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  1. Yes it is. And to make it even more strange, their Arrow suspended coaster Vampire has 110cm requirement and their spinning coaster 120cm. And both coasters can be more extreme than the wild mouse.
  2. Giant Dipper @ Belmont Park, with a distance of around 5666miles or 9115km
  3. I heard something about that Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop from the same park as the Triple Loop coaster. Indiana Beach would also have bought this rollercoaster. Is that true? That would be awesome because there aren't many shuttle loop coasters left in the world.
  4. I am interested too. But was it only about a refurb or a full replacement?
  5. They don't have the maps i am looking for. I've already also tried the "way back machine", but this only seems to work for one or two items.
  6. Hello, I am searching for some old digital themepark maps from parks i've visited back in 2009. These maps have to be digital (pdf, jpg, gif, etc) and from the year 2009. The maps i'm looking for are from: * Boomers Dania Beach (Greater Ft.Lauderdale) * Fun Spot Kissimmee * Old Town Kissimmee * Busch Gardens Tampa * Sea World Orlando * Universal Resort Orlando (incl maps from Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and Citywalk) * Walt Disney World Resort (incl maps from Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, Boardwalk and Downtown Disney) Hopefully you guys can help me with this.
  7. Yes, that story about the EU funding is true. But the owner of Energylandia is also the owner of the countries largest Energydrinks compagnie and he owns at least 2 of the biggest nightclubs in the country. And that is were they get most of the money from for the park. So why are you thinking about money laundering conspiracies?
  8. Thanks for this information about the new plans for the expansion.
  9. No, Taz was the former Thriller, a different Schwarzkopf coaster with four vertical loops. But Taz also finally ended in Mexico. Sadly it is removed from that park a couple of years ago and probably scrapped
  10. 1.Nemesis 2.Montu 3.Katun 4.Oziris 5.Batman (SFMM) & (PWM) Others i've done are: Nemesis Inferno, Flightdeck (CGA), Silver Bullet, Black Mamba, Duelling Dragons
  11. Do you have a link to those documents? I still love to see them. Yes i know these plans are not about the B&M. That B&M coaster is constructed in the existing park and those plans are about the expention on the parkinglot next to the park
  12. Where did you find these previews? That multi-launch coaster looks pretty interessting.
  13. 1. WildFire 2. Helix 3. Shambhala 4. Red Force 5. Tatsu 6. Montu 7. Katun 8. Expedition Geforce 9. Nemesis 10. Goliath (SFMM)
  14. I think a lot of you know about Tranan @ Skara Sommerland in Sweden. This is an S&S Free-Fly coaster opened for the public in 2009. This is a very fun coaster for the whole family. I can remember S&S had in the same time this concept debuted on the internet, a much more extreme version of the same concept. When I am right, that coaster was more of a thrillcoaster, with a different layout including steep drops and probably real inversions. Does anyone of you have more information about that extreme free fly concept? Like artwork and video's? I can't find anything about it on the internet now.
  15. Gröna Lund posted an impressive construction update on their facebook page. That's a huge hole in the ground for the future station of that B&M inverted coaster Source: https://www.facebook.com/gronalundstivoli/
  16. Yes, that is also my problem. But for now my first visit to Energylandia will be in 2020 for sure. I can't wait any longer to ride Hyperion and that RMC. If you want to wait till construction is over in Poland, it is the same situation like in Orlando, construction never stops. Here is a pic of the Zadra construction from yesterday. https://www.skyscrapercity.com/showpost.php?p=155342012&postcount=17538
  17. You are right, but it was hard to see on my smartphone. So I probably picked the wrong picture/
  18. Construction for Zadra (The RMC) already started, and the coaster could probably open late 2019, with the full themed area expected to open spring 2020. Source: https://www.skyscrapercity.com/showpost.php?p=155270868&postcount=17512 But what about all the other announched new rollercoasters expected for Energylandia in the future? I read many different messages from many different sources and all telling something different. Some say the launched Vekoma could also open in 2020, but others tell it will be 2021 or even 2022. What is the date the themepark themselfs have told the world? And what about the future Vekoma tiltcoaster and minetrain?
  19. That is looking terrible. Hopefully this is only a temporary solution and will the park put that hotrod front back on the train after the possible problems are solved.
  20. Hmmm, just like for everyone else it will be difficult for me too, to do a top 10 without B&M, Intamin, RMC, Gravity Group, GCI, or CCI coasters. But I'll give it a try 1. Helix - Liseberg 2. Stuntfall - PWM / Deja Vu - SFMM 3. Stealth - PGA 4. Wild Mouse - Blackpool Pleasure Beach 5. Dania Beach Hurricane - Boomers Dania Beach 6. Grand National - Blackpool Pleasure Beach 7. Olympia Looping - German fairs 8. Muntanya Russa - Tibidabo 9. Montezooma's Revenge - Knott's Berry Farm 10. Expedition Everest - Animal Kingdom
  21. Definitely: The big USA trip - Coney island New York (* = First time visit) - Six Flags Great Adventure (*) - Busch Gardens Williamsburg (*) - Kings Dominion (*) - Carowinds (*) - Dollywood (*) - Holiday World (*) - Kentucky Kingdom (*) - Kings Island (*) - Kennywood (*) - Cedar Point (*) - Six Flags New England (*) - Walibi Holland
  22. Here's my short list: Tallest steel: 1. Superman: Escape from Krypton - 415ft 2. Red Force - 367,3ft 3. Shambhala - 249,3ft 4. Silver Star - 239,5ft 5. Goliath (SFMM) - 235ft 6. Speed The Ride (Nascar Cafe) - 224ft 7. Big One - 213ft 8. Stealth (Thorpe Park) - 205,1ft 9. Xcelerator - 205ft 10. Big Apple Coaster - 203ft 11. Sheikra - 200ft Tallest woodie: 1. Wildfire - 183,8ft 2. Colossos (Heidepark) - 164ft 3. Colossus (SFMM) - 125ft 4. Coaster Express - 120ft 5. Balder - 118.1ft 6. Gwazi - 105.4ft 7. Robin Hood - 105ft 8. Troy - 104.5ft 9. Dania Beach Hurricane - 100ft 10. Mammut - 98.4ft
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