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  1. I Searched for a topic but couldnt find, where do you save scenario's/parks on your computer for them to appear on RCT3? thanks
  2. took the words right from my mouth! Hope you get far
  3. Artist: Pleasure Rooms Album: Scouse Nation 2 Price: £20 Number of tracks: 53 Your Rating 1 bad - 5 good: 5 Album art? \/
  4. Artist: Album: Price: Number of tracks: Your Rating 1 bad - 5 good: Album art?
  5. how do i change my 3d hardware acceleration? my NL runs very slow and on the menu there is a message at the bottom of the screen reading: Warning: No 3D hardware acceleration found thanks for the help
  6. i recorded a video on my phone of the traumatizer in southport but the file type is 3gp how can i convert it to wmv or another file type recognised by windows movie maker? i'll upload the video in the videos section when it is done
  7. Pleasure Rooms - Rock 2 The Rhythm - Summer Sessions 06 wouldn't surprise me if you havn't heard of the pleasure rooms you can download some of them off limewire
  8. i have an ipod nano 2gb black and i have no room for more songs lol
  9. there is no point in diving the biggest example has got to be ronaldo i HATE him its not because portugal beat us, but its because he plays for man united and i see him diving all the time just ruins the game
  10. When the tournament first opened, i wanted the netherlands to win i knew that england wouldnt win because they are too slow and some of the players were unfit but as it reaced the semi-final round i wanted italy to win as that is the league i like the most (apart from england obviously lol) so i think i will be buying myself an italy shirt in hopes that they lift the world cup
  11. Screens: Vampire Stand up coaster Overview of the park The Beast
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