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  1. I've been on a few of these antique car rides as a kid. Gotta admit, most fun was the one at Dorney Park. Though the theming isn't much, the largely-shaded area it's in and the fact it provided GREAT shots at Thunderhawk, Steel Force, Posessed and Laser (R.I.P.), it was a fun little spot for a car ride.
  2. MaxxAir-type rides by Huss. Those things are AWESOME. Went on the one at Cedar Point when it first opened, and I couldn't get enough of how high and how incredible the ride was. Definetly worth a few rides.
  3. If Sahara DOES go under...Speed won't be going anywhere. A worker inside the hotel told me that the hotel has obsolutely NO intentions to sell Speed: The Ride. If Sahara doesn't get an economic push (HIGHLY LIKELY), then Sahara and Speed both go down...Sad, but true.
  4. ^Gotta agree. The park is so amazingly ghetto that it's incredibly interesting. Have to ask, how much was it to get into the park/drive-in/museum (Oh right, it's FREE)/mall?
  5. ^I'm basing that primarily off of past reputation. Everyone I've talked to that's been on it says that it was relatively smooth compared to other Togo rides. Well, here's my report...On my LAST RIDES ON SPEED: THE RIDE We ended up heading over to the Sahara on Thursday afternoon after hitting up a small little pinball machine museum. Heading in, the hotel in general really seemed in disrepair. The parking lot ceilings had shoe-markings and graffiti all over it, the elevators and automatic doors were barely working, and alot of the NASCAR themed parts had fallen apart (IE display cars' wheels being popped by people, floor and glass walls being damaged). Still, the glorious yellow neon sign stood next to the huge NASCAR-style racer. Seeing as I was looking for something cheap, I went with the All Day Ride pass, which was a VERY small price of $14.99. After getting the wristband, I headed up the long flight of stairs leading to the small piece of track where the speed machine of Vegas was located. Turns out Robb was right, and we had to wait 15 minutes between rides. I soon discovered the TRUE reason why this is so. Sahara wants to get as many people on the ride as they can, so they now use the strategy of waiting so the ride may reach the highest capable capacity at that amount of time. After about 10 minutes, we flooded into the still comfortable Premier Rides LIM cars. I was only able to reach the second row (But this would be different the next few minutes...) the first ride, and the OTSR were surprisingly tighter in the back rows than the front row. Still, it was a snug fit, and we all prepared for the next 30 seconds of pure speed. After a brief safety review, the LIMs fired us off, and carried us through a small but incredibly fun layout, complete with the same loop, headchopper past the casino, 200-foot spire, and reverse course as I experience in 2007. At the end of the ride, all that went through my mind was simple love. Obviously, there was a solution to the craving I had for another time around...Ride again. Heading back down the stairs and back up again, I waited for the 15 minutes that seemed to pass with ease. Settling in once again, we were catapulted once more, this time getting the same great ride. However, I noticed this time around that we just recieved a double launch. Definetly a great experience. With no time left, I sulkingly head back down to the lobby, and found out I could ride again. After 2 more rides, I actually started to feel sick. Maybe it was the ride, maybe it was the Mountain Dew Voltage I had, maybe it was the fact I hadn't eaten in a day. Either way, I didn't feel good...But I needed one last ride... I finally settled in for the fifth time, destined to be my last with my friends waiting for me...Slowly waiting, the LIM launch wait was screeching, my skin was crawling...Then...boom... Finally, after scratching to a stop back into the huge tunnel, I bid the coaster a farewell in soul. While Sahara was historical, and no doubt will be missed in its attempt to wait out the economic crisis (Yes...Sahara isn't being torn down, rather it's closing indefinetly so they can watch for an opening for when they can reopen), we can all stand by and salute the proud coaster that will forever stand tall above the Sahara, a coaster that was built to save Sahara, and will most likely soon fall with the Sahara. (Afternote: That bad feeling I had ended up causing me to barf as soon as I entered my hotel. Thankfully, I made it into the garbage can... )
  6. Gotta say, I haven't been back to Universal Studios in a while...In fact, BTTF: The Ride was STILL open when I was there. Honestly, I haven't ridden Hulk or DD yet, but with how much rave there is, I suppose I should hit them when I go back to Orlando... Gotta admit, my favorite ride at IOA was Spider-Man. It's a fun little ride that doesn't seem like much, but really packs alot of action and fun into the small time it is. US, it's really a mix. I loved every ride there. I loved T2 for its nostalgia factor and generally how fun the 3D effects were. ET was a great ride because of how well themed it was. Never been on Jimmy Neutron, seeing as the last time I was there, it was still Hanna Barbera. Jaws is an AMAZING ride. Loved every second of it. MIB is a very underrated ride. The theming and overall fun it packs into its small building is mesmerizing, and overall some good fun...Though it is indeed gone, I CANNOT go without mentioning BTTF. I loved that ride my whole childhood, and it will never stop being one of my favorite rides of ALL TIME...As for Twister, Bill Paxton>God Overall, favorite at IOA is Spider-Man, while Jaws is my favorite at US, BTTF being my spiritual favorite.
