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  1. oh man...that was brutal! lol. looks like fun!
  2. phewwww! i got up this morning and wanted to go... good thing i didnt. You had the day i thought it was goin to be...thanks for TR, now i dont feel so bad.
  3. i own 2 Ibanez guitars. The Jet King II and a cheap GAX70. They are work horse guitars and after 5 years and a number bangs, gigs, hot - cold temps, drops, swings ..etc... the GAX70 still plays damn well. I bought a mex Telecaster and it was a disaster from the get-go. Theres good and bad in all. You just have to play everything you can, dont just buy a Gibson for the sake of owning a Gibson (some people are like that). Play the crap guitars, play USED guitars ( they usualy prove they are worthy) sample a little of this an that. youll come across soemthing.
  4. depends on what you play too. i noticed out of a Fender Twin Reverb amp i can not get the tones i like that a STRAT makes than a guitar with humbuckers, like a Gibson. Both are good guitars. In my opinion and experience, Mex and Jap strats are poorly made. Youll run into tunning issues and neck issues without a doubt. I would stay away from a cheap strat - unless you can find one with a hardtail style bridge. Since you seem to have money to spend, look at G&L Guitars - They were Leo Fenders company after he sold Fender to CBS. American made and super good quality - but costly , 800$ and up for a strat. check the out.
  5. from watching the animations and testing vids on youtube, you knew that inversion was something brutal from the beggining - either to the track or the rider. its a bummer to see it go. atleast now no one can brag and say they rode it!
  6. wow! far more intense looking than i thought it would come to be. Robb, how was that high banked s-curve? that part looks so aggresive and sweet... thanks for the vid!
  7. i can not stand it when a barber or anyone in a barber shop calls you "boss". lol i dont know about where you all live but around LI here you hear "wassup boss" or " what are we doin today boss?" ... drives me nuts.
  8. ^^ hey shepp, how were the arctic monkeys live?
  9. haha, great pic! that dude in the red isnt really paying attention to the game...lol cool pics man, good to see some coney island love.
  10. i just got my White Stripes tix for MSG! hell yes!!
  11. i just saw JET at Webster Hall in NYC, great show and a great venue.
  12. would be awesome...it can happen ya know... Official Entry #2 inflatable ronald and yeti action
  13. i took a nap earlier and woke up to the commercial, literally, i had a pillow over my head and i pryed my eyes open to make sure what i was seeing was real, it freaked me out. at first i thought it was a game. very intense ad.
  14. surfing the web today and came across this intruiging video....lol http://my.break.com/media/view.aspx?ContentID=261048 clever but ridiculous. anyone wanna take a ride?
  15. the best air i have dealt with is SROS @ SFNE. serious forces there. cant wait to try El Toro this year...
  16. yes MST3k! love the show. i went to their convention in NYC a few years back. Joel was there with Dr. Foster and Frank. it was pretty funny. I had Kevin Murphy say " RUTH!" to me, it freaked me out. lol then he drew a little pic of Tom Servo and signed it! good stuff!
  17. yeah man, that thing is haulin'! especially around that final turn... that appears to be quicker than i thought it would be.
  18. found a vid hey check out that train at night! looks pretty sweet...
  19. wow, Kumbas new paint is already starting to get dirty. sucks. she looked so pretty all cleaned up...
  20. change is good somtimes. if they get their thinking caps on right, they possibilities can be pretty good with themeing and all. People will connect with it too, and kids will dig it for sure. It will be the equivalent to adding a Star Wars attraction, people will show up to check it out just because its Star Wars, you dig?
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