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  1. ^ Thanks! Funny you should make that comment today because I finally have the next part of this to share. I mean, it's only been what, a month? Goodness. Day 3: Olympics Stuff! No, there are absolutely no roller coasters featured in this portion. But if you really want to see something cool, then watch this. It's relevant. Promise. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_Zt8O-99Wo After Happy Valley Beijing, we visited Beijing Olympic Park. I was ecstatic to get a little more up close and personal with the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube since the night before, I’d only se
  2. Thank you again for the kind words and thank you also for your patience! Let’s get this rolling again: Day 3: Happy Valley Beijing I was really excited to finally see one of the Happy Valley parks. I’d heard they were beautifully themed and that I might swoon at the sight of a real Vekoma SLC, the latter of which really exemplifies the desperate nature of the coastering situation after just two days of knock-offs. And you know what? It was a beautiful park. Quite impressive, actually. Combine that with Crystal Wings and the fact that I was seeing the sun for the first time since
  3. ^^ It also contains renegade mold colonies in its bathroom sinks!
  4. At first glance, yes--but then I remembered I'd seen trip reports with the shooting ride and put two and two together. It was still highly entertaining. There are two guns on the car and at least on mine, they had different sound effects. Amusing, to say the least. Do you remember that Chairlift of Death, Scraggly Branches and Very Large Scary Arachnids attraction in Jamaica? Brought back some fond memories, this trip did.
  5. Wow, the front page twice now? Thank you! And thank you very much for the comments and bonus Angus McNasty photos, everyone!! I’m glad you are enjoying this, as I’m having a lot of fun making it Continuing on... Day 2, Part 2: Sun Park From Shijingshan, we inched our way (because that’s the fastest way you can get anywhere in Beijing; I am quite certain that hitching a ride on a sloth would be more efficient) to Sun Park. There we found six coasters, a pretty decent amount of flat rides and enough color to render the Crayola factory insipid and gloomy by comparison. I was als
  6. I am honored Angus McNasty made an appearance in my thread, so I decided the best way to thank you was to introduce Angus to Maxine. Keep up the great work, as always! She's fat, she's bad and she's totally single.
  7. HOORAY, Chuck's China TR has begun! I have been looking forward to this
  8. Day 2, Part 1: Beijing Shijingshan Park Originally I was planning on putting all of day 2 into one post, but both parks we visited that day are large enough that I decided to separate them. The day began at Shijingshan Park, which has eight coasters plus one SBNO. The reviews I read going in were that this was a place of quantity over quality and I have to admit, that actually had me looking forward to it. Today was the day to see if all the horror stories about Chinese-manufactured rides were true, and even if I walked away thinking none of the coasters were memorable, I figured a
  9. Wow, the front page of TPR?!??! Gosh, I feel so famous! Thanks And thank you also for the comments, everyone! Day 1: Beijing Area Sightseeing The first official day of the trip was spent not riding coasters, but rather visiting several of the Beijing area’s most iconic landmarks: the Great Wall (at Badaling), Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. Admittedly, I’m no expert in Chinese history, so I read a bit before the trip to try and get a better appreciation of where I’d be going (and for those who are interested, I do recommend the book Wild Swans by Jung Chang, which re
  10. The post vacation blues have set in. My suitcase is sitting on the floor and I am in no hurry to unpack it. I reached for a bottle of water to brush my teeth earlier and got kind of sad when I remembered I could use tap water again (okay, that one might have been an exaggeration). Everyone always said TPR trips were some of the best times of their lives. They were right. I’m still kind of in awe that I got to go to China. It was a little surreal to know that I was on the opposite side of the world. I’d wanted to go to China since I was a kid playing Street Fighter on Super Nintend
  11. Get out, the Blackbeard's coaster is STILL closed? Did you notice if it still had orange tape all over the track? Apparently it needed welding in 14 places! Also, I'm disappointed you never got into Rotary Storyland--lots of charm, even if it should be renamed The Spider Web Capital Of The Universe.
  12. I am pretty sure this is the part where I wiped out horrifically and had scratches and bruises up my shin the rest of the trip! Would have been a lot worse if Joey's hand hadn't appeared out of nowhere to save me, though! Thanks again, Joey! Dunn's River Falls was one of the most fun experiences of my life
  13. I love, love, love your trip reports Joey! You always include some really amazing photos plus some pretty funny captions. Awesome job
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