  7. Nice story. Glad to see the people in Iraq are getting some rides.
  8. I'd love to know where you got the idea that they re-routed the entire queue to avoid the UFO... no, they shut the ride down at 4:00 PM on Haunt days and remove a few wooden walls and turn it into the Haunt maze. During the season the wooden walls block off the indoor switchbacks and you walk by and into the UFO. Also, where did you hear they leave the lights on?? Yeah, a strobe and a couple colored lights. Totally ruins the experience Huh. Where I read, it made it sound like they were always like that, with the entire que now avoiding the UFO. I heard they leave the lights on from PLENTY of people. I've talked to people who've been on it countless times. They've told me, in the past year or so, they have lights on that basically reveal the whole layout. I'm not talking about strobes, they're telling me THE WHOLE LAYOUT can be seen from any vantage point with the lights that are on.
  9. Just a question regarding Flight of Fear: Have they attempted to re-instate the UFO into the que? To my knowledge, they've used it for the Haunt the last couple years, and honestly the ride feels half-a**ed without the spectacular theming that makes the Kings Island ride so much better in an overall experience... EDIT: Also just discovered that they LEAVE THE LIGHTS ON DURING THE RIDE...Nice job Kings Dominion.
  10. When you were a single year old? Silly me. Have to explain myself here... I remember looking at a site, don't remember where, that had TONS of Riddler's Revenge construction pics. They were horrible quality, but look alot like the pics I'm seeing of Green Lantern's construction. Perhaps I should try and find that site...
  11. I honestly don't mind the similar paint. As long as you're not dumb enough to confuse the two, you'll be fine. I'm LOVING how Green Lantern is coming out. That pic just posted reminds me of watching Riddler's Revenge going up. All of that green track is VERY intimidating...
  12. The Batman side of The Chiller. Got to ride Robin, but the Batman side would sit there all day, taunting me with its awesome looking top-hat inversion...
  13. Have fun with the TOGO Death Machine. We'll be hoping you make it out alive!
  14. I'm not familiar with Schwarzkopf making a "Jet Star" model. Any pics of an unenclosed version of this ride?
  15. I found this coaster on CoasterGallery. It's apparently an indoor Schwarzkopf that has been sitting dormant at Great Escape since 2007. Anyone have more info on this coaster?
  16. Woah, really? I rode it in 2007 with a good 20-30 people in front of me, and I got in and out of there in 15 minutes...
  17. ^Absolutely. SOB is a POS. Maybe...MAYBE the only redeeming thing for me was the loop. Even then, the loop felt incredibly painful going into. Even worse than hitting GASM's loops on a bad operating day. The layout, as always said, is boring as crap. It's not even an out and back, it's a "ride along the front lawn" coaster. Nothing is redeeming about it now, I agree. Why couldn't King's Island have just left Beast's legacy alone? That coaster is epic by itself, besides the occasional brain-liquidification because of current roughness...
  18. Like I said, luckily I'm heading to Vegas in two weeks for a Monster Jam show. If I have a chance on the days leading up, I'll conjur up as many rides as I can on Speed...Shouldn't be a problem considering the ride NEVER has a line... And perhaps I'll also take a spin on the TOGO death machine that lurks only down the Strip... ..That's the ride that TRULY needs to be obliderated from existence! Manhattan Express is fun, but only good for one ride. After that, the roughness becomes incredibly apparent.
  19. If you actually had been in New Jersey, you'd know that those teenagers on Jersey Shore are FAR from what actual people are in New Jersey. Jersey Shore ain't a documentary series either. It's a show to capitalize on the idioticy MTV puts on their channel now. Back to KI, all I'm concerned about now is SOB getting re-tracked. With NTG's success, I sense it won't be long now before Cedar Fair gets smart and calls Rocky Mountain and gets a re-track done...Maybe then SOB would finally be the coaster that USED to be.
  20. I drove past Great Adventure this morning. I noticed: Green Lantern's second inversion is beginning to take shape. There were MANY cars parked in the parking lot for offseason Parking lot skyline is looking vastly different with Green Lantern standing instead of GASM
  21. How Great Adventure handled the closing of GASM. It seemed almost like they didn't care. How so? ...Since when was the last time a park closed a nostalgic coaster MID-SEASON?
  22. Wait a minute...I know where this is alluding to...And I'm not sure it's a good thing.
  23. Thunderhawk at Dorney Park. That ride is INCREDIBLY painful. Everything about it is awful. From the hornet-invested que to the ride that THROWS YOU across your seat, it's not worth keeping. There's something about wooden roller coasters at Dorney Park that just isn't right... Honestly, I'd light a match, burn down Thunderhawk, then stomp on its ashes... If the ride wasn't so vintage...I hate Thunderhawk, but the simple giddy feeling you get when clanking up that iconic lift is incredible. I want to tear down Thunderhawk, but it seems to much of nostalgia for me to feel that way.
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