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  1. I'd give the Troika car a hug and make it
  2. Tomahawk and Treasure Mountain are gone ... those were two of my favorite rides
  3. It's back up and running for me
  4. Ramses looks like a lot of fun . For the people with Firefox that can't watch embedded videos, you can download them with the plug in "Download Them All!"
  5. Glad to see I am not the only one
  6. I am not sure why but the main page no longer loads for me. Is there something wrong with the page or did something happen on my end? Screen shot of the problem.
  7. Yeah, because accidents like this always mean certain doom for the park
  8. When isn't a lawsuit brewing in America? That's not to say this girl doesn't have a legitimate case though.
  9. A cable like that can easily cut through a person. Just imagine it moving like a whip.
  10. Hellevator is exacting it's revenge! That happened in the best possible place for medical extraction though, since it's right at the entrance.
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