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  1. Robb I love the new style video! So nice hearing the same answers all at once, rather than listening to long rambling or painful interviews. Great job, and thank you for gathering that information for us! As to some of the interviewees being cocky. Just remember what they are ultimately there to do, sell product. I've never met a single sales person that isn't cocky in some way.
  2. Although GADV is losing a classic (Let's face it they didn't take perfect care of it which turned a lot of riders away) that leaves a massive area for future improvements! Who knows maybe one year we will see RMC do a dueling remake of Rolling Thunder... As far as the drop towers, it's about time! Since Stuntmans Freefall was removed there has been nothing of the type in the park. I'm excited to see the changes next year, and years following.
  3. Wow... I'm loving the updates so far. It is amazing to see thing what would never happen in the US. Ihope you guys have a blast in Japan!
  4. Wonderful as always chuck! I cannot wait to see more!
  5. Looks freaking amazing! I love the fact that all these parks are putting in these multi launched coasters, they are a blast! Wish I could afford a Scandinavia trip!
  6. Chuck this is awesome! I cannot wait for you to post the rest, I'm sure it will be very interesting!
  7. Excellent! Great trip report so far! I feel like I'm there without having to smell it!
  8. They should have lit the entire thing on fire! That's about all it's worth!
  9. Jason and Andrew, You both did a fantastic job! The pictures and Video is fantastic! Than you both so very much for heading out in the cold to take fantastic pictures! Here is to hoping I can get out there this season!
  10. I think it is odd that the Leviathan has fewer supports on the lift!
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