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  1. I've been on a few of these antique car rides as a kid. Gotta admit, most fun was the one at Dorney Park. Though the theming isn't much, the largely-shaded area it's in and the fact it provided GREAT shots at Thunderhawk, Steel Force, Posessed and Laser (R.I.P.), it was a fun little spot for a car ride.
  2. MaxxAir-type rides by Huss. Those things are AWESOME. Went on the one at Cedar Point when it first opened, and I couldn't get enough of how high and how incredible the ride was. Definetly worth a few rides.
  3. If Sahara DOES go under...Speed won't be going anywhere. A worker inside the hotel told me that the hotel has obsolutely NO intentions to sell Speed: The Ride. If Sahara doesn't get an economic push (HIGHLY LIKELY), then Sahara and Speed both go down...Sad, but true.
  4. ^Gotta agree. The park is so amazingly ghetto that it's incredibly interesting. Have to ask, how much was it to get into the park/drive-in/museum (Oh right, it's FREE)/mall?
  5. ^I'm basing that primarily off of past reputation. Everyone I've talked to that's been on it says that it was relatively smooth compared to other Togo rides. Well, here's my report...On my LAST RIDES ON SPEED: THE RIDE We ended up heading over to the Sahara on Thursday afternoon after hitting up a small little pinball machine museum. Heading in, the hotel in general really seemed in disrepair. The parking lot ceilings had shoe-markings and graffiti all over it, the elevators and automatic doors were barely working, and alot of the NASCAR themed parts had fallen apart (IE
  6. Gotta say, I haven't been back to Universal Studios in a while...In fact, BTTF: The Ride was STILL open when I was there. Honestly, I haven't ridden Hulk or DD yet, but with how much rave there is, I suppose I should hit them when I go back to Orlando... Gotta admit, my favorite ride at IOA was Spider-Man. It's a fun little ride that doesn't seem like much, but really packs alot of action and fun into the small time it is. US, it's really a mix. I loved every ride there. I loved T2 for its nostalgia factor and generally how fun the 3D effects were. ET was a great r
  7. Nice story. Glad to see the people in Iraq are getting some rides.
  8. I'd love to know where you got the idea that they re-routed the entire queue to avoid the UFO... no, they shut the ride down at 4:00 PM on Haunt days and remove a few wooden walls and turn it into the Haunt maze. During the season the wooden walls block off the indoor switchbacks and you walk by and into the UFO. Also, where did you hear they leave the lights on?? Yeah, a strobe and a couple colored lights. Totally ruins the experience Huh. Where I read, it made it sound like they were always like that, with the entire que now avoiding the UFO. I heard they leave
  9. Just a question regarding Flight of Fear: Have they attempted to re-instate the UFO into the que? To my knowledge, they've used it for the Haunt the last couple years, and honestly the ride feels half-a**ed without the spectacular theming that makes the Kings Island ride so much better in an overall experience... EDIT: Also just discovered that they LEAVE THE LIGHTS ON DURING THE RIDE...Nice job Kings Dominion.
  10. When you were a single year old? Silly me. Have to explain myself here... I remember looking at a site, don't remember where, that had TONS of Riddler's Revenge construction pics. They were horrible quality, but look alot like the pics I'm seeing of Green Lantern's construction. Perhaps I should try and find that site...
  11. I honestly don't mind the similar paint. As long as you're not dumb enough to confuse the two, you'll be fine. I'm LOVING how Green Lantern is coming out. That pic just posted reminds me of watching Riddler's Revenge going up. All of that green track is VERY intimidating...
  12. The Batman side of The Chiller. Got to ride Robin, but the Batman side would sit there all day, taunting me with its awesome looking top-hat inversion...
  13. Have fun with the TOGO Death Machine. We'll be hoping you make it out alive!
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