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  1. That first picture of Maverick's drop Great photos so far, I'm really enjoying your report!
  2. Great pictures, I can't wait to see more! Makes me wanna go back and ride Magnum right now.
  3. Wildcat at Hersheypark about a week ago. The ride was running quite well, a little better than it has in previous years.
  4. The longest I have waited was a little over 2 hours for Kingda Ka back in 2006. It was running two trains but broke down as well. Besides that I have waited an hour an a half for El Toro, Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, Maverick, and Talon. But most of the time I hit the parks on weekdays so I never really wait more than 30 minutes tops.
  5. I have only been out to Sandusky once but when I went I stayed at Breakers Express. It was a GREAT hotel for the price and all the park perks that were included. Very friendly staff and comfortable beds.
  6. That is great news to hear the poll has a green light. I sure hope he gets better soon! I think the poll should be done in January anyway. The coaster season goes on in December in many parts of the world and some people may not get to those parks till after to votes are already in.
  7. ^ I would like to see a system similar to Millennium Force. 3 train operation with a separate load and unload station. They have no problems with moving people through the line of that ride!
  8. I have been checking his website every few days to see if it had been released yet. Filling out the ballets is one of my favorite things to do in the off season.
  9. Who's to say that if Maurer or a company besides B&M and Intamin were to build a hyper that it couldn't be just as good. These companies have never built a ride on that scale. I would be very excited if a new company built a hyper at Hershey. It would be a whole new ride experience and maybe the ride turns out better than some B&M and Intamin coasters. I'm not saying I would not love to see an Intamin hyper at Hershey. But I would love to see something new that has not been done before, Hershey tends to be pretty unique.
  10. For the most part I would say B&M's inverts are the most intense to me. Alpengeist, Batman the Ride, and Raptor are the 3 most intense B&M's I've ridden.
  11. I have always wondered why Apollo's chariot and Nitro had such speed differences when their drops are almost the same. Apollo has a 210 foot drop at 65 degrees and goes 73mph, while Nitro drops 215 feet at 66 degrees going 80mph. Both rides have the same trains with the same amount of seats. Does 5 feet and 1 degree really cause a 7 mph difference?
  12. By the way it looks this is going to be great for I305. The main reason i didn't go to KD this year was because of the trim brake and I was hoping they would fix the problem in the offseason. It seems like they did not wait to get started! I hope this repair will eliminate the trims from the first drop. That drop looks to sexy to be covered up like that. haha
  13. ^ I've also noticed that about El Toro, everyone that rides it that I know all think its the best coaster they have ever been on. As for a certain element on a wooden coaster that I would like to see, have a few suggestions. Maybe there could be an overbanked turn? I don't know if that would be too stressful on the structure though. I love the idea of a double down in a dark tunnel. The second drop would be unexpected and would be a great thrill. Low to the ground turns like on El Toro would be a great choice for a new ride, just make that section of the ride longer than El Toro's.
  14. I personally hope Hershey is building a hyper of some sort. Even if hypers are a mainstream ride they usually are the best or second best ride in the park. I am expecting an awesome ride with a very unique layout as Hershey has done in the past.
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