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1. DD Fire

2. DD Ice

3. Great Bear

4. Talon

5. Silver Bullet


Raptor was good, but a bit shakey near the end. Top Gun at GA is really good, but it just isn't long enough. SFOG and SFMM's Batmans were fun, but I'm not a fan of the Gotham City theme, and they're the shortest of the inverts I've been on..


Telling from this picture, Phaethon would have to be my most saugt-after invert, closely followed by Nemesis and Black Mamba.

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[1] Nemesis

[2] Great White (Sea World TX - slightly smaller BTR clone)

[3] Alpengeist

[4] Talon

[5] Raptor


All batman clones are the same other than some are mirrored. None are smaller.


Stick with stuff you know before you make a fool of yourself.


At the Great White media day, it was mentioned that the coaster was "shrunk" in all respects to get it into the area they had.


A quick check of the rcdb confirms it:


BTR standard model: 2700' long

BTR mirror image model: 2693' long

Great White: 2562' long


Since GW is not a mirror-image model, that makes it 138' shorter than a standard version. Its inversions are slightly tighter, a bit closer together, and the g-forces feel a little stronger.

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Actully look at RCDB its 3 feet taller than most Batmans and 8 feet taller than the shortest. Its drop is 81 feet instead of 80. It has a ride time of 2:00 same as the others so I bet that track is lost in the brakes/station.


Ride time is not a good indicator, as it can vary wildly depending on the weight of the train, the grease packing in the wheels, rain, etc...


As for the rest, go back and notice that I said that at the media day it was stated that the ride had been SHRUNK in all respects to fit the space. This is what was announced. Claude was there and did not dispute this.


We can go on and on over this, and this could get ugly, and neither of us is likely to change our minds.


The bottom line, however, is that I am going on information that was released OFFICIALLY, I was there in person to hear it when it was released, and the guy who designed it was right there, and even rode it with us several times.


'nuff said.

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