab a burger or beer at the "Slaughtered Lamb". Cool place to eat.
  14. hey i just got my wii! i just wanna know what everyone is doing on it together? whatcha all playin?
  15. im playing CS Source , and CS source DM now (with stats). Good stuff, the game still rocks.
  16. awwe, im gonna miss that creepy floater air when you hit the top and stop, that always freaked me out. sucks to see it go, but time for somethin new!
  17. i figured, im a little behind on the RCT, been playin too much NL...
  18. hey thanks! looks like soaked and wild are the right ones to get! amazonhas a good deal, so ill check it out. thanks again
  19. i could be wrong but i thought in an add-on, like Wild, the offered more track styles for the game. like better turns and inversions. any idea which add on is best?
  20. hey peeps, im askin for RCT3 for the holidays and i wanna know what add-ons have the cool track styles, like the larger swooping turns and better 0-g roll parts. i saw RCT3 with Soaked + Wild add on (which-i may be wrong-includes the new tracks styles) on amazon. is that what i need to be good to go? any help would rock. thanks.
  21. from my experience, i found its best to cut all ties and move on and dont stay friend. future relatiohships weather g/f or b/f will think your ex is still important to you and they may feel like you have a better connection to them than your new g/f or b/f. its not worth it at all.
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