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  1. 4 out of 10 for me, TTD, MF, Thunder Dolphin and Fujiyama - all done in the summer of 2005. I really need to get back to the states or Japan! Have been on Goliath and Silver Star - but I don't count those in the top ten.
  2. I think that this link fits in with this topic thread. Accidently stumbled across it when I was searching for a picture of a limo. http://www.chicagolimochoice.com/wedding.html
  3. Having been a Brit that's done both SFMM and CP and the idea that you Go for Socal. Less driving and to be honest it's easy to adjust to driving on the wrong side of the road. Not only is there SFMM, Knotts but USH, Sea World, DCA and DL, plus Santa Monica Pier. Plenty of credits and you get to experience the Hollywood Thang. If you've got 10 days, then why not combine with Vegas - fly or drive? Of course Cedar Point is far more superior to SFMM but why not do that when our economy gets better.
  4. In fact just found this shot and it was British Red, White and Blue. They don't do ride photos like this anymore! My first ride on the Corkscrew circa 1990. It was good once!
  5. Surely you could do the lot! 35 days is plenty of time. It's very easy to do 2+ parks in a day. I managed to do it back in the summer of 2005. CosmoWorld and Sea Paradise can be done in a day. Plus you can visit Landmark Tower and ride a Bullet Train to get there to boot. Yomiuriland and Toshimaen ar another combo. I managed to fit in the Skyscrapers at Shinjuku in the same day. Tobu Zoo (which at the time just had Regina as its highlight) is easily reached from Asakusa train station (about an hour). This station is close to the small park of Hanayashiki which is also near to the Sensoji Shrine. I managed this in a day and still managed LaQua in the evening. The latter park great fun watching all the businessmen having a go on Thunder Dolphin before going home from work. Some ideas for your consideration.
  6. That was such a cool show. The Freefall looked huge back in 1984. Remember it yes. Watch it now you can. The Corkscrew will always have a place in the heart of 30-40 British Somethings, it was that iconic. It was once THE ride you sort out to go on first, much like Nemesis now. Maybe it should be boxed up and sent to Margate for the proposed heritage park. Obviously the original yellow and red colour scheme should be revived. I never like the UG Land theming.
  7. I forgot one last image from the pyramids. Try not to be predictable and mention 4 nil defeats! Me in front of the Pyramids showing my other passion!
  8. Ok then, here's the touristy bit. Very first Pyramid at Saqarra Couldn't resist this from my home park in glorious Essex! don't think that this Mummy will have any Revenge! Sound and Light Show from 'Spy Who Loved Me'. It's still the same as it was 30 years ago! The Great Pyramid - This is the one that's the Wonder of The World Giza, Plateau of the Pyramids. Hail to the King, baby! The Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid
  9. Rollercoaster at DreamPark, Giza, Egypt - you've probably read about it.
  10. They're all there anyway, just not all together. All the taxi drivers know where these parks are, so no bother at all. As I wrote earlier, it's a dust storm. These usually appear around April. Rest of the year is blue skies and blistering heat.
  11. There are more. Check out this site, http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Lab/7432/Egypt.html I saw Geroland as I flew into Cairo from Luxor but I missed it on my camera.
  12. I'd better reply to my own request as I've done the trip now! http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=43343 Magicland and DreamPark open at 10am and shut at 6pm in April by the way. All prices are within my TR.
  13. Last lot now. No, but this is the way out! Is this the way to Amarillo? I did see this right! How wrong is this! Check out the gift shop. Hang on a minute... Not really a water ride anymore. this is for fans of Fantazia Land! This was scary! NOt in a good way either. More of the funny English.
  14. Some more... Tidal Wave clone shut down. Left hand side, one of those top spin things. This really should be called Ramses Revenge. Another view of the SLC. In pain upside down. It does what it says on the tin.
  15. Here they are... They love their Rapids Rides here. Well it is Egypt after all. Bottom of mine. Top of Egypt's coaster poll. I see credit number 2 of the day! Nice theming. you get in here.
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