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  1. I finally won something. The wait is now at 1hour and 45mins. A great time to jump in and play kind of quinkly/
  2. A TPR shot of love. Chris and Robb share a shot and their love..
  3. Not true, I live in Tampa and the commercial DID air, and it DID promote the offer.
  4. The Pittsburgh Steelers are SuperBowl XLIII Champions...
  5. The Cardinals have been strong the past 3 weeks, but my pick goes to the Steelers in this one. Steelers 24 - Cardinals 13 In other news it has been very interesting seeing the Super Bowl being put together. I Live in tampa and everyday on my way to class i pass the stadium and everyday there is something new set up. I'm planning on going to the NFL experience next friday.
  6. I think it will be Steelers vs. Eagles... I go to school right across from raymond james stadium where this year superbowl is being held. Everyday there is more and more stuff being set up for the NFL Experience.
  7. AFC Championship (#6) Baltimore Ravens at (#2)Pittsburgh Steelers NFC Championship (#6)Philadelphia Eagles at (#4)Arizona Cardinals
  8. My First ever photoshop contest entry, but made with MSPaint. Official JMan Entry
  9. Great photos!, wow the track lot really filled up since I was there in early october.
  10. i posted pics of the lift hill track, but sadly that doesn't count . But, in the background of one picture i believe it may be main track.
  11. Forgot 2 more pics. Now i added 1 more, i thouhgt i added these last time but i didnt. New added at 3:00
  12. I got manta pics from today 10/10/08!! I spoted it while being lost around the seaworld area. thumbs up for manta me and manta on truck Manta track
  13. Eric Clapton I just got home a few hours ago from it.
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