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1. Montu (but I hear it's only a shadow of it's former self)

2. Dueling Dragons (Fire)

3. Batman: SFMM - I love that the old front gate truck is tipped over on it's side in the queue - they didn't have to do much else to it

4. Dueling Dragons (Ice)

5. Raptor

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Top 5 Inverts:

1. Alpengeist (especially at nite).

2. Raptor (in the rain..lol).

3. Talon (with a trainload of Hooters girls).

4. Montu (no screamers).

5. Top Gun @ PCW (w/out the mist).

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Here's my top inverts:

1.Dueling Dragons-Fire

2.Dueling Dragons-Ice



5a.Top Gun-Tthe Jet Coaster

5b.Batman-The Ride


All six are in my Top 20 list for steel coasters.

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My top five Inverts are:

1. Nemises- Everything about it is just sooo cool.

2. Alpengeist- It was awesome in 2000 (last time I rode it)

3. Top Gun (PGA)- Best Invert in CA and best Steel in Nor Cal.

4. Batman- Intense and close to me too

5. Great Bear- Underrated. Better then that other Invert in PA, IMO.


Others I've ridden are Silver Bullet and Talon.

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^ I can guarantee you that Raptor will still be ahead of Nemesis Inferno by a lot based on all the reviews I've heard on both of them. Nemesis and Raptor, though, will probably come up to personal preference.


Dueling Dragons (not Dualing Dragons) Fire

Dueling Dragons (not Dualing Dragons) Ice

Top Gun PGA



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I haven't really done as many B&M inverts as I'd like, so here goes:


1. Great Bear - something about NOT going directly into the first drop just rocks.


2. Raptor - nice long layout.


3. Batman: The Ride, specifically SFGADV, specifically BEFORE the yellow paintjob when the "Gotham junk" theming was still there.

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