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  1. The On-Ride is filmed whit spin locked, for you can see the layout. The music is "Wheel Of Fortune" it is in the cd "Pirates of the Caribbean 2". And, finaly, I have many problems whit the people who download the coasters (pick my 3D´s, and pirating my layout...). I decided don´t put the donwload.
  2. This is the video of all my creations since January 2007. Enjoy It! Comment Please
  3. Well, this is the first proyect by G&V coasters (the union of Gurzu & Vico) Is a "Spinning Coaster" of Maurer Shöene, of 28 meters of height, and a tour really soft and full of changes of bankings, turns, etc... It is set in the former Middle Ages, where a young man called Copernicus was trying to demonstrate that the Sun was the center of the Universe and that all the planets were turning about and on it same ... for it, he invented a machine that could turn on if same and in addition do a tour on the buildings of the city that they were imitating to the Sun, yes to show better his theory. But the thing went out badly, and the pot began to turn as madman and lost completely his course. And the chance wanted that you were mounted when the device failed. It relies on 3 sections of stopped and 1 of pre - stopped at the end of the circuit. Unlike many coasters, this one has a progressive difference, bony, that in the 1 º drop does not come already up to the soil, for example. Later I leave you the list of information of reference, photos and a video rather miser done with the Movie Maker: PICS VIDEO I know than the music isn´t good to the video, but I made the video in 15 minutes Rate & Comment please!!
  4. No problem. To record in "fraps" is necessary put the resolution of the game aprox. in 460x320 or 650x520. Then already you use the fraps as always, but though in the game one sees badly, then the video it records well and without problems.
  5. Awesome coasters! but I have a question for the creator of Rita... the other coaster I can say in the video... is a 3D¿?
  6. Hey everyone! I give you the video POV of my new coaster. 1.120 metres More of 45 metres height 120 km/h 4 G´s -1,5 G´s Turns, Floating Air-Time & Speed... Comment and rate please
  7. Nice pics guy!!! I can´t wait to see more!! But were is this... "Terminator"¿¿??
  8. I think that many parks fans do it. But is a great video, explain it and I can understand a little, and I laught with yours! P.D: The Cm´s not saying nothing about film this video? lol
  9. Me in the Simpsons lol Dibujo.bmp Yeaaaah! I´m cool guy! lol lol
  10. In the helix, the head to the peoples crash in the brakes track!!!!
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