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  1. First, let me say, "WOW!" I never expected to get so much feedback. I really appreciate everyone's honesty, even if some of it was a little off-topic. I have been working with designers in order to get just the right kind of coaster. My thinking, since we are going to be a "family" theme park, was to design a dueling coaster in which one side would be the track for the "family to ride" (which would have smooth turns with no big drops or sharp drops), and one side for the thrill-seeker. It's just a thought, mind you. I've also thought about a barrel-roll coming out of a 90-degree turn. But then again, that is just something I was toying with on the design. No matter what I want this ride fast. I like the idea of wooden tunnels and of having the ride go underground (but, being in Louisiana, can't go underground! First rain and it would flood, leaving us to pump out the water like crazy.). I think everyone will be pleased with the outcome, by and large! Tell ya what! When it comes time to open, Robb, I will let you and the TPR members of your choosing be among the first to ride. You can have yourself a contest or something, it's up to you. (We can hash out the details later.) thanks again everyone for your support and help! See you at IAAPA! I'll be there the 17th and 18th. Jeff Hensley Owner / Bon Temps Family Theme Park jeff@louisianathemepark
  2. Hi all, this is Jeff Hensley, the guy that is starting up the Theme Park in South Louisiana, anyways... When it comes to wooden coasters, is there anything specific that you think that wooden coasters are missing today? Maybe some element you really want to see? And let me also ask, Is there a particular element to an existing wooden coaster that has made the ride the most exciting for you? I ask because we are currently in the design process for our wooden coaster and I respect the members here to give me honest feedback as to you like to ride. We want this coaster to be the best! Thanks again for your time, Jeff Hensley Owner / President Bon Temps Family Theme Park Inc. jeff@louisianathemepark.com
  3. Hi gang, So far we are working with our investor to determine just how big we will start with. Whether it will just be a Theme Park and Hotel or if we will open more. But things are looking up! -Jeff Hensley jeff@louisianathemepark.com
  4. Hi everyone, Just wanted to say that we have a new website up at www.louisianathemepark.com and you can search for us on Facebook at Louisiana Theme Park. Again, I want to say thank you for everyone who has sent encouragement and support our way. This is a very daunting task, but so far everything is falling in to place. We are looking to finish raising all the necessary funds for the bonds we will be getting soon, and then moving on to permits and breaking ground! We'll do our best to keep everyone posted on what's going on. thank you again for all the ideas! - Jeff Hensley owner / ceo Louisiana Theme Park
  5. Hi again, Just FYI, we have another domain up at http://www.louisianathemepark.com thanks again to all, -Jeff Hensley
  6. We have planned about 3 phases in the park, before we get to creating another park in another state, but we are looking into other states and trying to identify needs. But, in all honesty, if we went to another area, it probably wouldn't be until another 5-6 years from now. All I can say is, look for things to be in this park that you don't expect! This isn't a kiddie park we're building, or a park with thrillseekers and teens as their only audience. We're first and foremost focusing on families. Now, that doesn't mean we won't have thrill rides, but the objective is to provide a fun destination for the whole family. Above all, we have done our research, and will bring to the area a very unique Theme Park that will bring in the crowds! - Jeff Hensley jeff@bigfunpark.com ps. I will try to check-in to this thread once a week or so, and try to get to everyone's question when I can!
  7. I have been very overwhelmed with an outcry of thank you's for getting this park up and off the ground. First, let me say that I love this site and have checked it out for many years. (I think I even worked with Robb once or twice at Disneyland, but that's another story...) Secondly, myself and others have been planning this for years now. We have picked out several locations that will work well, with our number one spot being easily seen and very easy to get to from Highway 90, one of the major routes to and from New Orleans. We know that the weather here is very unbearable at times, so we have planned all we can into keeping guests out of the sun and either into buildings, or under sail-cloth or some other kind of awnings. And there will be plenty if misters and fans to go around. There are a lot of top secret things I can't discuss yet about the park, but I can say that we have our funding, and we are currently seeking sponsors for some of the rides. Some things I can say are: - we will be open year-round - we will offer a couple different coasters in the park, including a wooden roller coaster - we will offer a special "Halloween event" like most parks do. - we will offer special deals to to CLUB TPR Members! If you have any questions, feel free to send them to me at jeff@bigfunpark.com or write them here. I can answer questions, but I won't reply to statements like "you know what you need to put in the park...". I feel those kinds of statements are rude. I look forward to opening the park and seeing you all there! -Jeff Hensley -Owner / CEO Big Fun Theme Park -ps. By the way, both the name Big Fun Theme Park and the website, www.bigfunpark.com, are just placeholders. We plan on having a contest and letting the public choose the name for the park! -pss. And Robb, I will make sure we have a Vault ICEE Machine somewhere in the park just for you!
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