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  1. This new area sounds pretty neat! I am assuming it is going where bird gardens area is
  2. Well,10% of Port Aventura was owned by (and probably is still) by the Busch Parks. So If it is being built the Polynesia area than it may have an Asian theme, just like BGT did with Sesame street, so it wont be as tacky and quite nice. Hopefully they will make it fit in just right.
  3. I thought DarKastle was a bit weak and not as intense as Spidy. They both have very good effects. Spidy cars are bigger and I guess to me that made a difference, it seem to have more speed, forces and spin vs DarKastle. I dunno, just my opinion. Not that those rides create strong forces or go very fast
  4. Dec 26th to the 31st are the busiest day for BGT of the year....well of any theme park in Orlando as well. Also. Tomorrow night BGT is having a grad bash or grad night for 8th graders... Also the st Pete time had an interview with Jimmy Dean (the new park manager) and he confirmed a new exhibit with Kangoroos and even a new thrill ride ST Pete time
  5. ^ I know there is no official announcement about removing the water portion but BGT is good at not announcing when they are removing an attraction. (Python, Akbar, etc) And I am pretty sure water portion of RR will be gone forever. RIP. It was a good idea, too bad it had to be Vekoma to come up with it and build it I am glad to see Kumba is getting some love. I hope that whatever they are doing to it stops or slows down the nasty rust
  6. ^yeah we all have already seen it a few pages back. So you are almost a month late lol
  7. Hmmm Interesting. My right ear does not the hearing of my left ear and I cannot listen through it very well, I wonder if riding coasters do make it worst...lol. I guess I need to watch out for togos, vekomas and bad woodies
  8. Whenever there is lightning close by, busch parks close the rides almost immediately. Just to let you know, lightning those travel, and their have been times where all the power shuts off because of a lightning strike. I don't think, people would feel comfortable and secure stuck in a ride during or almost a thunderstorm. Plus I highly doubt someone would like to be swinging side to side on those chairlifts during high winds.....I know they run the rides in rain, just not during heavy raining BTW bgtguide posted some pictures of the new kangaroos.
  9. I really hate it sometimes when they talk about a certain coaster...like firehawk at kings Island...lol. But I think if we (coaster enthusiasts) would make a show it would bored the General Public...that said, I still watch the shows and laugh and get annoyed at some of the things they say..
  10. Ok...let's wait for SEA parks people to start b!tch!ng about the wrong numbers lol
  11. there are 2 different qq's. Ultimate and regular. Ultimate you get to ride as much as you want throughout the day. (SheiKra, Montu, Kumba, Gwazi lion/tiger, Rhino, Rapids, Flume, Tidal Wave) Regular QQ its only once per ride and one more from the list above. I don't think either one guarantees front row, but I think in order to expedite loading process they will put you where they can. But it does not hurt to ask
  12. Ok maybe BGT would go for a clone when it comes to family coasters or kiddie coasters. I am not talking about SW parks nor am I talking about flats. When it comes to big coaster, ever since Kumba, BGT has been looking to make a coaster with a unique layout they like to throw in some different type of element in there. Cheetah Chase was just a fill in for Timbuktu re-modeling.
  13. SheiKra's crew was actually managing to stack all 5, I forgot to mention that. Something needs to be done about that. People need to take their time and go to guest relation and complained about this more often. I sign up for it
  14. A mega lite in BGT (piraten style) will be something that they wont like. Intamin is not a waste of money but a copy in BGT is not worth it, at least to them. As far as I know mega lites are copies. Or am I wrong? Just cause some SEA park has a clone does not mean BGT wants one. They tend to bring something unique every time. Kumba, Montu, Gwazi and SheiKra have all been very unique when they opened. This coaster will not be any different. BGT tries to bring something new to their table and a copy is not what they are looking for. Maybe for Sea World CA and TX but not for BGT. That is what I tried to say
  15. Montu does have horrible operations. Gwazi, well is not so much their crew but the procedures. Kumba and Sheikra's operation is better but SheiKra's crew sometimes slag. Scorpion, sometime is great and sometimes is bad.
  16. Cheetaka? Do you know sometime we don't know? Quoi? What? Well someone found about it somewhere in bgtguide.com/ Not sure, but it may be for a display area around the coaster, not so much the coasters name. www.floridathrills.net/f195/busch-gardens-tampa-project-2010-2011-a-6661/index6.html#post86366 Also Jack Hanna confirm to everyone that BGT is getting a new cheetah display... I would post the picture here of Scorpion's missing track and refurbishments, Train tracks gone, and jack's Hanna show, but I am so tired...so just swing by bgtguide. they have everything. Maybe i will put some pics here later
  17. Scorpion on the chopping blocks??? bgtguide.com/ LOL> JK is just some work at the lift in which they had to remove a piece of track
  18. I would love to see another unique dueling B&M inverted coasters. GCI wooden coasters are fun, but damn this is hard for me to pick. I love invert's but B&M has kinda gotten a bit weak in intensity. GCI coaster have gotten more fun and wild. I would like to know the line up of coasters of the park before I make a decision. If there is already a wooden coaster I would probably construct a B&M Invert. If there are no woodies in the park I would probably go with a Dueling GCI. OR...Unless B&M can give you a unique design for an Invert (new elements, layout, etc) Then I will go with B&M...
  19. All the news station and newspaper have been announcing it. Plus I am pretty sure in the airport they have been let know about the offer
  20. It has been said to have 3... the description of the blue prints does seem to indicate so. Awesome pics jjune4991!!! Those topiary look interesting. I am sure they mean they are attached to the several projects going on.
  21. Awesome! Thank you! I might be visiting my sister in Brussels sometime next yr! And I really want to hit at least one theme park in Germany. Preferably Phantasialand
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