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  1. The train between Copenhagen and Gothenburg only takes about three and a half hour I would highly recommend visiting LiseBerg if your in the neighborhood as it is an amazing park!
  2. The first photo in the last batch is from the immigration in Changhi airport, Singapore. Terminal 1 if I'm not mistaken. Also, Singapore does have a flyer. Their ferris wheel, the tallest in the world, is called the Singapore Flyer
  3. Too bad you didn't have more time to play. I'm certain that if you had just let the park operate for a year or two more you wouldhave reached 2000. I was at 1800 toward the end of year 7, and still I got 2000 before the end of year 8. You wouldn't even had to do anything, as leaving the park for a couple of hours would probably have done it
  4. I accidentally upploaded my park without being logged in to the exchange. I reupploaded it under my account, so I would appriciate if you could delete the first version This is the one that should be deleted: http://www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2540
  5. Hmm. I'm at the end of year 7, and have 1888 guests. 112 more isn't too much, but I don't have room for any more rides and the growth in guests has almost flattened out. It seems like it will go, but only marginally so. I also have quite a few other thins to do in my park, with only one hour left of game time. This is going to be a tight one! Anyway, here is a small teaser from my park. The top picture shows my main coaster, a dueling wooden coaster. This is the reason I ran out of space, as it takes a lot of space (probably around half the park)! The second picture show the pretzel loop at the end of my flying coaster. It has a smooth three train operation, and I really like the lay out. The last picture shows the reason I'm so pressed on time. I started building this elaborate structures, until I found at year four or so that it was no way I was going to be able to finish everything I wanted. Since then I've mainly focused on reaching the goal, and finishing the whole park
  6. The challenge is a bit hard with only two coasters,but hopefully I'll get there. The big uncertainty for me at the moment is whether I have time to do everything I want to do in the eight years I have a lot of rides and scenery I want to use. Currently I'm making sure not to waste any game time doing unnecessary things, and hopefully I'll make it
  7. That is of course assuming there is no people actually living in Germany. Which there is. The problem is that most of the fans in Germany don't read amusement today and don't vote in this pool. This is one of the strengths of Mitch's poll, its international profile. In the 2010 pool more people had ridden Expedition Geforce than Bizarro. And more people had been in Nemesis than Millenium Force. The strength of that poll compared to Amusement Today is that it is pretty well balanced in terms of European and American voters. (still too few Asian voters though) I think it speaks for itself when Nemesis isn't even in the top ten steel coasters!
  8. Could it be Mini Dive Machine track? Like on krake at Hyde park? I'm pretty sure Hyde Park doesn't have a mini dive amchine
  9. Nokia is also a pretty good example of this. Except that Nokia isn't putting out anything cool compared to the competitors . And they are losing money and market share faster than anyone previously thought possible!
  10. BPB were once planning/looking into buying a 400ft launched S&S 4dimension coaster. It would go out toward the ocean. There is a lay out printed in one issue of First Drop. Would probably have been spectacular
  11. Really nice photos. Are all of those Alton photos HDR, or is it a photoshop filter of some kind? And it looks like you like the wide angle lens
  12. This is a type of ride it is impossible to know how awesome it actually is without having been on one. On paper they shouldn't really be that great! I wasn't expecting that much riding Insane, but it turned out to be on eof my favorites. It depends on the weight distribution though!
  13. Nice trip report! We did the exact same trip two weeks ago, and had an amazing time. Twister was way better than I thought, and Insane was just Insane! You might have hit the weekend of the Stockholm marathon, but it wouldn't have helped going one week earlier because it was a marathon in Gothenburg then And Balder is still amazing!
  14. Another factor you need to consider is that while B&M hypers are getting common in the US, Europe only have one. And we don't have that many really tall rides either, so a B&M hyper would easily get tons of attention here. I think it is probably a good fit for the park! They probably don't want to go Intamin again after the lackluster reviews of Furious Baco!
  15. I was at Liseberg this weekend, and they had five people working on Balder. The ride were operating near max capacity, and they were really working to keep the line moving as fast as possible. And they only checked the seat belt, not the lap bar. Compare this to El Toro a few years ago when they only had two people checking the whole train. Took forever. And Lisebergsbanan was as fast as ever. Four train operation, and each train spent a minimal time in the station. This coaster never fails to impress me!
  16. Nice pictures! Wasn't Monster at some point painted partly yellow and black? Did they go back to the white scheme?
  17. 1. Nemesis 2. El Toro 3. Storm Runner 4. Lightning Racer 5. Dragon's Fury (or maybe Lisebergs Banan) A nice balanced park with something for everyone!
  18. I've been there, and I thought it was a great park. Piraten was amazing! And it was walk on the whole day. We rode every seat at least once
  19. Looked through some of the parks, and it seemed really good. What could become very helpful when it start to fill up with member reviews is to be able to give thumbs up/thumbs down on a review. That way the best review would be on top. (kind of like useful review on IMDB)
  20. Looks amazing. Some really nice leg-choppers. Should make for a great ride
  21. Another important facotr to remember is that the cost of steel has risen a lot the last couple of years. Probably one of the main factors, just producing something like Kingda Ka would be way more expensive today! There is a reason we have been seeing a lot of short and smaller coasters lately (high raw material prices combines with a worse economy for parks)
  22. Firefox 14s Chrome 6s (both time were until I got done in the browser) Quite a bit faster in Chrome.
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